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Since adventure is also a part of human life, Yoga has its influence on the thrilling aspect of life as well.

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Those, who understand spirituality and the ancient Indian history, claims that ancient science has been closely related to adventure, in fact, Yoga itself is an act of adventure. For instance, take into account the oldest living martial art form of Kalaripayattu.

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This fighting system is entirely based on the theories of Yoga and has been taught alongside Yoga in many Yoga schools in India. It is sensational, it is thrilling, and more importantly, Kalari is full of excitement. Coming back to the normal practice of Yoga, which is again very much embedded into the elements of adventure. In the world of Yoga, you do not need to go on an adventurous vacation to experience the sensational flow of blood. The beauty of Yoga promotes the feeling of exciting experiences in the life of a person. Yoga is diverse.

It is filled with enormous beauty. As we have discussed above, Yoga is another way to enjoy the delight of an adventurous life. Different momentary issues that originate on a travelling journey can be associated with the challenges that life throws at you every now and then. Here yogic poses play their parts. Since having good health is of immense importance in order to enjoy adventure, yogic exercises help you live your life to the fullest.

Have a look at some of the Yoga poses that gives firmness to the body, promotes blood circulation, and lets the body metabolism work with complete efficiency. The backbending exercise is very effective in elongating various parts of the body. It tones the thigh muscles and makes the body athletic. Begin the performance of this asana by standing on the Yoga mat in a straight line. Bend the left knee while bending the body in the forward direction to balance yourself on the right foot. By fetching the left hand backward, hold the toe.

Raise your right hand on the air in such a way that it remains parallel with the ground. Make sure the right foot is perfectly placed without bending the knee. Balance the body in this pose for at least minutes before changing the side to complete the pose. To do the asana, place your body in the Downward Dog position. Bring the right leg in the front direction in such a way that you seem to be sitting in the half-cross-legged pose.

Keep the left leg completely in contact with the mat with the sole facing the ceiling.

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Directing the body weight forward and opening up the chest, bend the left knee to hold the foot by both your hands behind the back. An extremely integral part of the ancient science of Yoga — Meditation has a huge influence on the mind, body, and soul of the practitioner.

5 Easy Steps to Becoming “Good” at Yoga

Meditation is an adventurous act in its own term. Since you need to go to the deepest layers of your mind, it requires a lot of practice to control. At the end of a meditation session, all you receive is the refreshment of the utmost level, like what you experience after reaching the top of a snow-laden mountain.

While hiking your way through the soul-stirring path of the mountain, you face difficulties and complexities. At the same time, the spellbinding sceneries around you motivate you to take a few more steps.

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  7. You have to choose the former ones. For that to happen, a clear mind with pouring thoughts is needed. There is no better natural way than Meditation to nourish an affirmative brain. Begin your day with approx 10 minutes of Meditation in a completely serene environment. Yoga and health experts suggest practicing Yoga and Meditation early in the morning.

    You tends to be more mindful with constant practice. If you're new to mindfulness and meditation, you don't have to dive into an hour-long yoga sesh right off the bat. Erin Berman, the lifestyle and wellness expert at Nectar Sleep , tells Bustle that starting small is actually a good idea if you want to make yoga or meditation a part of your regular routine. Busy schedule? Try to set aside a little block of time each day where you can get in the zone, and begin to establish your routine.

    Berman says that while you may be excited to jump into a full-fledged yoga routine five times a week, finding a good balance that works with your existing schedule is the best way to avoid feeling burnout in the long run. If you have the funds, investing in decent yoga equipment or essential oils to set the mood can be key when jump-starting a new routine. Sklar explains that, "A great way to make yoga or meditation easier is to use props and a sturdy mat.

    During yoga, use a non-slip mat to keep you in place [ If your goal is to eventually attend a weekly Bikram yoga aka, hot yoga class, it's probably best to start out with a practice that's a little more forgiving on beginners. So all of the things we came to yoga hoping to get away from are here now in the yoga world.

    Greed is only one of the sins of marketing. Hype is another. A while back, Birch came across a website for a yoga studio in Massachusetts. The owners of the studio all have on their bios that they've studied with me," Birch says. They've probably taken one class at a yoga conference with about other people. And I'm thinking, 'What a load of bullshit. Perhaps the most common peril of marketing is simply this: grasping—the kind of anxiety that causes us to sell ourselves short and debase our teachings in seeking the validation of our students or the appearance of success.

    It's one reason why many yoga teachers are turned off marketing altogether. While it's true that we can't manufacture a successful class through marketing, we may not be able to have a class at all without it. It's this balance that the modern yoga teacher needs to seek. Simply swearing off marketing isn't an answer.

    Just as there are spiritual consequences of marketing, there are spiritual consequences of not marketing. The West has added something beautiful to the world of yoga: the concept that the teachings must be moved out into the world. If our intention is to hide from the world and from our own responsibilities, then not marketing our class is as deadly to our spirit as marketing with greedy intent. Determining the right way to market your class or your yoga center is really about finding your own voice.

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    Birch raves about a small Orlando yoga center, College Park Yoga, where she sometimes leads teacher trainings: "The owners are just brilliant at marketing. They're funny. They're original. They come up with the most fabulous copy.

    Marketing 201: Promote Yourself

    They get tons of people in there, and they've got a fabulous community. Theresa Curameng, who runs the center with her husband Calvin, recounts how they originally built that community. The answer, says Curameng, was a postcard that basically told students that the best cure for a hangover is a yoga class.

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    College Park Yoga's unorthodox approach—conversational, brash, and sometimes silly—rattles some who think that yoga, and the way it's sold, should be quiet and decorous. Curameng talks about one response she received after a recent email blast:. Ultimately, we each have to locate for ourselves the line between dignity and pandering. For some, the ubiquity of young, pretty women on the covers of magazines and products is just using sex to sell yoga. For others, there's no conflict between modern morays and yogic spirituality.

    How to Start the Adventure with Yoga

    The real test of our marketing is intention and truth. For teachers and entrepreneurs like Curameng, to not be themselves would be the paramount sin. If we think of marketing as a spiritual practice in tune with our yoga, then we can distill a few key principles:. Use the yamas and niyamas.

    The guiding principles of yoga found in Patanjali 's Yoga Sutra, says Birch—virtues such as compassion, truthfulness, nonstealing—should be the yardstick for your marketing. Don't miss practice. Teach for a long time, practice yoga every day, and don't expect dividends anytime soon. When asked how she accumulated her massive following of students, Birch replied, "I haven't missed a day of practice since That's my methodology. Have a beginner's mind.

    Know your audience, know yourself. Self-study is one of the yamas. Know your own intention for teaching. Careful observation and disciplined use of energy are two more.