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Einaudi has also decided to continue to publish the well-known writer Ornella Vorpsi, whose latest book [18] , in the absence of any useful editorial information, could be considered her first to be written directly in Italian without the spectacular trans-linguistic labyrinths of her previous works. The work of remarkable Albanian poet Gezim Hajdari [20] seems to be characterized by the necessity to translate translation in the broadest sense of the word that modern postcolonial perspectives attribute to it Albanian culture using the Italian language.

Thus their works fail in giving real and intelligible value to characters that are trapped within the contradiction of different unpursuable directions, as Irma Kurti writes:. The obsession with death that continues to emanate from unresolved conflicts in the Balkans is overcome by giving birth. Together with writers like Janeczek [27] amoung others, Dones writes about war and conflict, themes which are unpleasant to the Western audience because, as with the works of Jadrejcic and Serdakowski, they are too involved in those same difficult situations to be able to appreciate their literary translation [28].

Of somewhat different stature is another Albanian author, Idol Hoxhvogli [33] , who demonstrates the positive results of the experience of cultural interaction linked to university education. From a distance the author softens the directness of personal expression, he also uses the journey and landing as a literary macro theme from a settled perspective, reinforced by a personal point of view, which still originates from distance and disorientation.

From this feeling of otherness emerges, with the power of the grotesque, a ruthless analysis of those elements that have for many years been the main reason behind Albanian emigration to the West: the consumer society and the emptiness of a dull but attractive non-civilization. The work of Carla Macoggi, the first author to write a post-colonial text in Italian, which has now been re-edited and divided in two texts Kkeywa and La nemesi della rossa [36] , is still largely unknown.

Macoggi proposes an original and comprehensively broad memoir , a literary genre often chosen by women writers who are part of a minority group e. Italian-American female writers , in which the author weaves together painful personal memories with the destiny of a country, her homeland, which refuses to accept the children of — its colonial experience. In her work Macoggi also reveals the persistent presence of mechanisms of domination in the relationship between peripheral areas and the motherland, which is highly resistant to a real inner change hiding hostility and aggression towards the subordinate, in the apparent silence of the first republican season, ready to be deployed in the racist narrative of the present.

This is reinforced by the elaborate use of language, meant to be an essential tool in the process of successful integration, leaving no room for exoticism. Narrative structure is used to render the hard look of those in search of their roots whilst trying to lead a normal private life, evoking a now-distant tragedy, reflecting in life a text that is capable of giving substance to a new season in Italian literature.

In this context, the novel Timira, Romanzo meticcio stands out, showing how the different literary tendencies in texts written in Italian by native and non-native speakers converge, tendencies which should be taken into account in the wider debate about the need for New Italian Epics [37] , foreshadowing narrative texts, totally different from those influenced by the so-called reality television style, labelled by Daniele Giglioli as lifeless, therefore Senza trauma Without trauma [38].

What clearly emerges here is the voice of female marginalization, worsened by racial discrimination within a society of constructed whiteness, in which the mechanisms are so deeply rooted in the Italian national consciousness that they characterized not only the Italian colonial experience under Fascism, but can also be identified in the deeply racist Northern League propaganda.

By slowly putting together the pieces, the author creates a portrait of a unique character, Isabella Marincola, who reflects on the episodes, incidents and traumas that have marked her existence, the enthusiasm and ugliness woven into the fabric of almost one hundred years of national history. Her unexpected fictional life is based on certain polarities, primarily represented by physical needs. The model and actress finds herself dealing with sexual instincts, hunger, thirst, illness, ageing as well as with significant historical events and the terrible consequences of war.

The Italian-Somali woman, target of persistent colonial considerations, reveals the on-going complexity of her blackness, the colour line in the motherland. This, as an evocation of the foundation of the reborn Italian democracy, appears to be fragile in its inability to conserve the places of that epic, like basic principles of equality when equal rights and full citizenship are denied to the children of colonies because of racial discrimination.

Throughout the novel the protagonist, who is both Italian and a foreigner, tries to settle down and to find the house she has always dreamt of, but she is forced to find temporary shelter, living out in the open, an unstable and uncertain existence which foreshadows the situation of illegal immigrants. Timira lives the condition of otherness within a perfectly Western culture and mentality. She is, in fact, foreign to the oral traditions and the related female genealogies: her love and passion for books is instead connected to the idea of a nuclear family, in stark contrast with her mother and African relatives, as well as with her Italian parents.

It is from here that her lucid and courageous ability to analyse and explain what happens around her and the experiences she undergoes derives. She also tries to pour out her anxiety of not having a fixed location, which is also exasperated by the absence of her brother, by arguing with her son. Antar Mohammed, moving in the background, allows and forces his mother to make necessary choices, thanks to a clever game where lies, shrewdness and fantasy inspire fortune and create unforeseen opportunities and unexpected possibilities, creating a fixed horizon in the celebrated third space for those who are always perceived as foreigners.

Avoiding an external narrative point of view, Kuruvilla focuses on describing different characters who, having immigrated to Milan from different countries, run into each other within the chaotic city where the young protagonist is faced with the impossible task of finding a point of reference among different and ever changing ethnic groups, languages, customs, cuisines and trends.

The uneasiness and multifaceted disorientation figuratively represented by globalized menus and cocktails is underlined by the use of a language that combines and mixes different communicative systems which do not always comply with the Italian language. The collective representation reveals a certain maturity from a supranational point of view, and underlines a close similarity between this text and the development of a post-migratory and post-ethnic perspective of some European literary texts such as the urban fiction written by young Beur intellectuals in which cities are seen as ideal places to be analysed both from the inside and outside [43].

A journalistic influence in the work of a lot of writers, who after the cancellation of the Nuovi Italiani column in the weekly magazine Internazionale joined the A. In particular the A. A blog has ended up as a kind of niche, a ghetto in which authors can escape the gaze of critics and academics and criticism from the outside in general. He has written essays and monographs and given presentations dedicated to the critical analysis of literary works written in Italian by migrant authors. Since he has directed the first Italian laboratory of intercultural creative writing and in he founded Scritture migranti www.

He has been the editor of Scritture migranti ever since. He also promoted and coordinated the International Conference Leggere il testo e il mondo. Pezzarossa and I. Wanda has published Se tutte le donne Siena: Barbera, With regards to this we can also note the fact that the book series Kumacreola stopped publishing Italian language writers and, instead, published the Italian translation of the Egyptian author A.

Iannone, Racconti di donne straniere , which is repeated every year, and the Rome based initiative Incontrarsi. Racconti di donne migranti e native , eds. Ali Farah, M. Cutrufelli, I. Peretti, I. Scego, S. Vulterini Rome: Ediesse, Abdel Qader, Porto il velo, adoro i Queen. Nuove italiane crescono Milan: Sonzogno, Hamadi, Voci di anime Genoa: Marietti , Fracassa in Patrie lettere. Per una critica della letteratura postcoloniale e migrante in Italia Rome: Giulio Perrone, , pp. Konadui Yiadom and A. Pasqualetto, La regina che faceva la colf.

On caretakers from Romania see I. Comna, Il villaggio senza madri Milan: Rediviva, Ismail Rome: Albatros Il Filo, presents a similar narrative pattern, although with a more intimate tone. Sagnet, Ama il tuo sogno. Micheletti and S. The book has been misinterpreted, since it was confined in school collections; but the same choice, in contrast with the declaimed ambitions towards a post-migratory literature, has been made by I.

Lilin, Storie sulla pelle Turin: Einaudi, Educazione siberiana Turin: Einaudi, Ziarati, Quasi due , Turin: Einaudi, Addef rescare. Addelettarese — V. Ad- delettare. AddelluYeJo — In abbon- danza grande. Addenoecbiarese — In- ginocchiarsi. Addenoecliiatiiro — In- ginocchiatojo. Addiota — Idiota - Igno- rante. Addt6 — Dove. Addobbeechilirese — Addormentarsi. Addobbeare , Addob- bejii — Oppiare-Assopire. Addommanna — Do- manda.

Addorcire f Addarci — Addolcire. Addorelato — Addolcito. Addore — Odore. Addorlno — Odorino- Ori- canno. Addormlrese — Addor- mentarsi - Assonnarsi. AddoYonea — Dovunque. Addacere — Addurre. Adduobbejo — V. Ad- dobbeeoyPapparella. Afeto — Alito. AffamoUarese— Render- si familiare , confidente.

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Affatalo — Invulnerabile- Fortunato -V. A Atto- rato. Affattorato — Spiritato - Indemoniato-Ammaliato. Affenncre — Offendere. Afferta — Ofierta- Obla- zione. Affettatura — Affetta- zione- Mostra - Ostenta- zione. Afflatarese — Familia- rizzarsi-Divenice, render- si familiare-Prenderdime- mestichezza. Affidale, Afflsfale — Ufficiale - Uffiziale. Affleiare, Affieldi— Uf- ficiare. Affido, AfflEio — Ufficio Offizio.

Afflzejale , Affidale — Officiale -Uffiziale. Affocare, Affocii — Af- fogare -Nascondere. Affoca rese — V. AffoiDniecato,Aff ama- to — Curato a forza di fumo-Annerito dal fumo. Affonnare, Affonnii — Andare a fondo- Sommer- gere - Affondare. Afffronte — Dirimpetto- In paragone. Affranto — Ingiuria- Ol- traggio-Affronto. Affnscare 9 Affane li — Offuscare - Ottenebrare. Afreeare9 AfreeA — Or- lare. Afreco — Orlo-Orlatura. Aggfhiogfnere — Aggiun- gere - Unire. Aggradire, Aggradi — Gradire - Piacere - Soddi- sfare. Aggranearese — V. Ag- graneare. Aggranf arene — V. Ag- granfare.

Aggrannlre9 Aggrannk —Aggrandire -Ingrandire. Aggrannirese — V. Ag- grannire. Aggrapparese — V. Ag- grappare. Aggrairogliarese — V. Aggaantatore — Racco t- tatore-Ricettatore. Agibele— Agile - Leggiero - Disposto. Agire, Agi— Operare-Pro- cedere - Comportarsi. Agliandra — Ghianda -V. Aglianeca — Uva nera. Agllarulo — Orzaiuolo- V. Acquar alo. Agliastro— Pelle di capra conciata' ad uso di calza- tura da donna. Agnelelle — Angioletta. Agnelo, Agnolo—Angelo. Agniento —. Agresta — Uva immatura- Acerba.

Agriccloli , Sentirese aggrieeloU - V. Ag- grecciolire. Agneella — Ago da mo- dano. Agnrejo, Anrio-Augurio. Alno — Agnello. AJenella — Travicella - Pertica. Alniello 9 Ajenlello — Agnello-Agnellino. AJero — Aere-Aria, v. Aissare, Alssii — Issare- Inalberare. A Iosa — Abbondantemente- Via su. A la babbalosela — Scio- peratamente. A la llerta — Ritto in pie.

A la scordune — All'im- pensata. Alarejo, Alarlo — Erario. Alarbanno Juorno — Allo spuntar del di - Al- l' alba. Sean- SEare. Aide ria — Arteria. Alemlento — Alimento - Elemento. Alice — Acciuga - Alice. Allxze — Sbadigliamento. A lo mmaearo — Almeno. Allacclalardo — Pesto- rola — V. Allancare, Allaneii — Ansare - Morir di sete, di fame di desiderio - Aver somma brama. Allavanejare , Allava- nlifc — Innondare-Allaga- re-Bagnar moltissimo. Alla vanej arese — Y. Al- la vanejare. AUazsarese — Y. Al- lazzare. AUeeordarese — 'Y. Al- leeordare.

Alleeordino — Cerchiet- tino - Anello. Allentarese — Y. Al- lentare. Alterezza — Allegrezza. Allerta -- In piedi- Y. A la Uerta. Alletterato — Letterato - Sgombro pesce. Allevreeare 9 Allevre- eh — Asciugarsi - Divenir attaccaticcio - Morirsi fu- riosamente di fame. Alllandro — Oleandro-Le- andro. AUieeave , Allicci — Leccare - Aver parte. Ar recordare. AUiero — Allegro -V. AI- legrolillo. Svignare-Fuggire-Leppare - Andar di fretta-Morire. AlUseiarese — Adornarsi -Acconciarsi-Stribbiarsi.

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Allocar eae — V. Allo- care. Allocig;nare,Alloclgiili — Torcere a guisa di luci- gnolo - Involgere in qual- che malanno -Tormentare- Straziare. AUocignarese — V. Al- locignare. AUoggiamlento — Lo- canda-Albergo. Allommacaro — Magari - Almeno. Se r ha tracannato, o di- vorato con fame da lupo. Allorclarey Allorcidi — Lordare - Imbrattare. Allorelareae — V.

Al- lorclare. Allordarey Allordii — Sporcare - Cacare. Allordarese— V. Allor- dare. Allotarese — V. AUo- tare. Allotta — Lotta. Allncehlrese- Y. AUoe- chlrese. Allneeo —Grido altissimo -Urlo - Ululato - Strido. Far luminarie-V. Appic- ciare. Lustra- re, Nettare le scarpe egli stivali.

AUntCare , Allatta — Vestir di lutto. Amarosteeo — Amaro-- gnolo. Amarlna — Amarasca. Aminaecarese - V. Am- maecare. AmniAcealiira maccamento. Anunaffararese — V. Ammaf arar e. Amniallato— Pesto-Ma- culato. Amiaaloziarese — V. Ammalnto — Scarno - — Am-j Magro-Sparuto. AmiiuiaeareAe — V. Am- maneare. Ammancse — In pronto. Amiiiallarese— Y. Am- niallare. Ammattare, AmmaUii — Abbattere- Conculcare. Ammattere, NvaUere — Incontrare - Imbattere. AnunaUerse — V.

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Am- matlere. Ammattiigfllare , Am- mattoglili — Rabbatuf- folare - Abbatuffolare. Ammaftngliarese — Y. Am mattnyliare. Ammattaoglio 9 Hat- tnoglto — Luffe- Batuf- folo. Ammat Do- tar e. Ammatiiiitato — Pesto. Ammazzaruto — Azzimo. Ammazzoccfire , Am- inazz4t eeik. AmmeceiareaB — V.

Ammennola, Mennola. Ammennolelle- — Picco- le mandorle - Piccoli o- ree chini. Aninieiiteeare 9 Am. Ammentola de lo seloetiaagllo — Goc- ciola deir orecchino. A mmessa — Alla messarr-. Respormere a fnmessa , Lodare per condiscetiden- za. Ammieo — Amico. Ammecciar e , Ammisso — Stupefatto- Sorpreso -Perduto. Aminito, liammeto — Amido- Polvere di Cipro. Ammoceelilpe, Ammt - eeelil — Imporrare- Im- porrire - Maltrattare. Ammoeeehirese — Y. Ammolnarese — Y. Am- moinare. Ammola — Cammina - Af- frettati - Apprestali - Sol- lecitati, a. Ammolare , Ammolla — Arrotare - Affilare -Re- primere r ira.

Ammolareae — Y. Am- molare. Ammolato — Reso ta- gliente sulla mola. Ammolatara — Affilatu- ra - Assottigliatura del ta- glio. Am- " matonCMre. Ammonte — Da parte - Scartato. Ammontonare — Y. Am- montar e. Ammorra , Morra — Giuocare alla Mora. Ammosciarese — ' Y. Ammiiceiarefie — Na- sconderti - Raccorciarsi - Involgersi - Accoccolarsi. Ammiisiiarese — V. Am- musatare. AmpeUola — In camicia. Ampollina — Orinolo a polvere. Ananasfla — Ananasso. Anche — Anca. Scioc- cone, Semplicione. Atieliiosta — Inchiostro- V. Ladro famoso. JkBcinetto — Uncinetto - Uncinello. Ajielnettl — Ciambelle inzuccherate.

Aecnaia, Jmeniicja — Incudine -Ancudine. Anema — Anima Anepeta — Neputa - Ne- pitella. Anetra — Anitra - Anatra. Animarla, — Carestia -An- gustia-Forza irragionevo- le che obbliga a far qual- che cosa. Ao prese — Inglese. Campanel- la -Aniello de lo portiere, de lo morello, Campanel- la della portiera, deirom- brello. Nna- blssare. AnaabblssaresB — V. AnaasetMiBerse — V. Aoaegliareae — V. We- ABBegregarese — V. JLnneto — Ponte - Bertesca. Anneitaeemiiieaera — Spazzacamino. An- nettare. Annettareeelile — Stuz- zicorecchi. Anaevlniinilento — In- dovinamento.

Anne-vluttglia — Indovi- nello. Anniarene — Disdirsi - V. Annoeearese — V. An- aoecare. Annodeeareae — V. An- nodeeare. Aaaoninienata — Rino- manza.

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Annore — Onore. Annuvolearese -V. An- nn-vfilnre. Annuszarcy AnnnzzA — Soffocare - Non poter inghiottire. Annuzzareae — V. An- anzzare. Annntolo — Bufalo di un anno. Aatrlte — Nocelle a fiUa- Avellane secche. Aorina — Urina. Aorinaro, Aorlnale — Orinale. Aotaro, Antaroy Alita- re — Altare. Aotrament e— Altrimenti. Appaglfarese — Cori- carsi. Appagllarato — Mezzo addormentato - Ammiseri- to dal freddo - Morticelo - Avvilito per timore. Appagliato — Intessuto di paglia-Y. Appaglloeearese — V. Appaglloeeare Appaglioecolare — V. Appannatore — Tova- gliuolo di cannavaccio per nettare i cavalli.

Appantaparese — Y. Appan taMftre. Apparentarene — V. AppartamUenla — Piatto - Appartamento. Appattarcse — V. Ap- paf tare. Appennere — Sospende- re- Appendere. Appennerse — Inerpi- carsi -Arrampicarsi- Spen- zolarsi. Ap- pesiAre. Appetetuso — Desideroso- Insaziabile - Appetitoso. Appiccecarene — V. Appiccecataro — Attac- cabrigtie - Rissoso. Ap- picciare. Appllaflejoae — Appila- zio'ne. ApplKzarese — V. Ap- pinzare. Apgiojarese — Y. Appo- jare. Appojall barda — Mangia frango di spese. JLppontarese — V. Ap- pontare.

Apposarese — V. Ap- posare. Apposticelo — Posticcio - Finto - Arteffatto. Appnntamlento — Ap- puntamento. Appantuto — Acuto - A- gu z2o-Puntato - Pungente. Appraearese — V Ap- praeare. Appraeato — Calmato - Placato - Mitigato - Addol- cito. Appreearese — V. Ap- preeare. Apprensione — Timore- Apprensione.

Apprensivo — Timoroso - Timido - Immaginativo - Apprensivo. Apprettatore — Provo- catore - Accattabrighe. Apretura , Arapetnra — Apertura - Bocca- Ori- fizio. Apprieare, Apprieli — V. Apprieato , Appretta- to — Occupato - Inna- morato. A pperieolo — A rischio- A pericolo. Appnojoy Appnojata- ro — Appoggio-Sostegno. Appnzarese V. Ap- pnzare. Aranciata — Bevanda in cui sia premuto il succo deir arancia. Arapircy Arapi — Aprire. Arba — Alba - Aurora. ArbolOf ArYolo — Al- bero.

Arcemesa — Artemisia. Areinfanfaro — Capo- rione-Gran cicalone- Ar- cinfanfano -Valorosissimo. Arderla — Arteria. Ardica — Ortica. Ardiehella '— Ortica di mare- Acalefi. Areeehia — Orecchia. Arede — Erede. Areflee — Orefice. Arenga — Aringa. Arglamma — Danaro. Arglento — Argento.

Argienti ria — Argente- ria. Aria — Aja. Ariatella — V. Arcatella Arillo— V. Arinolo — Orologio - 0- rinolo. Armiere — Armaiuolo. Armlento — Armento. ArmlsEaro — Sgherro - Armigero - Sbirro. JLroJeco — Eroico. Arra, Arre — Ah , Arri, voce per incitare le bestie da soma al cammino. Arracchiare — Avvinaz- zare - UbbKJacare. Arracchlarese — Y. Ar- raechlare. Arraffare , Arralfli — Afferrare - Arraffiare - Ar- rappare. Arraffarese — V. Ar- raffare. Arragamare — V.

Arre- camare. Arraganato — Origanato. Arragglato — Arrabbiato- Sdegnato - Infuriato. Arragglnso — Rabbioso- Sdegnoso - Idrofobo. Arranimare , Arram- wnh — Prender di rame. Arrangiare, Arrattgiii — Accomodare - Assettare.

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Arrangfarese — Aggiu- starsi alla meglio. Arrappare i Arruppii — Aggrinzare -Far grinze- Divenir vecchio, rugoso. Arrappato — Gribzoso - Rugoso - Grjnzo-Awizzito. Arrassare, Arrassli — Scostare - Allontanare. Arravogllaeaoaenfo — Furto -Truffa -Frode. Arreecgnarese — V. Arrecegnar e. Ho maritata mia figlia. Arreeogliere — Racco- gliere - Esigere - Riscuo- tere. Arreqnlarcy Arreiinldi — Trovar riposo , calma, requie. Arreparare 9 Arrepa- rik — Riparare - Appog- giare - Parare. Ar- reparare. Ar- repexcare. Arrepleehlo — Sessitura- Rattoppatura.

Arrepleszo — Rappezzatu- ra - Rattoppamento - Ac- comodo. Arrepolnto — Rimesso in buono stato. Arreposarese — V. Ar- reposare. Arreseearese — V. Ar- reseeare. Arr esenato, Arresenu- to — Ammiserito. Arrestdiare — Rassetta- re - Rattoppare. Arremle- dlo. Arressnso — Litigante - Rissoso - Attaccabrighe. Arreto — Dietro - Addietro - A tergo. Arre'votare, Arve-woth, — Rivoltare - Porre sos- sopra. Arriccio— Gala-Gorgiera. Arrobbarc , Arrobbdt — Rubare - Furare.

Arrocchiare , Arroc- elftlii — Far capannello - Aggruppare - Unire. Arrocchlarese — V. Ar- rocchiare. Arronchlarese — V. Ar- ronchlare. Ar- ' ronzare. Arrotecare 9 ArrotccA — Tentennare- Barcollare. Armina — Rovina. Armillare 9 Arrnlnii — Rovinare. ArrniBareae — Y. Ar- Abbrustolare - Arsicciare- Torrefare. Aminto — Arrosto. Artefleio — Fuoco artifi- ciale - Girandola. Artececnso — Tarantola- to -inquieto - Impaziente. Artenciamo — Artefice - Artigiano. ArYaro — Erbajo. Arvariello — Vasetto - Al- berello. Noar- volejare. Ar- volcjare. Arvolo — Albero. Ar vasto — Arbusto. Arzeate — Razzente- Pic- cante - Pizzicante.

Arzieolo— Pernotto - Per- nuzzo - Assiculo. Arzo — Arso - Adusto -Bru- ciato. Aseapeee — Insalata com- posta con aceto ed aromi. Aaeella9 Beella — Ala. Azeevollre 9 Asceiroli - Mancare - Svenire, per desiderio per - dolcezza - Afiievolire - Infievolire. Ad- debolato. A9ein — Asce - Ascia. Aseirc, Asci — Escire - Uscire. Aseiuto — Uscito - Escito. Aseintiarese — V. A- sci altare. Ascinttavatce — Beone - Bevitor di vino.

Asclattapiiaae — Tra- biccolo - Tamburlano. Asenaa — Asma - Asima - AfPiinno con dolor di petto. AsemaMO — Asmatico. Anempejo, Ancmplo — Esempio - Borro. Asemo — Asino. Asola — Sostegno - Pi- nolo. Assajo — Saggio - Prova, Assaogaato — Avvenente. AsnaffO ffrlddo — Ap- pensatamente -Con preme- ditazione. AssantOy Assavolo — Assalto.

Asseeoja, Asseqaie — Esequie. Asaentarese — Prender servizio nella milizia. Assentato— Accostante. Accocco- larsi sulle calcagna. Oh bella occasione! Assinuneto '— Da parte - - Separatamente. Assisa — Prezzo stabilito - per legge a' commestibili- Assisa. Assozzare, Assossii — Sporcare - Lordare - Im- brattare. Assossarese — V.

As- Astejarie, AstcjA. Astoni — Polloni - Germo- gli - Sterpi. Astn- tare. A svrzo — A centelli. Atemo — A timo - Y. Aterno — Etemo. A traenollo r- Ad arma- collo. AttaeeasUa — Legaccia- Legacciolo - Legaccio.. Attas- sare. Attesalo — Teso - Steso. Varice eia-re. Attonaro — Ottonare " Ot- tontjo.

Attvaaso — Scaduto - Ar- retrato. Attmofno — Attorno - In- torno. Avtwmmo — Bronzo. Auciello — Uccello. Attrita — Aguglia aorta di j? MCe - Guglia - Aguglia ' - obelisco. Aallva— Uliva -Oliva. Aurata — Orata eofid di pesce. Aarlaso — Di buon au'- gurio. JLzza — Accia - Lino, Ca- nape filato, e non aggomi- tolato. Jiszancarese — Lordarsi di. Azzardo —- Rischio. Azzellente — Eccellente- Ottimo. Azzellenzia— Eccellenza. Azzel- lire. Azzertarese — V. Azzettare 9 Azzettii.

Azzemo — Azimo. Azzlmmare, Azzlmmii — Levar il pelo dal pan- no - Cimare. Babbalttcco — Sciope- rone. Babbelano — Impotente. Bagattellaro — Giocolie- re - Burattinaio - Ciarla- tano - Bagattelliero. Balantrano — Palantrono - Qabbano. BallfHoe -TtGastagna bollite —V. Bamialiio 't- Bambino. Banno — Bando - Of41ae reale. BiipnararQy paiMmira- le — Tappezziere -Bande- raio. Bannarlola — Banderuola - Penne ncello - V. Ban- darola. Bavmera — Bandiera - In- segna - Stendardo 7 Quel- la parte di panno resecata dal taglio che il sarto suole far suo ;? Vota bannera, Vo- lubile - Far bannera.

Ru- bare - Esser colpito da e- mottisi. Banmemiento — Bando. Barattiere — Rivenditore. Barbette r- Pizzi. MR -r. WmweHeHo — Palchetto - Y. Maunmeem — - Baracca. Barrmtfin -. Barruoeelo — Biroccio. Barzabificoo — BelzebA. Parcamo — Balsamo. Barzelletta — Motto - Scherzo arguto - Y. Bastemlento — Basti- mento. Battente a aniello —. Battente a martlello —.. Battaglia — Pattuglia. Baagliaro — Yaligiajo. Bavarlello — Bavaglio - Bavagliolino. Bacone, ITavone — Avo. Befarco — Bifolco. Benniferey Beanii — Ben- dare'- Abbondare.

Benestante — Facoltoso - Agiato -Benistante. Benservi— Benservito. Fara- cUlo. Besenterla — Dissenteria - Scioglimento di corpo- per effetto di malattia. Besuogno — Bisogno. Blanearia — Biancheria. Biato — Beato. Bilie valle — Compli- menti - Cortesie. Blrlila — Baccano.

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Birra -— Cervogia - Birra. Biseiutteria , Bigiot- teria — Doreria -Minu- teria - Minutaglia. Blseiattlere, Blgiottle- re — Minutiere. Biseeolo — Bassetto - Li- sciapiante- Bisegolo. Biase e bolo — Vnoi 6 Voglio a. Bolifa— Nastro -V. BoffeUa rr- Y. BojnbA — Confetti. Bomma — Bomba. Ricevitoria del lotto - Banco del lotto. Bottelli — TraY. BimttofaMo — Deforme - Diavolo. Bugia — V. Buffetta — Tavola. Buf fettina— Tavolino.

Baffo — Buffone. Bugila— Concorso di gen- te con rumore e confusio- ne - Briga - Trambusto. Bugilo de ceeeolata — Boglio - Mattonella — Pa- ni di cioccolatte. Bulletta — Bolletta per - contrassegno doganale. Bullo — Bollo. Bulllto — Lesso. Buordo — Bordo. Bnrgo — Sobborgo; Borriello — Latticino fre- sco delle province napo- litane. Bnrzo — Bolso. Butirro — Butiro - Burro. Butto — Cadimento - Ca- duta - Urto - Spinta. Cacafuoco — Archibugio. Caeagliutte — Piglia a cacaffHutte , Prendere a perseguitare.