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Black Widow's Web (feat. Sandy & Alissa White-Gluz)

True story. I was writing 4 issues per month. Working marketing, talent scouting, PR, editing, booking artist, planning events, plotting stories, dealing with solicits and basically being a hat of all trades. In my seven years working there almost every series I created became a franchise from which they still live off of to this day.

I sacrificed my marriage, my health, carpal tunnel and my life to a perceived loyalty and my love of the craft and the one thing I have left to show from it is you. The fans. Just did a kickstarter. After taking a year off of comics to get my head straight. After being gone for so fucking long you guys and gals were still there.


And I love you for that. Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself and don't take anything less than you absolutely deserve.

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  • It's not easy. To get there you have to give up a lot of shit. Love, video games, all that important shit that comes and goes just as quickly as everything else.


    But if you really want it. It can happen. You can. So why aren't you? You're already killing yourself working a day job. As vibrations pass through the animal, the cracks narrow and widen, and those minuscule movements are picked up by sensitive cells inside the slits. Scientists have been studying slit sensilla for decades, and most experiments have shown that they respond to a wide range of frequencies, without much in the way of tuning.

    Get to know the black widow spider | Western Exterminator

    Mhatre showed that in an actual spider, hanging from its web, different joints are indeed tuned to different frequencies. When the spider changes its posture, it also retunes its joints. Typically, it sits in a neutral stance with its body horizontal and its legs outstretched. In this pose, almost all of its joints become more sensitive to higher frequencies. By taking up a kind of predatory power-pose, the widow alters its senses.

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    She suspects that the crouched posture allows the widow to pay closer attention to higher frequencies, such as those produced by small prey insects. Alternatively, it could be trying to ignore low frequencies, such as those produced by wind. In this position, they could better detect the movements of meals. And if a spider needs to get back in touch with low-frequency vibrations, all she has to do is extend a leg.