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Of course, like any "Black Mirror" episode, there is a twist, but "Smithereens" represents what's so disappointing about season five: it seems as if the creators have run out of things to say. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it also doesn't set "Metalhead" apart from other episodes. The episode follows a woman fleeing from a deadly mechanical "dog" and The black-and-white of the episode reflects the simplicity of the story, but there's not much emotionally satisfying or thought-provoking about the whole thing. How do you kick off a sci-fi anthology series?

You put a politician in a situation where he has to have sex with a pig. That's the basic idea behind the first episode of "Black Mirror" and while the series has evolved since then, "The National Anthem" set a precedent for the weirdness and big ideas of the show going forward. It covers familiar territory for "Black Mirror," particularly how close virtual reality and reality can get to one another, which might be why it's not a standout episode: we've sort of seen it before, and done in more interesting ways.

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What sets it apart are the stellar performances of Mackie and Abdul-Mateen. The majority of "Playtest," about a man testing a highly advanced virtual-reality game for extra cash, is a slow burn, and it tests the audience's patience more than other "Black Mirror" episodes. But its ending elevates the entire episode, and is one of my favorites of the series despite being such a downer, but that's a given with this show. But while "Hang the DJ" seems to end on a happy note, what the rest of the episode has to say about dating apps suggests it's not as positive of an ending as it appears.

We discover that the main characters Frank and Amy we've been following throughout the episode were just one of 1, different simulations with the goal to discover if they are compatible in the real world. We're led to believe that they will live happily-ever-after in the real world in the end, but the grander theme suggested by the rest of the episode is much more chilling: the real Frank and Amy's relationship could be perceived as just as fake as the simulated ones. It's the most meta "Black Mirror" episode yet, and seemed like an obvious next step in the show's evolution.

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As a standalone interactive episode, "Bandersnatch" is ambitious. But that ambition — allowing the viewer to make choices throughout the experience, which can lead to multiple different endings — can often overshadow the plot. And the best "Black Mirror" episodes are the best because of their great stories. Netflix tackled the idea of punishment in season 4's "Black Museum," but "White Bear" had already taken it to another level, by putting a woman named Victoria through a traumatic event that is put on by actors.

Every day, her memory is wiped and the process starts anew the next day, and it's her "sentence" for a horrible crime she committed. What holds "White Bear" back, though, is that its main purpose is to toy with us, whereas "Black Museum," for instance, has something to say about criminality and justice. In "Black Museum," the audience is introduced to movie-like horrors, like a doctor so addicted to pain that he mutilates himself. Like other episodes, such as "White Christmas," "Black Museum" strings together three stories that come together by the end.

Unlike other episodes, though, it's more unsettling because of what we see on screen than what we could imagine is in our own future. The museum itself acts as a sort of "Black Mirror" museum "Black Museum" — artifacts from other episodes can be found throughout. Maybe the episode is Brooker's commentary on his own show: whatever horrors the show envisions will be antiques with enough time, just for the next set of horrors to be introduced.

The main character of "Crocodile," Mia, lives in a world where memory-scanning technology exists, and the things she's done murder can't be hidden. Mia's actions are hard to believe, as when she is first introduced she is relatively sweet and innocent. But in a world with that kind of technology, anyone could be driven to intense paranoia and a compulsion to protect oneself at any cost, and as the episode moves forward, Mia's actions become increasingly horrific.

That said, it could be argued that Mia is driven mad more by her own guilt and selfishness than by any technology, and is more cold-blooded like a That might say just as much about humanity as any other episode. Just because it's a Christmas special and stars Jon Hamm doesn't mean this will be a happy episode. This is "Black Mirror" we're talking about after all.

Your world is turned upside down when you're paired with a mysterious new student for Riverside High's "Baby Project.

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