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Send/Receive IQ Stanzas — slixmpp

Once an Iq stanza is created, sending it over the wire is done using its send method, like any other stanza object. Setting block to False will cause the call to return immediately. In which case, you will need to arrange some way to capture the response stanza if you need it.

The default timeout is 30 seconds, but this may be overidden two ways. To change the timeout globally, set:. To change the timeout for a single call, the timeout parameter works:.

The Five Stirring Stanzas That Proved a Poem Can Help End a War

Using this method, there is no timeout limit. In case you need to remove the callback, the name of the newly created callback is returned.

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Properly working with Iq stanzas requires handling the intended, normal flow, error responses, and timed out requests. All this brings us to Pearl , that most notable example of concatenation. It does use stanza-linking, but in groups of five or, in one case, six , which is not quite the same.

Pioneers! O Pioneers!

Instead of each stanza being a link in the chain, the stanza-linking repetion, in combination with the repeated C-rhymes which it necessitates ababababbcbC , holds five stanzas together, creating an inertia which resists the usual impulse to move on. The poem finds a way to unite the earlier fashion for stanza-linking and the later trend for refrain poems. When the refrain is just a word or a phrase, often in passages of description or debate or argument, the effect is pretty muted — we concentrate more on the developing narrative.

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In some sections, the whole last line is repeated, creating an isolable refrained lyric. They are usually called passus in Latin, equivalent to the Middle English pas , a step, a section, a passage both a movement and a division on the page. But I am not quite so sure that the Pearl -poet would have given the subdivisions of Pearl that name.

One Poem, Many Stanzas

This is where she finished her school years and trained as nurse. The family then moved to Esperance in Western Australia where she raised her two sons Tony and Chris after leaving a volatile relationship. Cook now resides in Perth Western Australia after a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at 02 or call Xlibris books can be purchased at Xlibris bookstore. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals.