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Cultural content was thus a central concern in the devising of the plot of Le Chemin du retour, and it has been integrated into every section of the text. Through the film, students have the opportunity for intensive exposure not only to the language and communicative habits of French speakers, but also to the visual culture of objects and nonverbal communication and to the auditory culture of music and the sounds of everyday life.

Themes treated in the sections specifically devoted to culture derive from the film but consistently move students toward the big questions of culture, stimulating them to consider matters that are of concern to all people, whether or not they ever travel to the French-speaking world. By watching the characters in the film perform routine tasks and interactions and by grappling with complex issues of history and identity, students are exposed to a multiplicity of products, processes, and perspectives.

Documents, readings, and other exploratory activities help students make connections between their study of French, other discipline areas, and their own lives. Finally, web-based and experiential activities allow students to explore the many types of communities inherent in the French-speaking world. For example, common university courses are now presented earlier, in Chapters 1 and 2. In Chapter 19, a new vocabulary section on protest and peaceful change has been added to supplement the current presentation on World War II and the Resistance.

Other new, expanded, or updated vocabulary topics include technology Chapter 13 , the immigrant contribution to French culture Chapter 15 , ecology and other environmental issues Chapter 18 , and job hunting Chapter Grammar activities have been revised throughout to provide more opportunities for partner work and meaningful student interaction.

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New topics include nonverbal communication Chapter 3 , Tunisian holidays and celebrations Chapter 5 , Swiss youth fashion Chapter 6 , healthcare in the Francophone world Chapter 9 , and Malian music Chapter The Instructional Version of the film, however, divides the story into a preliminary episode, twenty-two story episodes, and an epilogue. Students watch and participate in on-screen previewing activities. Vous allez voir… New narrative introductions of several important moments in the upcoming episode give students an idea of what they will see and hear in the episode.

Students view the complete episode. Students watch and participate in on-screen postviewing activities. Appropriate scenes from the film are subtitled in French and the targeted grammar and vocabulary are highlighted in yellow.

Using Le Chemin du retour in a Classroom Setting The film, Le Chemin du retour, can be used as the foundation for a classroom-based beginning French course at the college level. As such, it offers several options for implementation.

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A journalist from Quebec, and friend of Bruno and Camille. Friend of Louise, Mado, and Camille. Wife of Rachid and mother of their daughter, Yasmine. The chapters are coordinated with the individual episodes of the film. Each of the twenty-two main chapters consists of the following self-contained teaching modules, which maximize flexibility in course design.

The preliminary chapter, containing a slightly different structure, introduces students to basic vocabulary and provides an overall framework for using the film.

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Chapter Opener Vocabulaire en contexte Chapter learning goals prepare students for what is to come in the chapter and in the accompanying movie episode. Thematically grouped vocabulary is presented in culturally informative contexts with drawings and scenes from the movie. It is accompanied by activities that promote vocabulary development. Film connection: Bruno and Camille are two characters who are introduced in Episode 2.

Il est… capable. Selon le public, il est… super.

How would you describemagnifi theseque people? Choose words from the list or formidable. Le clown est… 2. Le professeur est… Now tell what these people are not. Quel travail? Which job? Now person you saw that you have watc in the film. Camille 2. Bruno e 3. Martine 4. C cho lai piso ther ouh And rac ine: M njour.

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R ood-by away. B, Answers: 1. Canal 7 2. Cami lle 4. It is enough to explain that the journalistes are rather like edito rs, and in this case, hosts of the TV show, where as the reporter works for them and does the research they need to prepa re their shows. A, Answers: 1. Com blanks with the appr plete the summary opriate word from of Episode 2 the list of useful Vocabulaire utile vocabulary. Il y a un 4 Bruno interviewent sur le pain: pain un boulanger artisanal ou pain pour le test. Il iden industriel? For now, you may wish to model the pronunciation of each form and point out that the singular forms all sound alike.

Grammar points are accompanied by a wide range of practice, from controlled and form-focused to open-ended and creative communicative activities. The third stem, vienn-, is found in the third-person plural. As with other verbs, only the endings for the nous forms are pronounced and vous. North g.

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Input activity: Qui est-ce? Read the following senten ces aloud to your students and have them indicate whether a man or a woman is speaking or is being spoken about. Je suis canadien. Tu es anglaise. Je ne suis pas parisienne. Tu es vietnamien? Reminder: These exercises have been purposely constr ucted to avoid the need for students to produce geographic prepositions, which are presen ted in Chapter We come to the studi 1.

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And that's how we can rebuild So humanity can reclaim the top, because we can't rebuild unless we go back to being ourselves. Added in reply to request by libre lucha. French French. Les chemins du retour. Click to see the original lyrics. Add new translation Add new request. Keny Arkana: Top 3.