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Putting the system back into systems change: A framework for understanding and changing organizational and community systems. Griswold, J. Contemplative practices in human services education.

Truth-Focused Interviewing for Investigators – Human Potential Consultants

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Perception and misperception of bias in human judgment. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 11 1 , 37— Valuing thoughts, ignoring behavior: The introspection illusion as a source of the bias blind spot.


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After ensuring the suspect had been cautioned and told of his right to counsel, I established a rapport with him. He was very relaxed and comfortable with me, speaking openly and leaning back in his chair with open body language. He remained relaxed when speaking about the marijuana cultivation because he knew he was already caught for that.

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  4. His demeanour changed when I began asking him about the offences related to his wife and children. His responses became evasive and his bodily language closed up; he sat up, crossed his arms and legs and turned his face away from me. The only time he denied assaulting his wife he leaned to the side and picked lint off the carpet. These observations made me more confident in my conclusion and inspired me to press until I obtained admissions.

    As mentioned above, the first step is to establish rapport and create an atmosphere where truth is of the utmost importance. Connecting with a subject on a personal level and gaining their trust makes them more likely to be honest and forthright. A calm relaxed person is in a much better position to access their memory because it is more available to them when they are not stressed.

    There is no one sign a person displays or behaviour you can observe that is a proof positive they are withholding information or lying. The formula is to establish a baseline for the their behaviour and watch for changes.

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    The changes in both language and non verbal signs appear as a result of stress, in most cases because the person is being deceptive or withholding information. The observations will continue throughout the interview and you will watch for clusters of changes. Do not jump in after one such change and call the person out. In my interview with the son in law, his evasive language was accompanied by several non verbal body language indicators.

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    Other signs may include personal grooming, picking lint, scratching, changing arm or leg position, changes in eye contact, licking lips or hard swallowing, cracking knuckles and nervous cough or laugh. Watch for changes from the norm. The most important principal is to be attentive when people are speaking with you and watch for some of these signs. As you learn them and become more comfortable with the process, it will become second nature. Your email address will not be published.

    Solution-Focused Interviewing with Child Protective Services Clients.

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