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Back in therapy, Ghostly Ghost has a confrontation with his counselor, who removes his derby to reveal a pink mohawk. He calls the Ghostly Ghost a, "faggotfaced piece of shit. He then calls the Ghostly Ghost a "cunt. Ken Galatzer-Levy tells the Ghostly Ghost that the kitten has gone to a Toys R Us, before getting on a hoverboard and ascending into outer space. While watching a game of Cat Baseball the Ghostly Ghost has his third date with his eventual wife.

Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)

He "bangs" her. He notes that even though it was "like that night, and even Janet Ellis herself had not been born," the music of Ghostly Ellis-Bextor was echoing through the night. Back in the present Ghostly Ghost finds the Fluffy Kitty trying to kill himself in a child's toy car. He admits he was driving the kitten to suicide for his own amusement. The kitten destroys the recording equipment that was previously his only friend, and drives into the sunset with the Ghostly Ghost, presumably to happiness.

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The book ends in an incomplete sentence. Everyone should know by now that Sophie Ellis-Bextor would be the cat. Last edited: Dec 8, New Flame , Dec 8, Or an e-book or what?

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It's like a short story novella filled with the free-form creative writing of someone who has just been institutionalized for a crime for which the plea at trial was 'guilty by reason of legal insanity. Still, not remotely the worst thing I've spent a dollar on. Nunya B , Dec 8, Sophie and her mum are in the Luxx insert of The Sunday Times today. Rhombus , Dec 8, So she's got a mention in two novels then. If Sophie didn't actually write this book, I wonder if she read it I love the video for Catch You.

Karma , Dec 9, Do we have someone here from Australia and France?

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We do, why do you ask? Osiris , Dec 11, I'm looking some of these region specific remixes that I'm willing to pay for but aren't available on CD! These region specific releases are really annoying! Isn't it about time she had another random DJ collaboration show up?

Nunya B , Dec 12, Deer Stop , Dec 12, I'm sorry, but I think she looks stunning in that picture. At first I was wondering why she went all Cheryl Cole with the hair, but I think it looks brilliant. Sophie always looks good with big hair.

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But I want the sex-droid look to return. Do you believe in the spirit world? The bar on the beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate in southern Italy. What would you eat for your last supper?

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    Julie Andrews. I grew up watching The Sound of Music Last music you bought? I jump around, play with the kids or go dancing What irritates you most? Bad manners If you could live in another era when would it be? The Fifties What would you eat for your last supper?

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