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Gently Among the Coals by Threefifty. The Brooklyn duo bring a host of influences—everything from classical to folk to bluegrass—to their churning post-rock. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 24, Razzmatazz EP by Woven In. On her latest EP, Baltimore's Mariah Fortune adds electronic beats and synth layers to her rhythmic dark folk meditations. Ilana: The Creator by Mdou Moctar.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 4, Siesta by Hater. Chiming guitars, driving percussion, swirling synths, and bittersweet lyrics add up to winning indie pop for this Scandinavian group. A series of 20 pencil drawings on thin hand made Indian paper in a variety of sizes. Ten or more are 38cm x 51cm whilst others are elongated horizontally to evoke the idea of the wall painting or frieze.

As this series develops Sykes concentrates on front line victims co-opted into the service of war by structures of power. Through media coverage, current battlefields become one with false notions and legends of former times displayed in early American films.

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Drawing the comic turmoil of cowboy games of war, the fixed, funny and formal postures of the perpetrators revolve slowly in the mythical morass to reveal more realistic, believable figures of contemporary soldiers and civilians, children and animals, in attack or surrender stance. Historic versions of mounted warriors from the Bayeaux Tapestry or medieval battlefields occur to echo the never- ending repetition of human warfare.

The concerns in these drawings are related to persistent newspaper coverage of slaughter, mayhem and disaster. So prevalent and explicit are the pictures we feed off every day that we are no longer troubled by the images and our retention of the visual information is cursory and dismissive. Drawing the comic turmoil of cowboy games of war, the fixed, funny and formal postures of the perpetrators revolve slowly in the mythical morass to reveal more realistic, believable figures of contemporary soldiers in attack or surrender stance.

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Flashed in the starkness of static action for tabloid consumption they are transformed and transcended in pencilled immutability. Unspecified uniforms lead to questions of guilt or innocence, friend or foe, hero or villain. Whose side are they on? Using pencil and black acrylic on thin and uneven Khadi Indian paper, a hand rubbed, woodcut printed text is also evident. Taking the phrase "A woodpecker hammered at a drainpipe" from Cormac McCarthy's poetic novels of the early American West, the line points to the futility of the action and the desperation of the bird.

In the context of the drawing courageous endeavour towards the destruction of human life is rendered equally absurd. Landscape, dwelling and eons of time are implied by the text but not seen.

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Though the images are ciphers, the personalizing of the tanks is redolent of 17th century Persian battle drawings of armies described with infinite detail. Surrounded by buildings with tiny windows they reveal minute scenes of domestic life co-existing with the violence outside. Repetition and changes of scale lend pattern and restrained movement to the spatial compression. The slow speed of the reading invites intimacy within the formally distanced panorama as we, the viewers, unfold the visual saga and convoluted argument. Whose side are you on?

Each half of the paper is a different rough texture creating slight differences in the rendering of the subject matter and irregular edges to the pieces. The imagery is sourced from newspapers, libraries and a lifetime of artist's sketchbooks. They relate and were made alongside the 'Manuscript' and 'Margin' series. The 'Manuscript' Series more…. The 'Manuscript' Series These hand-burnished woodcuts are a series of 20 unique prints titled 'Manuscript'.

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Measuring approximately cm x cm on constructed panels of fragile Indian ecological paper they are multi-layered, and complex of surface. Using wood and lino cuts, etched metal and plastic surfaces alongside tissue and assorted papers, a palimpsest of chine-colle and collage, repeated rubbings and transfers evolve into wilderness and unfolding time. Taking the words from Cormac McCarthy's novel 'Child of God', they refer obliquely to the changes in landscape and the repercussions on humans who inhabit the land.

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Cormac McCarthy's poetic novels are mainly set in the wilds of the early American west where values decline and populations drift and change. Research into literature and imagery from many different cultures, and the study of manuscripts defaced and decomposing, burnt or worm eaten in the British Library has further inspired this latest series of prints. As more of our climate degrades our need for toleration and understanding will be taxed to the edge. Unique prints produces originally for a solo show at Rabley Drawing Center The prints are woodcuts and mixed media.

They hand out samples of candy and hot chocolatey drinks along with small bites of cake for their patrons.

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For those who know little about Turin, there is much more than meets the eye, especially when considering the creations that originate from the City. The secret art in the creation of this kind of chocolate is one which has been passed down from centuries in Turin.

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It started back in the 16 th century when chocolate was first imported into Italy and was famous in the courts of Charles V. For nearly a century; the dark gold was only available in the courts of the king, and the public was not allowed to access it. Thanks to their love for chocolate, the modern world can experience Nutella today. Every piece of chocolate concoction is a crowd favorite and is one of the most popular buys in Turin.

Several tour agencies offer the chocolate tours as part of their itinerary. The tours are usually booked online or in person at the kiosks around town.