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These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. Damien, a much-lauded super cop re-introduced here as he takes out a slew of villains, slamming and mashing them while protecting a priceless Van Gogh painting , is arrested by other, less super, cops. Yes it would. The formula demands that again and again, they thwart the thugs and cops sent to kill them, each time escaping in a flurry of outrageous gymnastics.

Following yet another frustrating encounter with Damien, his adversary calls in to headquarters: "He's incredibly agile. Heading back inside the ghetto, the boys seek out Tao Elodie Yung , languid leader of the local Chinese gang and apparently influential enough to convince the district's other four gangs skinheads, Muslims, blacks, and, apparently, wide-eyed lunatics to join together against the invaders.

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  7. You might consider this a revisionist Sunni Awakening, absent the pay-off and rejecting the occupation per se. Introduced as she's slurping down noodles, her long limbs arrayed over a desk and chair, Tao is at once awkward and self-assured, a standard sexy daydream who will in a few minutes be breaking men's faces.

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    If she's not exactly "developed," as a character, Tao is strikingly perverse: when she takes her turn at beating down a crowd of cops, she does so while wearing an iPod and a long braid that sports a slashing blade at its end. Rendered with the usual slow- motion, her fight scene is less poetic than weird, at once profound, enraged -- and not parkour. That is, Tao's decidedly exotic appearance in D13 Ultimatum presents another sort of athletic, graceful, and sort-of inspired resistance to corporate globalization.

    Her seeming sensual pleasure in mayhem is different from their more pragmatic, repetitive, and energetic leaping about. Even when they stop to fight, breaking limbs and flipping bodies through whatever glass surface is handy, the boys function with a sense of mission, headed toward a next encounter. Tao, by contrast, savors the pain she inflicts: nothing practical about it.

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    True, Tao features in only a precious few minutes of D13 Ultimatum 's running time. And true, she has little to say about how the mission will be resolved or what its aims may be except for agreeing to save the district. She's in place to look slinky and kinky, to play the Asian Chick's part. Elodie Yung plays a gang leader who takes out a bunch of guys by whipping her ponytail around with a knife in it.

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    Brick Mansions , the American remake, is bad for many reasons. Parkour, as an action style, never was legitimized in American cinema as something that could carry a film for an hour and a half. What this indicates is that parkour, in action films, is part of the cultural identity of French cinema. The Raid films have the Indonesian martial art of Silat. France has parkour. This made the D13 films inherently French stories, just like the original Oldboy is inherently a South Korean story, or how Akira is inherently a Japanese story.

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    The action is as much of the cinematic language and identity of the region as the actual spoken language. Action films, in their own way, are a huge part of the cultural makeup and voice in cinema for their regions.

    Race for District 13 aldermanic seat already crowded

    The gaping differences between the D13 films and Brick Mansions are evidence of this. Quinn Hough Write for Vague Visages. Smith Why Criticism?