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All men carry the figurative weight of memory and the literal weight of one another. They carry Vietnam itself, in the heavy weather and the dusty soil.

The things they carry are also determined by their rank or specialty. The medic, Rat Kiley, carries morphine, malaria tablets, and supplies for serious wounds. One day, when the company outside the Than Khe area is on a mission to destroy tunnel complexes, Cross imagines the tunnels collapsing on him and Martha. He becomes distracted by wondering whether or not she is a virgin. On the way back from going to the bathroom, Lavender is shot, falling especially hard under the burden of his loaded backpack.

Still, Cross can think of nothing but Martha. He thinks about her love of poetry and her smooth skin. Cross leads his men to the village of Than Khe—where the soldiers burn everything and shoot dogs and chickens—and then on a march through the late afternoon heat. The entire class in fact.

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The War Between the States was another time and another country. As was the South. Are barbers still surgeons? Is there still sharecropping?

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What about indoor plumbing? Toni Morrison's first novel perfectly captures the effects of racism and colorism, telling the story of an year-old black girl with low self-esteem who prays desperately for her eyes to become blue. Then you realized that it came from conviction, their conviction. It was as though some mysterious all-knowing master had given each one a cloak of ugliness to wear, and they had each accepted it without question.

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The mast had said, 'You are ugly people. By overlooking these circumstances, the new black conservatives fall into the trap of blaming black poor people for their predicament. It is imperative to steer a course between the Scylla of environmental determinism and the Charybdis of a blaming-the-victims perspective.

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In this seminal novel, an unnamed narrator recounts his epic life-story, from his coming-of-age in a rural Southern town, to his migration to the violent streets of Harlem. I am invisible, simply because people refuse to see me. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Beatty infuses comic humor and biting political commentary into this racial satire about a modern-day slave owner. Crown Publishing Group.

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Basic Books. Through research and case studies psychologist Beverly Daniel Tatum confronts the subtle ways in which racism dictates the ways both white and non-white people navigate the world. Random House. Blackmon exposes the horrific aftermath of the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery, when thousands of black people were unfairly arrested and then illegally "sold" into forced labor as punishment.

Whether a company or an individual, we are marred either by our connections to the specific crimes and injuries of our fathers and their fathers.

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Or we are tainted by the failures of our fathers to fulfill our national credos when their courage was most needed. We are formed in molds twisted by the gifts we received at the expense of others. It is not our 'fault. Also on HuffPost:. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus.

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After her Haitian assignment was completed, she obtained a quick divorce. She married for the second time to William Stanfield in Stanfield was a hotel manager and widower with three children. She remained married to Stanfield until her death in Gulfport, Florida , on November 25, , at the age of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Germantown, Philadelphia, U.

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Gulfport, Florida , U. Married to Genius , London Magazine Editions, p.