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Our mission is to provide individualized treatments to best fit your needs. At Plum Creek Therapeutic Massage you will feel the difference between a good massage and a great massage! We are excited to share our passion for massage you. Abby Campbell has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over a decade. She studied in California at Monterey Institute of Touch. Since graduating in , she has taken hundreds of hours of advanced continuing education classes and has fine tuned her medical massage skills.

Massage has been part of her life since she was young.

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Growing up as an American living in Russia, she received medical massage regularly and saw huge benefits, such as; increased range of motion, more muscle tone, less sore and achy muscles, increased energy and an overall happier mood. Massage has been her passion ever since and now is her expertise as well.

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Abby moved to the Austin area in and now resides in Kyle. She is married with two children and one dog. She enjoys reading, traveling, exercising, cooking and spending time with friends and family. Ruthie Ontiveros, LMT has always had a passion for helping people and decided that Massage Therapy was the path she was meant to take. Upon graduation she became a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas.

She is very passionate about helping the body heal itself through Massage Therapy.

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By using a handful of different modalities to create a customized therapeutic massage, she helps people with chronic pain, new and old injuries, pregnancy or relaxation. She currently lives in Austin with her 2 kids and fish. Our favorite thing about our job is helping improve the quality of my clients lives. Whether they need to relax, recharge or rehabilitate from chronic pain.

We love being part of their journey.

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Deep Tissue massage is designed to target each layer of tissue separately for ultimate tension relief. She can then work deep in the muscles to elongate the muscle strands and create space between the muscle attachment sites. She may also find additional trigger points, fascial adhesions, and scar tissue here to strip out.

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You'll leave feeling taller, looser, and generally more relaxed. Advanced Neuromuscular therapy combines many Deep Tissue techniques with the movement of myotherapy and ischemic pressure to help relieve symptoms of nerve compression, chronic pain, misalignment, and structural issues. While Deep Tissue pressure can be adjusted to suit your comfort level, neuromuscular therapy uses ischemic compression which is the long, steady application of heavy pressure to deprive the muscle of movement and force it in to a state of release.

It's an extremely effective therapy, but requires commitment from both therapist and client.

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Drink plenty of water before and after your session. You can expect to experience some soreness in the days following your session that gives way to a feeling of space and length throughout the body. The quality of the massage is not measured by the price of the service or the glamour of the environment but by the skill and connection made by the individual therapist.

Relaxation massage is not defined with pressure but with process. It can be delivered with whichever pressure meets your comfort level but the process is to work through the body with long smooth strokes, from origin to insertion point without necessarily engaging the muscles or utilizing trigger points. Some conditions during pregnancy require approval and close monitoring by a doctor. Your massage therapist can work with your doctor to modify your pregnancy massages in any way necessary. View All Related Locations.

Error was Detected. Your browser doesn't support JavaScript code, or you have disabled JavaScript. Choose location Not Set. Enter a search term:. X Close Window. We've expanded your view You are now viewing all services in the Sutter Health network. You can change your location above to narrow your view to a medical group, hospital, city or zip. Search Close Search. There is lots of added pressure on all the organs and laying on their back can compress the breathing.

Women can come for massage as often as they would like during their pregnancy. As long as there are no medical issues. If medical issues do arise then it is very important for the woman to ask their MD if they can continue with massage. You offer the unique service of breast massage. Breast feeding is difficult for many new moms.

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I in particular suffered from excruciating blocked ducts and I really wish I had known such a massage existed at the time to help alleviate the pain. Can you describe which postnatal conditions can be treated by breast massage and how it can help?

MamaBabyBliss Pregnancy Massage at Visual Contour Medi Spa, Cardiff

Breast massage can be extremely beneficial to a lactating mother as there can many challenges and frustrations. The breast can become engorged, the ducts can become blocked or worse, women can get mastitis an infection of the breast tissue. With any of these conditions the breast can become very tender and sore due to swelling.

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Breast massage increases circulation and drainage. It helps to stabilize the breast tissue and give relief to any of the above symptoms. To learn more about Heather and the services she offers, you can read her bio at www. She is available for massage at RPM Physiotherapy every Monday afternoon and can be reached directly at heather rpmstudio.

Each pregnancy is very different. I take in consideration what trimester my clients are in.