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Home Settle. How can you ease your settlement in Canada? This information will help you make key decisions and address some of the following questions: Where will you live? How do you apply for health care coverage? How do you manage finances? How do you enter the housing market? What sort of weather can be expected? How do you get a drivers license?

Immigration to Canada — How to make it happen

Where will your children go to school? What do you do in the event of an emergency? Guides for landing in Canada Coming to Canada as a permanent or temporary resident might seem intimidating. Life in Canada In order to help you determine where you would like to live in Canada, we have put together a number of pages about each province and territory in Canada. Working in Canada If you have already been approved for permanent residence, or if you are simply interested in coming to Canada on a temporary basis, our site has a number of resources to help you line up a job before coming here.

Immigration to Canada - How To Make It Happen | Moving to Canada

Canadian Permanent Residence Canadian permanent residence comes with certain rights and obligations. Canadian Citizenship After four years of living in Canada as a permanent resident, you may qualify to become a Canadian citizen.

Latest News Atlantic Immigration Pilot update allows open work permits for intermediate-skilled spouses An update to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot will now allow intermediate-skilled spouses of principal applicants accepted under the program to apply for an open work permit. Read More I only recommend products I use and love or would use. IEC applicants will need to buy travel insurance covering the length of their expected stay in Canada. This is mandatory to take part in the program please note the other documentation required for arrival on the page linked above.

Two-year travel insurance policies can be difficult to find. Those moving to Canada to become Permanent Residents should consider purchasing private insurance to cover their first few months in Canada. Be careful to check the small print of any healthcare policy as many do not cover people moving to other countries to live permanently.

When booking your flights to Canada be sure to check luggage allowances of each airline first. The most straightforward option for bringing your belongings to Canada is to take them when flying over. Another option, if you have a LOT of stuff and are moving to Canada permanently, would be to rent a shipping container.

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While it would be convenient to have accommodation set-up before the move, this can be difficult. Use this link to receive a discount on your first booking to ease the transition. It is a lot easier to look for accommodation rental or otherwise in person. The first is to fly in and activate at your arrival airport. From here you will be directed to immigration, in a separate area of the arrivals area. There may be a wait, depending on how many other new residents have also recently arrived. Or maybe you felt like doing a bit of travelling first. The latter is a completely legal process that involves an administrative refusal at the US border so you can return immediately back to Canada.

This is required for working in Canada. Fortunately, getting your SIN is a quick process. While the SIN takes less than 10 minutes to be issued, be aware that there may be a long wait. Most Canadian banks have monthly fees to have an account with them. Interac debit cards are given out as standard with new bank accounts. Some may offer a credit card with or without a deposit on the first visit. Something to be aware of when choosing a bank is that there is a charge for withdrawing cash from ATMs not owned by the bank you have an account with.

So pay attention to which banks are the most common in your local area before opening an account. Luckily, most businesses in Canada accept debit and credit cards. An alternative to banks, credit unions often offer free chequing accounts. Other free options include using an online bank like Tangerine. With Tangerine, you have to provide Canadian ID drivers license, ID card and address proof utility bill, car insurance etc. Now with a Canadian bank account, you may decide to start transferring money from home. The easiest and cheapest way of doing this is by using an online money transfer service such as Transferwise or CurrencyFair.

Transferring money using TransferWise and CurrencyFair is also incredibly easy. If you sign up to one of these services with the links above, you will receive one free transfer. Having a local Canadian number is important, especially when applying for jobs. All of the main cell phone service providers usually have a presence in major city malls and electronic stores such as Best Buy.

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Most providers also have standalone stores. Canadian cell phone plans are not cheap but there are often deals. Be sure to speak to a few different providers before making a decision. Something to keep in mind is that not all cell phone companies cover everywhere in Canada. If you found this post helpful, PIN or save it with one of the above images! Gemma is happiest when hiking on the trail or planning the next big travel adventure. Im a 49yo HR Professional currently an international student, arrived in Canada last April together with my partner. My 17yo daughter is also with me now.

But my eldest daughter, 22yo has to go back to the Philippines, she was borderline age 19yo when we applied in October , so we were only able to get her a tourist visa, but she was given only single entry But by Oct 24, they increased the age to 22yo but prospective application. Can we appeal for her to be given an open work visa like my partner as my dependent coz she now meets the age criteria.

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