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Even "" could be considered a string, if specified correctly.

Java String

Typically, programmers must enclose strings in quotation marks for the data to recognized as a string and not a number or variable name. Option1 and Option2 may be variables containing integers, strings, or other data. If the values are the same, the test returns a value of true, otherwise the result is false. In the comparison:.

STRING: functional protein association networks

Option1 and Option2 are being treated as strings. Therefore the test is comparing the words "Option1" and "Option2," which would return false. The length of a string is often determined by using a null character. Log in. B2 [ C or U ] a piece of strong , thin rope made by twisting very thin threads together, used for fastening and tying things:.

C2 [ C ] a series of related things or events :.

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Order and sequence - general words. B2 [ C ] a thin wire that is stretched across a musical instrument and is used to produce a range of notes depending on its thickness , length , and tightness :. Musical instruments. Computer concepts. Fastening and tying. Translator tool.

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Sign up now Log in. From one day to the next: the language of change. June 26, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of string in English. B2 [ C or U ] a piece of strong , thin rope made by twisting very thin threads together, used for fastening and tying things: a package tied with string.

Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

When you pull the strings, the puppet's arms and legs move. A string of onions hung from a beam in the kitchen. More examples a loop of string tangled string Could you tie this piece of string for me?

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  • He wound the string into a ball. Could you roll up that string for me? You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Things collected in lines or rings. He had a string of top hits during the 80s. More examples She dropped the book on her foot and let out a string of expletives.

    She had a string of lovers before her marriage finally broke up.