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Turn this into a session of magic with numbers for kids. Kids love magic and math tricks. Explain to them that even if the factors are reversed the products would not change.

How to Teach Multiplication in 5 Easy Ways

Turn it into a real fun session. The most common method used by homeschoolers and teachers is practicing through multiplication games.

They are educational, fun and makes practicing multiplication tables easy and great! What we have observed is that the only way to make kids learn is by engaging them and keeping their interest intact and a fun way to do it is by trying your hands on Math tricks. You can also try to perform some cut and paste activities with your child. These help you bond with your child. So, learning multiplication tables can be simple by applying the above methods.

I hope this blog helped you in some way and you will come back to it for learning how to teach multiplication.

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I will help you get started. All you need to do is, download FREE multiplication math worksheets that have math stories for kids to connect with. Write, draw, color, cut, paste and do much more with these colorful worksheets. Your email address will not be published. Honoring the math reasoning and tutoring kids through fun-games results in enhanced learning and aptitude development.

The fundamental properties of multiplication are used to solve the complex problems easily. The math expressions framed with math symbols and numbers are solved using the above properties for easy computation. The development of fundamental knowledge pertaining to multiplication as repeated addition is helpful in writing multiplication tables. A multiplication table is a structured list of numbers in which each number is the product of a constant multiplicand and multipliers from 1 to The multiplication tables are useful in solving division problems as well.

Definition of Multiplication

Using multiplication tables, kids can memorize the product of single-digit and two-digit numbers with other numbers for quick math. The knowledge of number-sense, place-value system and multiples of 10 is conducive in employing quick math tricks for word problems and riddles. A multiple of 10 such as can be written as, To multiply a number, like by , the math expression will be:. The basic math skill is applied in visualizing the model as a case of grouping and counting to evaluate the product.

The most important teaching is to unleash the memorizing power of the brain. Parents, Sign Up for Free.

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Teachers, Sign Up for Free. Children see the logic behind the multiplication process when they solve multiplication problems though counters, pictures, and visual models. They begin by understanding multiplication as repeated addition and blend this learning with other concepts such as decimals and fractions. Multiplication as Repeated Addition Relate multiplication and addition; multiplying numbers can be thought of as adding a number to itself repeatedly.

Covers Common Core Curriculum 3. Multiply using Pictures Use pictures to represent multiplication situations. Multiply by 2 Multiply numbers up to 10 by 2.

Use Hands On Materials or Pictures to Introduce

Multiply by 4 Multiply numbers up to 10 by 4. Did you know that multiplying by 4 is same as doubling twice! Multiply by 5 Multiply numbers up to 10 by 5. Multiplying by 5 always gives a number ending in 0 or 5. Multiplication Games for Grade 4 Distributive Property of Multiplication The distributive property can be very useful in multi-digit multiplication and division. Covers Common Core Curriculum 4. Multiply by 11 Practice multiplication facts for In Year 3 , children will learn to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number.

They may learn this using the grid method. In Year 4 they need to multiply two-digit and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number. In Years 5 and 6 they need to learn to multiply numbers of up to four digits by a two-digit number using long multiplication. By the time children leave Key Stage 2 they should be competent problem solvers who decide independently which calculation method they need to use to solve all manner of problems. They will use multiplication:. Start your trial for FREE today!

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Can you multiply using the grid method, or draw a multiplication calculation as arrays? Subscribe to add to wishlist. Start with multiplication as repeated addition In KS1 your child will be introduced to multiplication; it's taught as repeated addition and your child might talk about arrays and tell you that they've been counting and drawing dots in maths. Remind them that multiplication can be done in any order Children will learn that, unlike division, multiplication can be done in any order; the result will be the same.

Insist on multiplication tables Learning times tables is considered as important as ever, although some schools put more of a focus on learning them by rote than others. In Year 3, children learn their 3, 4 and 8 times tables. By the end of Year 4, they should know all their tables up to 12x Turn multiplication into story problems As with most areas of primary maths today, story problems play a part in the teaching of multiplication.

Know the language of multiplication It is really important to get your child used to the various different words associated with multiplication. Practise multiplication vocabulary by asking questions in various ways, for example: What is 8 multiplied by 9? Give me three multiples of 5. What is the product of 3 and 7? This means: 'What is 3 multiplied by 7?

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Is 7 a factor of 14? The answer is yes, because 7 can be multiplied by the whole number 2, to make