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Inspired by this article by Ethical Jobs, here are some areas of the workplace where health and wellbeing can be integrated. Being stationary for large portions of the day is a real issue, so this means adapting workplaces so employees are encouraged to move on the regular:. The trouble is that this can prevent them fostering a healthy work-life balance and eventually, will affect their wellbeing and mental health. Ask your team to log their overtime hours and offer time in lieu or a review of their workload when the hours clock up.

Overtime may be a sign that your employee requires more support in a particular area. Ethical Jobs live and breathe their commitment to being an ethical and sustainable organisation. Encompassing the values of your organisation into its very structure is the perfect way to lead by example. Your values could influence how you approach sustainability, gender and cultural diversity and mental health within the workplace.

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Is your workplace set up to build wellness warriors? What is wellbeing?

Planning your best health for perimenopause and beyond

Work to eradicate overtime rather than encourage it. Prev Previous Weekly Wrap Up. Share this post. Share on facebook. Share on linkedin. Share on twitter.

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Please tell me your name, home country and best email address to reach you. Are you now or have you previously worked with another Coach? No, I am not currently working with a Coach nor have I in the past.

Wellness Services

I have worked with a Coach in the past, but I am not currently working with one now. Yes, I am currently working with a Coach if you choose this, please stop filling out this survey and shoot me an email so we can get you connected with your Coach again!

Please share with me your health and wellness goals. What do you hope to accomplish as a Wellness Warrior? Lose weight? Gain weight? Feel comfortable in your body? Connect with a supportive community? No limits here - tell me whatever you feel comfortable sharing! What is your current fitness level?


Wellness Warriors can be at ANY fitness level - there is no "wrong" answer here! I have never worked out. I have worked out a few times in the past, but I'm still relatively new to the whole "fitness" game. I work out on a regular basis, and I'm ready to kick it up a notch. I'm pretty darn consistent with working out, and I'm ready to really turn up the heat. Go hard or go home, right? What kind of workouts do you like to do or would you like to try? Do you have a favorite way to move your body that is outside the "traditional workout" box?

Rock climbing, hiking, running, swimming, etc? Choose any and all that apply!! Weight Lifting.

24FitCamp | Wellness Warriors

Boot-camp Style Workouts. Other Please list your favorite activity! What is your nutrition looking like these days? Do you follow a certain "diet" Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc or is this something you need a little guidance on?

Judith Lucy: Wellness Warrior

Please share below! I don't know about you, but I believe that my body deserves the BEST treatment in every area of my life. I swear by my daily superfood shake that has become an irreplaceable part of my nutrition plan. It has done so much for me, from giving me a boost of energy, to curbing cravings to making my hair and nails stronger and it's all natural! Because I believe in them so much and have witnessed the benefits firsthand, I want all of my girls to try it.

Is this something you would be willing to do?