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Yet truly characteristic of irresistible people, more than any of the other secrets mentioned, is their focus on other people. They are kind to everyone and put others first. They are interested, put others center stage and make them feel important and good about themselves. They give compliments and pay attention. That makes you a magnet.

Bring out the best in others. They are positive Irresistible people look to the future. They are passionate and take risks Having a zest for life, being enthousiastic and doing what you love is irresistible to others. They keep cool Irresistible people are easy-going, happy, tolerant and composed. They are smart and dare to change their mind Irresistible people are understanding and willing to listen. They have a sense of perspective Seeing the bigger picture helps irresistible people to be more mild and have a sense of perspective.

They are kind, interested and grateful Yet truly characteristic of irresistible people, more than any of the other secrets mentioned, is their focus on other people. More articles. Want to become irresistible? Check out our Masterclasses. Our Mission. Order the book. Our socials. We gebruiken cookies om onze website te verbeteren. But for me it was their quick bantering and sexy innuendos that made my day. Remy, Remy, Remy. Between his sexy accent, his ability on the ice, his dirty mouth, and his protective, gentlemanly ways, he was both sigh-worthy and swoon-worthy.

And I must say that Remy surprised me in the best of ways. And he was. But there was hidden depth to this handsome devil, with Remy being a caring son and uncle, a loyal teammate, and a guy who believed in taking complete care of the woman in his life in every way possible. Plus he was a fantastic cook. How could you not fall for him, right? She was feisty and unapologetic for being a female in charge of a professional sports team, out to prove she could do the job every bit as good as—if not better than—her male counterparts.

I thought her struggle with her emotions and figuring out how to balance her career with her needs as a woman rang true and was something most readers will understand. But anyone could see how good they were for each other and I just adored them as a couple. They were super sweet together.

Watching Harper deal with having her estranged sisters Isobel and Violet become part of her life and the team was really interesting as well. Things changed between them considerably by the end of the book and it should be entertaining to see where the sisters take their relationship and their hockey team in the future. Readers are in for a definite treat with Irresistible You.

The crazy hot chemistry between a sassy woman out to prove her mettle and a talented but unlucky hockey guy looking to finally win a championship proved to be an absolute winning combination. Hot in Chicago series author Kate Meader returns with her all new, scorching Chicago Rebels hockey series. But the team is a hot mess—underfunded, overweight, and close to tapping out of the league. He was pure perfection. And Harper was such an amazing heroine. The more layers you peel away from her, the more you understand why she is the way she is and just grow to like her even more.

Both characters were so multi-layered and full of depth, I couldn't get enough of them. In the midst of the budding romance, there's a slew of secondary characters introduced that I can't wait to find out more about; especially Harper's two sisters. Irresistible You was everything I've come to expect from this author and more! It was a page turner from beginning to end, full of laugh out loud moments and enough steam to set your e-readers on fire!

Listen, Harper, I understand your concerns. You have to present a certain image to the world. I get that. I totally respect that. View all 5 comments. Aug 29, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: bossy , dual-pov , part-of-a-series , cray-cray-exes , forbidden-lovin , half-star-needed , contemporary-romance , frienemies , arc-net-galley. You understand?

She learned the ins and outs of hockey at the hands of her father, an ex-player turned coach turned owner, and af 3. She learned the ins and outs of hockey at the hands of her father, an ex-player turned coach turned owner, and after his untimely death, is now running the team her father loved so much.

On the verge of retirement, the only thing Remy wants is on last shot at bringing home the trophy. Harper Chase wants him on her team? At all. So Remy DuPre , would you rather have one night exploring this thing between us or a whole lifetime never knowing what it was like to feel so good? Harper and Remy were both likeable characters and at times, I just felt like taking Harper aside and giving her a hug.

I think it would be incredibly difficult to live your life in the spotlight with the public constantly judging you but never really knowing you. This book does an excellent job of setting up the rest of the series, especially the relationship between the three sisters who, for all intents and purposes, are virtual strangers.

I'm looking forward to them becoming closer in future books. As far as romances go, unfortunately I wasn't really feeling it between Harper and Remy. I liked them individually but honestly, I'm not sure why the two were together or hooking up occasionally on the sly. Maybe I just wasn't feeling the chemistry, but the relationship was the weak link in this book for me. I love a good sports themed romance. Though this didn't exactly knock my socks off, I can't wait to see what's next for this promising series.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review View all 8 comments. After reading the introduction to the series In Skates Trouble , I was all fired up to read Remy's story. The previous book was just an appetizer in comparison to this full course of skillful characterization and sharp wit. Meader managed to fully flesh out an entirely new set of characters, create a swoon worthy, forbidden ish romance, and tantalize us with the prospect of Harper's sisters' future stories. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I started this, but once I started reading I couldn't get enough.

Winning her father's affection and trust in her abilities was an uphill climb that Harper never managed to conquer. She spent her entire life trying to prove herself to him, to be valued. And now that he's passed away, even in death, Clifford managed to give her the big middle finger one last time. As excited as she is to be at the helm of his failing hockey franchise, she has new, seemingly insurmountable challenges to overcome. If she thought earning her dad's faith in her ability to run the team was impossible, it was nothing compared to the sexist league ready to draw blood from the get go.

Luckily, she's one tough lady, with a will of steel. Filled with determination and drive, to prove every last one of them wrong. Whatever the cost. Firing the team GM was immediately scorned, but she didn't let that bother her. If he couldn't get the job done, then she would do it herself. And Remy DuPre, her new veteran player's blatant disrespect was next on her list to be addressed. After meeting in Boston and reaming him out, let's just say that a bad first impression was made by all.

Resentment, pride, and anger started their relationship off as adversaries. Remy was bitter. A player with pure talent and star quality, but always cheated out of the ultimate prize: the championship trophy. Now in the sunset of his career, and his last shot at his dream, he's traded to a team at the bottom of the barrel. To top that off, his new boss is as about as uptight and unreasonable as they come. So why is it that he can't seem to keep his eyes off of her? She wasn't his usual type at all: hard as nails, his boss, guarded heart, his boss, and her lack of desire for a family.

Plus she's his boss.

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End of. But her spirit and fire laid waste to every one of his mental protests. In a weak moment, they both succumbed to the desire that was boiling under the surface. With one scalding hot kiss, it spilled over and consumed them. And there was no looking back. Pandora's box had been opened, and his resistance fizzled out fast.

He was soon determined to pursue these feelings that he was confronted with. Remy was just everything. He's what I would describe as a wicked gentleman. Southern to the core, a family man, and one sensual and sexy guy. He opens doors, defends the honor of those he loves, and knows the meaning of respect. A bit of a player in the past, but now he'd like nothing more than retiring in one last blaze of glory and finding a partner to start a family with.

As Remy peels away Harper's tough exterior, he discovers the world of damage she's hiding that extends much further than her trust and abandonment issues. Her ex left a deep wound that has never really healed. This was a big contribution to her inability to open up to him and let him inside her heart. On one hand, I completely understood where she was coming from with her impenetrable defenses. A relationship with Remy would risk what little ground she'd managed to gain with her career, and her goals for the future.

On the other hand, I have to admit I was starting to get impatient with her stubbornness. She was bound and determined to push him away and unwilling to take a leap of faith. He cut her words off with a kiss. Now every kiss was salt, every word a piece of grit. The plus side to her resistance was seeing him pursue her full force. He wasn't the type to sit idle and take no for an answer, and I loved that about him.

He saw the fragile parts of her and took the care with her that she needed. By the end, he had put her at the top of his priorities and proven without a doubt that she came first in his life. He was truly a force to be reckoned with. I enjoyed this couple so much overall. They had heat, a delicious amount of humor, and a mildly angsty romance due to their secret relationship. I also loved seeing Harper's bond with her sisters find a foundation and start to grow.

We learned a lot about their family history and the reason for their distance with each other. I'm without a doubt fascinated with the fate of the team, and the sisters' budding relationship. View 2 comments. Aug 10, Claire Robinson rated it really liked it Shelves: shit-hot-series. As you would expect for a man in the 3. Of all the people for her libido to toggle on for, why did it have to be Remy DuPre My tastes run to women, real women who have a little more life experience than suffering through a hang nail. Sisterly as the book developed and they got to know each other more.

I predict fireworks, fucking, snark and sparring a-plenty to come!

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ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review. View all 4 comments.

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What an awesome start to a new series! I love a story about girl power. To see a series where women in a position of power of a male dominated sport, is a huge draw for me. The author did such a good job of creating a strong heroine in Harper and pairing her with a sexy Cajun that is powerful in his own right and made it work. I loved everything about this couple. The resistance was expected of the theme of this story and never felt overdone.

Remy, his Cajun accent and sex 4. Remy, his Cajun accent and sexy endearments were a real treat to experience. This had great side characters that will have you looking forward to their own books. I highly recommend this book! ARC provided by NetGalley. View all 7 comments. Aug 13, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: dbo-arc , famous , forbidden-love , steamy , second-characters-rock , sexy , stand-alone , will-read-again , alpha-man , opposites-attract. I have read several of Kate Meader's books, which I really enjoyed so I figured I would give this new series a try. I am glad to say that I am not dissapointed.

This could also be because it's a book about hockey There are I have read several of Kate Meader's books, which I really enjoyed so I figured I would give this new series a try. There are some stipulations though.

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  4. The team has to win, or they will lose said team. This means that Harper and the half-sisters she doesn't really know, have to work together to turn the team around. Harper is not about to give up though She wants to prove herself. Harper acquires Remy from another team in the hopes that he will help turn the team around. Remy himself however isn't too happy with the transfer. The only way he will help her and the team out, is if she agrees to trade him back to a better team, in a few months.

    Since Harper agrees, because The chemistry between these two was off the charts right from the beginning Harper has a rule about getting involved with the players and Remy is supposed to leave eventually But the heart and body wants what it wants and fighting their attraction is pointless. I really enjoyed this one. It was funny and swoon-worthy and HOT. Remy was really awesome I love me some Cajun men :P. I had some issues with Harper sometimes seeming a bit cold This book can be shelved under so many different themes All in all these two were really great together and,..

    The supporting characters were great and I can't wait to read more about them in the next books. My reviews are posted on Dirty Books Obsession View all 16 comments. Hey, lovely readers! First up is the oldest, Harper, who expected to rule outright and is none too pleased at having to share with the sisters she hardly knows. This ice queen need Hey, lovely readers! This ice queen needs a good melting--and who better than Remy DuPre, a laid-back Cajun center who knows how to burn things up both on and off the ice? Aug 07, Dali rated it it was amazing Shelves: office-romance , series , arc-read , forbidden-romance , contemporary-romance , sports , published Irresistible You was no exception.

    It was super fun, deliciously swoony and sexy, a little bit angsty and a lot heartfelt. After a lifetime of trying to prove herself to her father and miserably failing in his eyes, it seems as though even in death her father is trying to frustrate her. Harper Chase has now co-inherited his nose-diving hockey team together with her two alienated half-sisters.

    Thought of as the unluckiest player in the NHL, Remy DuPre, still had a chance to finish his pro-hockey career proudly lifting the Stanley Cup until he was traded to the losing Chicago Rebels. But trying to break through the walls of his stubborn boss in sexy heels is turning out to be more stimulating and fun than he originally anticipated.

    Can they find a way for both of them to win? I think we're havin' a thing. Oh, God they were. The push and pull between Remy and Harper is delightfully addicting as both have dominant personalities, both are set in what they want and both will do just about anything to achieve their goals. I rooted for them wholeheartedly. You're the one to spoil me? He'd feed her mind, her body, and show her the meaning of worship. But what pulls you in and keeps you turning page after page is the reluctant yet undeniable attraction between Remy and Harper. Inside her head, inside her body, and inching closer to that heart she kept wrapped in barbed wire and pinned with a No Trespassing sign.

    He intended to trespass. It is a standalone, hockey full of deliciously swoony, sexy, and sweet moments. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending.

    Irresistible You Lyrics

    The excerpts taken are from that copy. Aug 05, Chris C - A Midlife Wife rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-fiction , adult-romance , pocket-books-pocket-star , ebooks , romance , reviews. I just love Kate Meader! Another winner! I have enjoyed every one of her stories and this one is another great example.

    Irresistible You

    When we read a synopsis that the story is going to be about hockey, I get some immediate assumptions running through my mind. Slutty guy jocks and a chick who tames one. But this one is so very different. While there is nothing wrong with a slutty guy jock I am sometimes looking f I just love Kate Meader! I am sometimes looking for more substance. Here is that substance. Solid character development. Very interesting and multi layered characters.

    A twist with the new team owners being female. Loads of hot guys that are not the typical jocks. Plenty of passion and steamy sex.

    Ty England ~ Irresistible You

    Great set up for future stories. The story was in-depth, interesting, damn hot and juicy. A great read all around! I will be waiting for more in this series! View all 9 comments. Aug 19, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. Why did it take me this long to read a Kate Meader book? I seriously would like to know because this book is my jam. And if her books are all like this -- you know, well-plotted with well written complex characters -- then I see a binge in my future and another author added to my automatic one-click list.

    It follows more or less 4. It follows more or less a similar premise: Harper Chase inherited a hockey team from her father with a few wrenches thrown in.

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    5. The premise is familiar but the conflict and its characters are fresh and engaging. A few pages in and I was already invested. Harper Chase along with her half-sisters inherited the Chicago Rebels hockey team. An ailing organization known for being inconsistent and a joke in the league. Remy was not pleased about the transfer.

      It's his last year to finally win the Cup and he's not going to win it with a team that's at the near bottom of the NHL ranking. This puts him in immediate conflict with the gorgeous team owner. And what I delicious conflict it was. Harper and Remy's adversarial relationship got me hot and bothered throughout the book. Each of their interactions drip with sexual tension. Harper is such a fantastic heroine. She's been dealt a real blow with her father setting her up for failure. But she's a fighter and she's not about to take shit from anybody, including Remy.

      I love their chemistry and their banter. As their relationship progressed, Harper started to get out of her shell and where Remy showed the kind of guy he truly is: protective and loyal. Someone who would go out of his way to take care of those close to him including his teammates. I love his character. Another thing that I liked about this book was Harper's half sisters: Isobel and Violet. I liked that the author didn't make it easy for them to get along. They all have their issues and they're suspicious of each other.

      And rightly so. All thanks to their father Clifford Chase. He's already deceased at the start of the book but his presence and his cruelty were felt throughout the book. I would've easily given this 5 stars if not for the slightly rushed ending. But that's a small nitpick. There's an epilogue at the end but it doesn't tell us anything about whether or not the Rebels made it to the finals. That said I feel like we're going to get the answer to that in the next installment which I'm looking forward to.

      ARC provided by Pocket Star in exchange for an honest review. Apr 06, Stacey is Sassy rated it really liked it Shelves: cont-sports , did-rolleth-my-eyes , heroine-drove-me-batty , sleeping-with-the-boss , steamy , diverse. An ending can make it all better How do you rate a book that you thought was just OK throughout most of it but loved the ending? Well, this little ducky is pretty easy to please. If I'm left with a big goofy smile at the end, you've pretty much sold me.

      I think that's the endgame in the book world, well, the romance book world. We're supposed to push aside career goal An ending can make it all better We're supposed to push aside career goals, life ambitions and deep desires and sacrifice it all for love. Don't get me wrong, that is exactly what I'm looking for in my romance reads, but in reality, not so much. The main reason for the "OK" was that it was a pretty textbook read. Nothing really new here and I felt that the conflict was drawn out a lot longer than it needed to be. The fact that the catalyst was provided from the outside, made it even more frustrating.

      I'm not a big fan of the main characters only sharing their secrets because they have to instead of because they want to. To me, the foundation for a strong relationship is learning to trust the person you're growing close to. Harper's biggest failing is allowing others opinions to guide her judgement and relationships. If she'd allowed her sisters and Remy to help her, a lot of her problems would have been solved. I guess, the main problem for me is that I couldn't relate to Harper. I'm pretty much an open book, what you see is what you get, kind of person.

      If I'm struggling with something, you'll know about it. If you want to share my load, join me, I'm generous like that. Anyways, Irresistible You left me with a smile. Love was the endgame and the conflict was the gameplay. I'm definitely interested in going on in the series Should maybe have been a 3 star but I bumped it up. You know Oh, and Remy had some pretty awesome moves and could cook up a storm Aug 04, Zoe rated it it was amazing. Provocative, passionate, and red-hot! Irresistible You is a lighthearted, hockey romance featuring the delicious Cajun, Remy who finds himself traded to a losing team just as he's thinking about retirement, and the ballsy, competent Harper who finally has the career she's always wanted but with some unexpected strings attached.

      The writing is effortless. The characters, including all the supporting characters, are fun, intriguing, and downright swoon-worthy. What a fantastic way to start a new series. Irresistible You is a smart, seductive story with great character development, and a smoking hot cover that will undeniably leave you wanting more.

      Thank you to NetGalley, especially Pocket Books, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. View 1 comment. Aug 01, Jacqueline's Reads rated it liked it Shelves: arc , sports. Irresistible You is a standalone and is the first book in the Chicago Rebels series.