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Appraisal Victor Dubreuil Oil Painting, ca. Appraised by: Colleene Fesko.

Food & souvenirs at Foshan - Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

Vintage Reno Reno, Hour 1 Appraised by: Andy Ourant. Vintage Reno Forever Young Appraisal Meat Serving Cart, ca. Vintage Reno Tasty Treasures Appraisal Cartier Cigarette Case, ca. Appraised by: Barry Weber. Category: Jewelry.

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Vintage Reno Reno, Hour 3 Relative Riches Appraisal Harris Goat Wagon, ca. Appraised by: Noel Barrett. Appraisal Maurice Utrillo Lithograph, ca. Vintage Reno Reno, Hour 2 Appraised by: David P. Category: Glass. Appraisal J. Carlson Painting, ca. Appraised by: Alan Fausel.

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Vintage St. Paul Simply the Best Paul, Hour 1 Paul Jackpot! Celebrating Black Americana Paul, Hour 2 Appraised by: Lark E. And nothing can beat the purity of water sourced from Alaska's glaciers. So imagine how thrilled we were to discover Skagway Spirits. And it happened in the best way of great discoveries when you travel.

The shore excursions expert on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner told us we just couldn't miss the formerly infamous Red Onion Saloon in the historic, Klondike-era downtown of Skagway. Naturally, a visit turned into a drink at the bar. I always look for a local flavor on the menu, and there it was: A spruce-tip cocktail made with local Skagway Spirits gin.

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The perfect toast to local flavor; we needed to find the source! The bar chef drew us a map on the back of a napkin, and off we went on an adventure. The map led us to an old hangar at Skagway's local airport, where Skagway Spirits has its small-batch distillery and charming tasting room. This is a do-not-miss experience, meeting the members of this family owned- and operated distillery.

Their passion and love for what they do is apparent with every fantastic sip of their vodka and gin. They even make home-made local juices from berries and blooms. Their Fireweed Cosmopolitan or Rhubarb Collins will change your life. Ryan doesn't even like rhubarb and he was sidling up to the bar for another!

Shopping and Travel Tip : Skagway Spirits is used to packing up spirits for cruise guests' safe return home. Some cruise lines will have your purchase of wine or spirits stored until you leave the ship at the end of your cruise. Alaska's state gem… isn't technically 'jade'.

But don't let that stop you from bringing home a gleaming piece of Alaska's most famous stone. To the naked eye, the green gemstone you see in shops throughout Alaska looks a lot like the Chinese semiprecious gem. They are actually different stones. Chinese jade is a lighter green and much harder than the softer, usually rich green Alaskan gem, which isn't technically the same 'jade'.

But polished into luminescent jewelry, figurines, knives and art objects that evoke the vivid greens of Alaska's unforgettable forests, Alaskan jade is a glowing and cherished emblem of the state's history, natural resources and craftsmanship of its indigenous people. The earliest Alaskans used pieces of Alaskan jade they found in rivers to make tools, jewelry and even weapons. Large deposits still exist in Alaska — in fact, there's an entire mountain of jade in Alaska - British Columbia, and even parts of California.

In addition to the identifying dark green, it's sometimes found in lighter yellower shades, red, black, white and even very rare and valuable lavender. Shopping Tip : Unlike some other gems, Alaskan jade seems to appeal equally to men and women. It's the kind of souvenir you'll wear forever, reminding you of your journey to Alaska. Ulu means 'women's knife', and was an all-purpose tool for skinning animals, slicing animal skins, carving blocks of snow and ice for shelter, cutting food and even hair.

It was a cherished tool passed down through generations with care.

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Ulu are composed of a curved blade with a bone, antler or wood handle. Its unique shape centers force over the middle of the blade more than a knife shape we are used to, making it easier to cut bone, or use rocking motions that pin down food to cut easily one-handed. Don't let your Ulu sit on a mantle as a conversation piece.