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In the history of Jesuit historiography in modern Portugal, the vast majority of studies concern the history of Assistentia Lusitaniae.

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Despite the historiographical imbalance between the pre-suppression and the restored Society of Jesus, the literature on the latter is gaining momentum. Instead of , one may also consider the universal suppression of the Society of Jesus in as the end date of this period. Anti-Jesuitism has been a pervasive subject in Jesuit studies.

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  5. The expulsion led to the destruction or scattering of most manuscripts and printed sources pertaining to Assistentia Lusitaniae. For the sources pertaining to Biblioteca Nacional that concern the expulsion see the catalog: Jorge Couto, ed. Jeffrey D. Its massive circulation fuelled the publication of the brief In specula supremae dignitatis by Benedict XIV r. XVIII , 3 vols. Lisbon: Verbo, —99 ].

    Fernando Pessoa

    Manuel N. Joaquim Abranches, S. Poitiers: H. Oudin, —86 with the title Les prisons du Marquis de Pombal minister de S. Gazeta de Lisboa, , September 12, In the aftermath of the first Napoleonic invasion, in November , the court and the royal family fled to Brazil, where they resided from to With the arrival of the liberal troops, on July 24, , the seventeen French Jesuits working in Coimbra were imprisoned.

    They boarded to Genoa on July 7, , due to the intervention of the French ambassador. The Jesuits living in Lisbon, including Delvaux, superior of the Portuguese mission, had been deported to Italy and England in August In that same year, an anti-Jesuit booklet printed in Rio de Janeiro foretold the epilogue of the French mission: F.

    The Society of Jesus was informally restored in It was officially reinstated as Portuguese mission in , and Francis Xavier Fulconis —80 was its superior. By , the mission comprised nine residencies and colleges in which there lived Jesuits. Robert A. Maryks Leiden: Brill, , —58 doi: Besides, it also included a long and detailed preface, with more than seventy pages, where Borges Grainha accused the Jesuits of being illiterate and manipulative clerics obsessed with power. Carlos Reis Lisbon: Alfa, , 95—]. John C. Marianno de Carvalho e o Collegio de S. In , the Portuguese province comprised priests, scholastics, and temporal coadjutors.

    Established in Dieleghem —14 , on the outskirts of Brussels, it was successively transferred to Los Placeres —16 and La Guardia —32 , both in Spain, and finally to Santo-Tirso — , in Portugal, where it still functions today. Francisco Rodrigues Porto: n. From onwards, some expelled Jesuits discreetly returned to Portugal, opening the way for their official reinstatement in Teixeira, — But I think there are some problems. You mention that masculine is common in other romance languages for words of greek origin.

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    An initiative that earned its special place in the Portuguese calendar.