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Royal chocolate cake. Ice cream roll. Theme : Desserts for festivities. Theme : Viennoiseries and doughs. Cake Design basic techniques. Theme : Cake Design. Pastries advanced. Chocolate : candies. Theme : Chocolate and sweets. Babas and savarins. The third and final section focuses on program evaluation is a process of collecting and analyzing data, which is an aid to decision making. This study is intended to contribute to existing research on long-term psychosocial adaptation to age-related vision loss. To examine discrepancies and similarities regarding the psychological impact of visual impairment in patients of different age.

Sight loss in later life can be devastating as it touches every aspect of a person's identity and social role. Various forms and degrees of visual impairment and functional deficits may occur in patients with age related macular degeneration ARMD. This lecture addresses the meaning of age related vision impairment to older people, stepping into their shoes so to speak and considering their perspective.

Date: 18 Apr Author: Manna A. Alma, Sijrike F. Van der Mei [et al. This cross-sectional study included visually impaired persons who were referred to a low-vision rehabilitation center. Determinants were identified in different domains of participation. In: Quality of Life Research 21 1 : How can these results be interpreted in terms of vision rehabilitation? Which proportion of patients improve their vision following these treatments? Do they actually regain normal vision?

What is the impact of these treatments when the vision impairment is already severe? The prevalence of falls among seniors is high and represents a public health problem. Falls result from an interaction of multiple intrinsic individual condition and behaviour and extrinsic environment risk factors, among which are vision disorders. This brought us to ascertain the extent of knowledge and current evidence on the effectiveness of prevention measures from a visual point of view, and on the impact of rehabilitation on reducing falls among older adults with visual impairments.

Date: 11 Jan Author: Marc Green. The present article focusses on the driving ability of older people and its link to visual problems. Date: 09 Jan Author: Manna A. Alma, Johan W. Groothoff [et al. The pilot study reported here determined the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary group rehabilitation program, Visually Impaired Elderly Persons Participating VIPP , on psychosocial functioning. This European study of long-term care expenditure investigates the key factors that are likely to affect the future expenditure on long-term care services in Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The approach involves investigating how sensitive long-term care projections are to assumptions made about future trends in different factors, using comparable projection models. Date: 01 Jan Author: B. It is well documented that decrements in sensory function increase sharply with age. Across an array of studies, age has been implicated as a major predictor of declines to both visual and auditory sensory function. Date: 01 Jan Author: Kathleen Demers. Date: 24 Dec Author: Centich. The ophthalmologist is the health professional concerned with the eyes and their associated parts.

He may diagnose visual problems and diseases. He works alongside other professionals such as a general practitioner or an optician. Date: 24 Dec Author: Robert Waquet. The optician is a healthcare professional and salesperson that makes glasses and contact lenses on the ophthalmologist's prescription. He advises his clients on their choice of frame and lenses. Importance, characteristics, functional disabilities and social difficulties. Each stage in life has visual problems that require regular examinations. The sun provides light.

Light permits vision. However, too much sun entails health hazards for the eyelids, the cornea, the crystalline and the retina which we shall describe here in order to understand how to protect oneself — and more specifically the retina with protective lenses — against these hazards. This brochure seeks to explain what can be done to create an age-friendly EU by fostering solidarity between generations and enabling the active participation and involvement of all age groups in society while providing them with adequate support and protection. It was led by a steering group composed of 18 partners from 12 European Union EU Member States interested in working together to improve the quality of life of older people in need of care and assistance.

Document published by AGE Platform on the impact of the financial crisis on the life of elderly people. The purpose of this brochure is to help senior citizens across the Union understand better what the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU bring to older people in terms of citizenship, non-discrimination and equality between women and men, fundamental rights, employment, social protection, health safety and economic interest of consumers, human health protection and protection against violence and elder abuse.

Orthoptists are qualified health practitioners responsible for measuring eye-vision distortions and for assuming binocular vision rehabilitation. In order to do so, they carry out an orthoptic check-up highlighting oculomotor muscles and nerves weaknesses. They are consulted after a visit to an ophthalmologist, a GP or a pediatrician. Eyes traumas do affect the eyes, but they can also involve eyelids and eye socket lesions.

Eye traumas can be simple bruises such as blood effusions but also piercing wounds due to foreign bodies within the eyes. Finally, they can be burns, for instance caused by chemical products. Some pieces of information should be registered when faced with the traumas in order to cope with possible complications. Myopia is the result of errors of refraction causing a poor distant vision without affecting near vision. It is measured in negative diopters.

Symptoms vary according to myopia's severity and its onset age; and whether it affects one eye or both eyes. Myopia is detected at an ophthalmological check-up carried out by the ophthalmologist Treating myopia consists in correcting it through 3 main approaches: spectacles, lens and surgery. Myopia complications may occur; they will remain whatever the means used to correct it.

Presbyopia is the loss of the ability of the eye to focus or accommodate close-up vision in order to see clearly. Without any optical correction, the presbyopic sees objects in the distance well but those which are close up poorly. Presbyopia is detected during an ophthalmologic examination. The treatment can consist of using eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. The author starts by setting the scene and the historical background of his work.

Jean-Serge MICHEL unveils the origin and evolution of his deafblindness, the main difficulties and specificities which he experienced as a child and as an adult, in his professionnal and social environment. Date: 26 Sep Author: Peter Verstraten. Main topics - The impact of vision loss at old age - Social support and loneliness - Building and maintaining a personal network.

Date: 13 Sep Author: Joanne Wood et al. Purpose: To investigate the impact of different levels of simulated visual impairment on the cognitive test performance of older adults and to compare this with previous findings in younger adults. Date: 13 Sep Author: Karen Hayman et al. Purpose: The aim of this study was to establish the prevalence of depression in a sample of older adults with impaired vision and investigate associations between physical and visual disability and depression. Fully revised and completed the "Guide of technical AIDS for the hearing impaired and the deaf" 3rd edition.

The guide offers a method, technical aids, auto-reeducation excercices and a summary. Lights, contrasts and guides for the elderly in EMS. This publication illustrates the perceptions of the visually impaired persons in their environment. Participation of the visually impaired elderly, determinants and intervention, dissertation by Manna Alma. Date: 30 Jul Author: G. Sprinzl; H. Current trends in treating hearing loss in elderly people: a review of the technology and treatment options, a mini-review. Coming to terms with having a sight problem can be tough.

Dealing with the emotional and practical impact of changes to your sight can be overwhelming. Our guide to coping with sight loss contains information and links to sources of help. As well as selling a wide variety of products through our Online Shop, RNIB produces a number of magazines for blind and partially sighted people, including Vision magazine, our award-winning membership magazine for people with sight problems.

Click here link is external for more information. Date: 24 Jul Author: Ronald Vrydag et al. The direct reason for this meeting was a request from ICEVI Europe to get the theme 'ageing people' more substantially on their conference agenda. Our information on individual eye conditions is medically checked and is designed to be as useful as possible. We have grouped them, in alphabetical order, into three groups: names beginning with A to C, D to N and O to Z to make them easier to find quickly.

Click link is external here link is external If you wish to use this information for patients and clients, you will find that each page has a link to a printable version.

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Please feel free to print and photocopy as many copies of the information as you may need. Deafblindness is a condition comprising the dual impairments of vision and hearing to a more or less severe degree.

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It hampers communication and access to information. Consequently, communication between two deafblind persons is often very difficult. How could it be facilitated? The scientific literature on this subject, although very limited, offers some area for consideration as well as the more general one, for example on training in communication. Date: 04 Jul Author: Peter Verstraten. Rehabilitation of reading in older individuals with macular degeneration: A review of effective training programs. Please, click the pdf-file at the bottom, to read the fullt text article.

Press release from the European Commission Many disabled and reduced mobility air travellers still face problems of unjustified refusals, and other unfair demands when attempting to travel. Date: 24 Jun Author: VisionAware. VisionAware helps adults who are losing their sight continue to live full and independent lives by providing timely information, step-by-step daily living techniques, a directory of national and local services, and a supportive online community. Sensorineural hearing loss, one of the most common diseases, has historically been regarded as an incurable and irreversible condition.

The number of people with hearing loss has grown rapidly in recent years, because of the prevalence of environmental noise and the increase in the elderly population Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in the elderly, and it is becoming a severe social and health problem. Date: 11 Jun Author: European Commission. Some ageing policies may be aimed at providing services within this status rather than at empowering older persons to live independently.

Here, a change of paradigm is needed. In order to gain the ability to remain active, the individual needs to invest in this process throughout the life course. Appropriate societal structures, incentives and awareness-raising would enable persons to live an active life-style as long as possible. Date: 01 Jun Author: European Commission. This brochure will help strengthen the resolve to work together at European level and inspire more determined efforts in all Member States to promote active ageing, thereby ensuring that solidarity between generations can withstand the test of population ageing.

Date: 04 May Author: Krisztina Katona.

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Date: 01 May Author: Dylan Merkett. This factsheet is for people who are considering getting a cochlear implant, or who would like information about them. The information is relevant for both adults who have hearing loss and parents of children with hearing loss. Date: 26 Mar Author: Rabiller Anne. Astell; Maggie P. Ellis; Henriette Hermann Olesen; P. Edberg; Barbra Westerholm.

Elderly people with severe dual sensory loss — a public health problem? Not being able to hear, not being able to see — what is done and what should be done for people with deafblindness? The challenge of progressive dual sensory loss Acquired deafblindness and dementia — a special challenge Communicating beyond speech. Date: 01 Jan Author: Pamela Z.

This paper on sensory changes addresses common changes seen with old age and the disease states and injury that occurs more frequently in aging and that impact the sensory system. Date: 01 Jan Author: J. Pijnacker, P. Verstraten, W. Vandermeulen, B. Macular degeneration MD is the most common cause of visual impairment among older adults in Western Europe. It severely affects reading performance. We considered several training programs that aim to improve peripheral reading.

There was no strong support in favor of one particular training method for rehabilitation of reading in macular degeneration, but there is evidence that older individuals with macular degeneration can be trained to improve reading performance. Germany is one of only four countries with a dedicated insurance system for long-term care. But as the population ages rapidly and birth rates remain low, the system in its current form may not be sustainable.

This report would not have been possible without the time and commitment given by older blind and partially sighted people living in Tullamore, Salzburg and Marseille. Participants in the focus groups were able to share their experiences of adapting to poor vision whilst endeavouring to continue accessing the communities in which they lived.

Some of the best known, expert information providers in Europe have joined together to create the biggest, most comprehensive information service on assistive technology AT serving older and disabled people, their families and carers across the globe. On this webpage, you can find all the information you need on the existing assistive devices that can be used by elderly people with sensory disabilities and other people with all kinds of disabilities. This press release published on the Italian website wwww. Date: 07 Oct Author: Debra Busacco. As many as 1 in 5 people ages 70 years or older have both hearing and vision loss.

This article examines dual sensory loss, and provides recommendations for better serving the needs of this unique and growing patient population. Robert Bernardino. In this article, we review the anatomical and physiological changes that occur in the aging eye and include information on the leading causes of vision loss in the elderly. Verstraten [et al. Macular degeneration MD is the most common cause of visual impairment amongolder adults.

People with MD have to rely onperipheral vision for reading. In this review, we considered several training programs that aim to improve peripheral reading, with a focus on eccentric viewing, oculomotorcontrol, or perceptual learning. Tsouros, Massimo Costantini and Irene J. This publication aims to provide examples of better palliative care practices for older people.

Some examples consider how to improve aspects within the whole health system; specific examples consider how to improve palliative care education, support in the community, in hospitals or for specific groups of people.

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The publication is intended for policy-makers, decision-makers, planners and multidisciplinary professionals. This report focusses on budgetary challenges posed by ageing populations and reports on the impact on public spending on pensions, health and long-term care for the elderly and possible indicators of the long-term sustainablity of public finances. It brings together the work undertaken in past two years by a group on ageing populations attached to the Economic Policy Committee. Human dignity is inviolable. Age and dependency cannot be the grounds for restrictions on any inalienable human right and civil liberty acknowledged by international standards and embedded in democratic constitutions.

Everybody, regardless of gender, age or dependency is entitled to enjoy these rights and freedoms and everybody is entitled to defend their human and civil rights. This document is intended for people who have a disability that make web browsing difficult. It provides references to resources, including detailed documentation and step-by-step guides, to help you customize your particular web browser and computer setup.

And overview of the Norwegian Resource System for persons with Deafblindness. The brochure contains definitions on deafblindness and causes for deafblindness. It also describes the Norwegian Resource System as a part of the specialist health care system in Norway. It lists the regional Resource Centers with contact details. Date: 01 Jan Author: Rafi Shemesh.

This publication on hearing impairment describes the types conductive, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss and auditory processing disorder , the degree and the configuration of hearing loss as well as the types of assessment and the ways to manage such an impairment. Date: 01 Jan Author: Graham Strong. This paper focusses on Universal Design which is a process that seeks to create products and environments that can be used equally effectively by everyone, including people with significant levels of disablement.

Clinicians in the deaf-blindness program run jointly by the INLB and the IRD have noticed that certain individuals with this form of the syndrome complain of vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance. There are a number of opportunities for local and regional actors to access EU funding for innovative projects around ageing issues but often information is difficult to find and it is the purpose of this brochure to facilitate this process. Listening to a speaker while hearing another speaker talks is a challenging task for elderly listeners. We show that elderly listeners over the age of 65 with various degrees of age-related hearing loss benefit in this situation from also seeing the speaker they intend to listen to.

Date: 27 Aug Author: Zijlstra, G. Orientation and mobility training in using an identification cane is provided to people with low vision to facilitate independent participation in the community. This paper presents the design of a randomised controlled trial aimed to evaluate this standardised training in using the identification cane in older adults with low vision. Vision loss among the elderly is a major health care problem. Approximately one person in three has some form of vision-reducing eye disease by the age of The most common causes of vision loss among the elderly are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy.

Date: 23 Jun Author: Lennox Adams. Booklet provides information about the support anf guidance issues that the families and relatives of VIP visually impaired persons need. Suooprt, training and guidance for the relatives and the individuals with visual impariment is highly important for a healthy and socially inclusive future and society. Booklet provides information about life skills and motivation issues that the families and relatives of VIP visually impaired persons should be aware of.

Life skills and motivation are two important aspects for a healthy and socially inclusive future and society. Booklet provides information about assistive technologices that are offerede for VIP and it is important that the families and relatives of VIP visually impaired persons should be aware of those technologies. Assistive technologies are highly important for a healthy and socially inclusive future and society. Date: 02 Jun Author: Lennox Adams.

Booklet provides information about the physical issues that VIP visually impaired persons and their parents and relatives should be aware of regarding visual impairment. Informing the relatives and the individuals with visual impariment is highly important for a healthy and socially inclusive future and society. This brochure talks about deadfblindness, The Norwegian Resource System for Persons with Deafblindness, the regional resource centres, recource centres with nationwide services, the coordinating unit, the advisory committee and organisations for people with deafblindness.

In the present document, after a brief description of AGE key objectives of pension systems I , we examine some of the most important challenges remaining to complete pension reforms across the EU II , present recommendations on how best implement these reforms by involving all respective stakeholders III , and maximising the role of the Open Method of Coordination IV. The present document is the official handbook of the KnowProVip project. This project developped a course for professionals dealing with visually impaired persons and who want to better understand the specificities of elderly people.

Date: 04 Jan Author: Waninge, A. Evenhuis [et al. Anthropometric measurements are widely used to reliably quantify body composition and to estimate risks of overweight in healthy subjects and in patients. However, information about the reliability of anthropometric measurements in subjects with severe intellectual and sensory disabilities is lacking. Date: 02 Jan Author: Youmasu J. Then, one can begin to make appropriate adaptations and accept those sensory losses that cannot be completely overcome.

Therefore this document gives an understanding of the effects of aging on the sensory system. This web page from Deaf Blind UK is on elderly people who suffer from visual impairments. It explains what are the challenges these people encounter and also what are the existing means of support. Date: 01 Jan Author: Mary Schulte. Care for elderly in home takes a lot of planning. Whatever way it happens, it may involve big changes in life style, and it's best to plan for in advance, if possible. Care may take place in their own home perhaps with home healthcare services too , or your elderly loved one may be moving in with someone else perhaps you.

Here is a list of tips and ideas to improve the quality of life of these elderly people. WCAG 2. Following these guidelines will make content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity and combinations of these. Date: 05 Oct Author: Uzun Tajana. Home instructor programe is of high importance for the eldery deafblind in Croatia.

Educated support providers, home instructors, go to deafblind peoples houses, providing them support where they most need it. In such a way we prevent institutionalisation and strenghten deafblind in leading a more independent life. The process of aging begins at birth and continues throughout life. Change is an inevitable part of the aging process. Sensation is the physical and mental process that allows us to receive information from our surrounding environment through the ears, skin, tongue, nostrils, eyes and other specialized sense organs.

Key sensing processes include vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Date: 01 Jul Author: no author. The online magazine NIH Medline Plus, a publication of the National Institutes of Health and the Friends of of the National Library of Medicine, published a webpage explaining the different visual impairments people can suffer from.

This short video less than 5 minutes was made by the European Commission for people with reduced mobility. It runs through a new European regulation that guarantees more rights for both the disabled and people with reduced mobility when they travel by air. This report highlights the main policies related to active ageing and the policy fields, health, work and retirement, where ICT-based services will be determinant. Lifelong Learning - A Tool For All Ages Lifelong learning is of key importance for individuals of all ages and holds an array of benefits for them and society.

It promotes their full economic and societal participation, enables them to be better informed and more active citizens, contributes to their personal well being and fulfilment, supports their creativity and innovation, and increases their efficiency as workers or volunteers. Date: 02 Sep Author: Isabel Borges. This brochure explains the importance of creating an enabling environment as well as direct approaches to promoting healthy habits and lifestyles.

It also underlines the importance of promoting a positive and integrated approach to health by addressing a range of social, economic, housing, transport, new technology, education and other relevant policies that have an impact on health. Date: 01 Aug Author: Nispen, R. Instead of applying the usual longitudinal methods to assess the outcome of low-vision rehabilitation services in terms of vision-related quality of life, a three-level Item Response Theory IRT method was proposed.

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Date: 01 Feb Author: Dan Orzech. This article from Social Work Today journal describes the consequences for elderly people of having different types of sensory impairment such as loss of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The Visual Functioning Questionnaire VFQ is one of the most widely used measures of vision-related quality of life. However, the questionnaire does not meet some psychometric quality criteria. The objectives of this study were first to obtain the factor structure of the VFQ, and second, to obtain interval scales by Rasch analysis.

This briefing focuses on issues relating to the identification of people over the age of 60 in the UK who have dual sensory loss in the form of a combined hearing and sight impairment deafblind. It is intended to raise awareness among people in contact with the elderly who do not have technical knowledge of deafblindness. Date: 01 Jan Author: M. The purpose of this literature review is to provide information about the eye health care needs of older adults. Age-related eye diseases and conditions are the most important drivers for the various types of eye health care required by older adults.

Date: 01 Nov Author: Meredith M. Whiteside, Margaret I. Wallhagen and Elaine Pettengill. This is the second part of a two-part article on sensory impairment in older adults. The paper focusses on all the issues surounding visual impairment and blindness. It is especially intended for nurses but anyone interested in elderly people and visual loss can read it. In this brochure, AGE wishes to put forward theview that as ageing is changing our societies inimportant and fundamental ways, it demands a comprehensive assessment and a reworking of our economic and social policy framework.

This article outlines the normal pathways involved in touch sensation and includes a review of available evidence relating to the study of ageing and touch. This is the first part of a two-part article on sensory impairment in older adults. The paper focusses on all the issues surounding hearing impairment and deafness.

It is especially intended for nurses but anyone intersted in elderly people and hearing loss can read it. This document shows how Web accessibility depends on several components working together and how improvements in specific components could substantially improve Web accessibility. It also shows how the WAI guidelines address these components. This review provides an overview of recent research that addressed hearing loss and auditory processing problems among elderly people. It focuses on research from the University of Maryland on problems in auditory temporal processing by elderly listeners as assessed in speech perception experiments using temporally altered signals and in psycho-acoustic experiments of duration and rhythm discrimination for simple and complex signals.

Date: 21 Feb Author: Julienne Hanson. Although this guide gives general guidance for people with impaired vision aged , many good practices apply to peaople aged 55 and above. This guide gives general guidance on the housing and support needs of adults aged 55 with impaired vision. Date: 01 Feb Author: Maudy Piot.

Pour Maudy Piot, le bonheur est dans la lutte. This web page was developped in the context of the Web Accessibility Initiative by W3C and is intended for people with disabilities who have difficulties accessing the Web. It gives an introduction to Web accessibility. Purpose: This study examined the relation of dual and single sensory impairments, within the context of cognitive function, by using the framework of everyday competence in terms of the probability of difficulty with specific personal and instrumental activities of daily living ADLs and IADLs, respectively.

Purpose: this study examined the relation of dual and single sensory impairments, within the context of cognitive function, by using the framework of everyday competence in terms of the probability of difficulty with specific personal and instrumental activities of daily living ADLs and IADLs, respectively. This webpage on hearing loss and old age answers all the questions that elderly people with hearing impairment might ask themselves and give very informative and concrete answers.

EQUAL was concerned with a better understanding of the interactions between health, diet, and lifestyle; and the development of better technologies for healthy ageing. It was to address neighbourhood and individual security, improved leisure, and learning and financial services, as well as to help older people remain fit and active for as long as possible. Pokharel, and Silvio P. This paper presents estimates of the prevalence of visual impairment and its causes in , based on the best available evidence derived from recent studies.

Estimates were determined from data on low vision and blindness as defined in the International statistical classification of diseases, injuries and causes of death. Abstract Background It has been well established that increasing age is associated with decreasing functional ability in older adults. It is important to understand the specific factors that affect instrumental activities of daily living IADL and functional independence among older adults with sensory disabilities.

Date: 03 May Author: John E. Crews and Vincent A. Abstract Objectives. We investigated the health, activity, and social participation of people aged 70 years or older with vision impairment, hearing loss, or both. This is the report of a survey of the views and experiences of 23 housing and social care stakeholders in London, all with a responsibility for service provision to people with a vision impairment.

Stakeholders include 9 local authority social service departments, 6 local authority housing departments, 4 voluntary sector organisations, and 3 housing associations. This document is made for stakeholder teams and managers of programs serving older visually impaired customers. It aims to facilitate the exercise of drafting and revision programming rehabilitation teams in place.