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And society is clamoring for you to be D. Instead of doing something that only takes advantage of one skill, create a mash-up of several things you do well. Most of us choose our paths around As time passes, you might find new things to do and places to be and people to know, and a few calls you made at 18 will probably need to be overturned.

You never know which book, author, or topic will speak to you from the shelves.


Invest in reading and talking and finding out before you plunk down a ton of money on a degree or a certification or a relocation. If you are working to support your family, they are your real bosses.

How To Find Your True Calling In Life - Your Purpose

Very few people are the very best in the world at anything. Your best is more than enough. No one will be at the top or bottom of their game forever, and who you perceive as your competition is a constantly changing cast of characters.

Seek: Finding Your True Calling

The Six Enemies of Greatness and Happiness. Not sure what to be when you grow up whenever that is? Fret no more. I draw charts and graphs that illustrate eve Explore Plus. Price: Not Available. Permanently discontinued. Rakesh Godhwani. Rakesh Godhwani English.

10 Ways to Uncover Your True Calling

If I join an it company, will I be able to shift to banking after two years? Every student has similar concerns about what career path they should tread. Seek provides insights into the various fields and industries—consulting, IT, media, oil and gas—by delving into stories of successful IIM Bangalore alumni like Arun Balakrishnan, Malavika Harita, and Apurva Purohit who have made a dent in their respective professions and fields.

Rakesh Godhwani offers smart, practical advice on following your passion and finding your dream job.

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