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For new players the big question is "What is an SQI?! As far as the old players are concerned, the ones who left on a hiatus and came back to a very much different server, ask this question "What happened to our SQIs?! SQIs can be considered the equivalent of the God Items on official servers. The seals are the quests you need to complete before gaining access to the Valhalla Region. In Valhalla, you can make SQI or upgrade your character with bonuses. However, you'll only benefit from the raw stats of the SQIs. To make your own SQIs, you need to gather a set of predetermined ingredients.

They can vary from normal monster loots, MvP drops, cards, etc. Once you've made it on a character slot in the game account, that particular slot won't be able to make another Class Specific SQIs regardless of whether you delete and replace, get a name change, sex change, class change the character. Your SQIs can be upgraded not to be confused with refined here , to further enhance their ability making it more powerful. Some of the upgrades also called bonus gives you extra stats, and some unlock extra skills previously not available to the class.

Only class specific can take advantage of the upgrades. To upgrade an SQI, not only do you need to have unlocked Valhalla and have the SQI equipped during the process, you will also be asked to gather a set of monster drops normally 2 kinds and number in hundreds , some zeny around m , and the essence of said class. The bonus is bound to the character and not the SQI. You can sell, change the SQI different carding, refine level and still get the benefit of the bonus.

You can only have 4 active bonus at a time. Upon replacing one, you'll lose it forever and need to gather back the items, to re-unlock the upgrade. The order of the bonus is not important i. A holy shield with the head of Medusa wrought into it. This shield is only bestowed to the greatest of Athena's champions. Legendary bow that was used by Artemis to shoot down the stars from the sky. The bow is powerful enough to cause traumatic wounds on its unfortunate target. Legendary weapon of the Belmont clan, said to have slayed over vampires, including Count Dracula himself.

A large,incredibly strong dagger which belies its light weight. A favored support weapon of the Einherjar, blessed with shadow elements and the power to expand its user's mind. An axe imbued with the power of an earth dragon. Causes the earth itself to shake with each swing. A guitar with the soul of a demon songstress.

The melodies produced by this guitar send shockwaves of electricity through the enemy. A weapon wielded only by Valhalla's chosen. This mace is strengthened by the priest's own faith and devotion. Transmutation levels only increase when equipping either a Creation Gem or Creation Jewel. Note that equipping two BoZ's will not increase the HP by after leveling up. Note that artifacts have the highest converted cost.

Eye of Heaven 2. Iron-Barred Key 3. Vegetable Seed, Book of Everlasting Life 4. Vegetable Seed 5. Element Scepter 7. Foxglove, Fire Lance 8. Lapis Lazuli This dungeon is straightforward and basically your starting point. Freya will give you instructions along the way. Here you can familiarize yourself with the controls and the overall system. Enter the 2nd room to the rear. Get item 1. Continue left again, then enter the room to the rear.

Find item 2. Examine the iron gate. After it opens, head downstairs. Here you will need to practice your jumping and crystal shooting skills. Remember that you can do a lot of things with your crystals so feel free to experiment with them. After grabbing the items 3 , head to the bottom right. Exit to the next screen. You will gain event experience. Now head to the down to the lower left of the map and find a path leading to the front. In this room, beware of two enemies that will fall from the left.

Defeat them and create crystal footholds until you reach the top of this towering room. YOu should find chests 5 - Exit the room, then go to the right this time. YOu should find a large room with spikes at the bottom, and a floating platform. Defeat the enemy first then ride the platform. In order to reach the item in the upper ledge, create a full crystal shoot two crystals in the same place and as you pass by, shoot it again to create a shimmering foothold. Jump on it and grab the item. Be careful though, it is rigged with a large explosive.

You may need to do this more than once in order to get the item. It is a good weapon early on. Backtrack to the main room. Grab item 4 and continue further to the right. Here you will find two chests. The green chest contains a very invaluable item, the Treasure search. The item of interest here is the Treasure Search. By normal means you won't be able to reach the other side easily. You just need to position the chest near the ledge and put some crystals in it to extend your footholds. Remember that the chest has an explosive trap and you may need to do the same process again to obtain the treasure.

Equip it immediately upong getting it. Go downstairs. You should find an opening there to the next screen. Go there and grab item 9. Save at the savepoint and prepare for the boss battle. This sword will enable Valkyrie to attack three times. It is just enough for you to complete a combo. At the start of the battle, all of your party members will have one CT each, which means you won't be able to perform any special attacks for the first turn. Also, the Dragon Servants in the front can guard combos, so break their guards by attacking all at the same time or wait for Jelanda's magic attack to hit before performing a combo.

Don't use it on the Dragon Servants though. Save it for the Elder Vampire. Once you defeated all the Dragon Servants, take your chance to pour all your special attacks to the main enemy. This guy should be down in no time. Freya will leave the party, and she will leave you with a fairy where you can ask your questions.

When ready, exit the dungeon to start the real chapters. NOTE: You can visit dungeons or recruit characters in any order you like. So, it is alright to do all the spiritual concentrations as you start the chapter. Keep that in mind. If you ever acquire "Broken" items e.

Broken Blade, Armor, Sword Do not transmute or sell them. Save them for later. You will thank yourself later on by doing so. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Solde Catacombs -2 2. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Cave of Oblivion -2 3. Visit Artolia, obtain Dragon Slayer inside Arngrim's house. Visit Lassen, recruit Belenus -1 3. Enter Lassen again once more, and go inside Belenu's house. Receive Pressed Flower. Visit Crell Monfereigne. Recruit Llewelyn. Enter Crell Monfereigne again, head straight to the right to reach the Forest.

Obtain Goddess Pendant. Enter Solde Catacombs. Just ignore this for the meantime and just come back for it later. Attack Power 2. Short Bow 3. Avoid 4. Fire Lance 5. Broad Sword, Eye of Heaven 6. Magic Power, Frigid Damsel The only and simple puzzle in the dungeon you need to solve is all about destroying statues and moving stone slabs. You will find them in pairs. Just destroy the statue and move the slabs to the statues' position. You will gain event experience for each. Immdiately find item 1. Defeat the Dragon Servant blocking the way and head left.

Destroy the guardian statue and move the huge stone slab there. Exit the room after that. Now, enter the room in the under the ledge. Do the same thing as well. Exit, then on the main room, grab the item in the leftmost part of the ledge. Slide under to reach the next room to the front. Just do the same thing and go the next screen to the right. Grab the item 4 and make your way to the top right, and yet another path to the front. Destroy it to open the large iron door and event experience.

Grab the items 5 in both ledges and continue right to the next screen. Clear the enemies in the area, grab the item 6 in the far right and save. Equip Valkyrie with a bow, or the shortbow you have acquired earlier. If you have trained Llewelyn, this could make the battle a lot easier.

If not, it is just fine as well. Enter the door to the rear. You will be engaged in a boss battle. These Shamans can annoyingly eat up your DMEs with those long range, damaging magic attacks. With Valkyrie equipped with a bow and another archer in the party, you can get rid of the Drow Shamans in the rear. Just concentrate your attacks on them, including Jelanda's magic. Once the Drow Shamans are gone, then the ape is dead meat.

You MUST take this artifact. Ignore the other two since they seem to be pretty useless. You decide which artifacts you want to keep or not. I will just suggest the artifacts worth keeping. They contain Magic Pow and Frigid Damsel, respectively. Exit the dungeon by climbing the ladder to the left.

Now you can do whatever you want. As mentioned earlier, you can try entering the Cave of Oblivion. All the other extra stuff are also included in the introduction of this chapter, like getting the Dragon Slayer from Arngrim's house etc. Once all the periods are spent, you will enter the Sacred Phase. I will just mention the requirements as Freya requested. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Nethov Swamp -2 3. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Salerno Academy -2 5.

Visit Artolia, recruit Lawfer -1 2. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Jun -1 3. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Nanami -1 4. Enter Nethov Swamp -2 2. Enter Salerno Academy -2 3. The puzzle here is intermediate and there are a few items only. Slanting Rain 2. Eye of Heaven 3. Icicle Edge 4.

Element Scepter 5. Flame Jewel!!! There will a save point there. Save if you want. The journal containing the clues for the puzzle is located here as well. Defeat the enemy there and jump in the mud to obtain the we'll just call the 'red odor' - Now go up for one screen, then right, then down again. Slash the vine and get the item from the chest 1. Jump over the table and examine the capsule to obtain some acid.

Before approaching the Red Vine to the left, grab the Eye of Heaven in the far right of the screen to the right. Since you have the 'red odor' on, it will die. Use the acid on where the vine once was. Just press X over the previous position of the vine. You will obtain worth of event experience. The is filled with a cloud of 'yellow' odor. Defeat the enemies if you want. Exit the room and take the route up. Now run all the way back to the room with the acid and get another vial of it. Approach the Blue Vine to kill it and use some acid as well. Grab the item in the far right of the path.

Backtrack past the Blue Vine, then take the path up. Go past the Yellow Vine and voila! You just finished this part of the puzzle. For some reason, some of them will grow back even if you used acid on them already. If you did, you will find yourself back in the area before the Acid Room and you need to do the whole puzzle again.

Now exit, then head up. Get the 'red odor' on you too. Head to the left this time. Instead, use the vines to climb to the roof and reach the other end to the left. This will reflect all magic attacks to the caster. It will only stay up for 3 turns so you can just have your mage provide support or heal. Harpy has also high AVD rate which will enable her to evade most of the attacks thrown at her. Equipping Valkyrie with a bow will make this battle easier.

I suggest grabbing the Holy Grail and the Tiara. Both are useful in the early part of the game. Shadow Servant 2. Shadow Servant Green chest, hidden in the far right 3. Holy Crystal 4. Charge 6. Go left this time. Take the path up from the upper ground. Grab the item 3 and exit. Once done, backtrack to your starting point and go to the left.

Take the path down. Save at the save point, and continue to the right. Take the first path leading down. They are actually grouped by pairs. After getting them, go back up and head to the right. In the next screen, attack the rotten tree trunk. You will get event experience by doing so. Grab the item 5 in the right side of the screen. Take the path up. Defeat them and get the hidden items 6 in the other side. Exit and take the route down. Make sure you equip Valkyrie or any of your warriors with a Dragon Slayer. Just hit it with magic first to open its guard and give it a slash or two from the blade.

Battle finished. It is possible to defeat it without using the Dragon Slayer. Magic attacks are most effective, but hey, that weapon is created for this purpose. Why not use it, eh? This will prove very important in the later chapter. Do whatever you want; revisiting dungeons to earn extra exp and train the Einjerhars you will send.

Just make sure you have them equipped with just normal equipments. Their starting equipment is just fine. Just make sure you leveled up their required skills before sending them. Once ready, just spend all the periods to initiate the Sacred Phase. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Clockwork Mansion -2 4. Visit Camille Village, recruit Kashell -1 2. Visit Camille Village, after recruiting Kashell, obtain Vainslayer and entrance to the optional dungeon, Oddrock Caves -1 3. Visit Crell Monfereigne, recruit Janus -1 4. Visit Crell Monfereigne, after recruiting Janus. Enter Clockwork Mansion -2 2.

Enter Brahms' Castle -2!!! You can enter the castle and collect the treasures. Save it for later. If you can, then clear all the Caves of Oblivion you left a while ago. Bastard Sword Guarded by Dragon Zombie 2. Defend 3. Flare Baselard 4. Warhammer, Trick Step This is a small dungeon but has you can take advantage of some additional items and experience.

Collect the items in the first part of the dungeon as indicated in the map. Defeat the Dragon Zombie and get the item. Grab the skill Defend 2 from the room. Exit out and continue to the right. Enter the room Defeat all the enemies for some exp boost and grab the item. There is a weird pillar that you cannot slash. Now create a crystal on the floor, and make sure that the freeze beam will bounce to the pillar.

Just adjust it as necessary. Once frozen, slash it to destroy it. Continue to the right. Defeat the Dragon Zombie in the bottom left room to get the goodies 4 , including a new Dragon Slayer. Get the items also in the bottom right 5. Backtrack up - Now continue to the left and find the only path that leads down. Here you need to do the same thing but you need to create three crystals and place them strategically for the beam to reflect and hit the pillar to the far left.

Just create one or two crystals first, observe the angle of the beam and take note of the positions. It may take a few tries but it is quite easy if you adjust. Now slash the frozen pillar to gain event exp. Go downstairs and do the same. Defeat the Dragon Zombie guarding the path and continue forth. Continue to the right and find another pre-boss save point. Its attacks are deadly and can chip away your character's DME by large chunks.

It is weak against magic attacks but it has high AVD vs ordinary attacks. It is always recommended to equip your mages with the 'Wait Reaction' skill to help you break the guard of the enemy. Also, this boss is quite agile and can counter your attacks as well. As long as you can break his guard and attack him while he is open, then the better. Anyways, one slash from the Demon Slayer is enough to get rid of this demon once and for all. Not that it has that much impact in the story but if you want to collect it and still have a high evaluation, keep this artifact. It is also a powerful weapon for either Arngrim or Kashell early on.

Unicorn's Horn!! Normalize 3. Vegetable Seed 4. Burgundy Flask 5. Throw 6. Beast Slayer!! Combo Counter, Nightshade 8. Flare Baselard 9. Heal Savory, Stone Torch hidden Remember that opening the map, menu or engaging in a battle will freeze the time. The items of interest here are the Unicorn's Horn 1 and the Beast Slayer 6. It is possible to navigate the whole area within the given time. If the time runs out, the castle will 'vanish' and you will find yourself in the world map again.

You can always come back to the castle. Below is the quick guide to get all the items. Find items 1. The Unicorn Horn is hidden behind those curtains. Enter the room down and get item 2. Get item 6. Go upstairs to grab 7. Grab 9. Continue upstairs. The possessed Dragon Warrior in the upper floor is quite powerful and can take down your characters with one hit. Using a Dragon Slayer against it will be very effective. Defeat it to gain a good amount of exp, much like from a mini-boss like it. Once you reach the save point and you still have time, wait until the time runs out. Or, if you want to see what happens next, save in the save point and go to Brahms' throne.

If you still want to see the good ending. Wait until time runs out and you will find yourself in the world map. YOu can now head to the next dungeon if you still haven't cleared it yet. Guts, Adept Illusion 2. It is the most difficult and annoying puzzle in the game. The incomplete part of the map in the center is the rotating rooms. Without the proper directions, you won't be able to finish this dungeon. Fortunately, you won't need to undergo the frustration I had.

Proceed to the starting point of the rotating room and receive a scroll, which is technically the guide of the rotating room. Continue past the room with stairs and go further to room to the ight. Get item 2. Continue to the left and into the large room and get items 1. Climb up the ladder, go back to the first ladder and continue up to the right. You will receive a scroll. Follow this direction to get out of the rotating rooms. NOTE: You need to follow the directions without any detours. Making a mistake will complete lose your track e. In that case, you need to wait for a floating mask and jump towards it.

It will warp you back to the starting point. Just run towards the save point and save. Again, to make this battle easier, equip a Beast Slayer. If you plan to fight it normally or you don't have the Beast Slayer which can be found inside Brahm's Castle then make sure you get at least two of your characters with Freeze Checks and level up their Cure Condition skill to at least level 4.

You will learn why later. It will have the first strike in battle and its very first attack is the Three Deck attack as shown above. This attack deals damage, inflicts poison and freezes characters. Having party members frozen is a big deal, especially in the middle of a boss fight. Those characters equipped with Freeze Checks or better yet Poison Checks are the best ones to have high Cure Condition levels. This boss is not particularly hard; its defense is quite low compared to other bosses.

As long as you survive its initial Three Deck attack with all your characters intact, you can dispose this boss with just linked Special Attacks. This boss drops a Bracelet of Zoe as well. Anyways, one slash from the Beast Slayer is enough to defeat this enemy. I suggest keeping both of them. Remember to send your qualified heroes check skills, hero value and equipment before going through the Sacred Phase. Once ready, proceed to meet with Freya. It will reduce Valkyrie's Seal Rating and starting evaluation by 2.

NOTE: This is the most crucial chapter if you want to set things for the good ending. If not, try as much as possible to get Valkyrie's seal value down to 38 before the Sacred Phase During this chapter, you need to take off Valkyrie's Nibelungen Ring. You can replace it much some bangles or something. Otherwise, skip the chatter and play the game normally '' Periods: 28 Dungeons: 5 3 are optional Characters: 3 TASKS: 1. Spiritual Concentration - Dark Tower of Xervah -2 3. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Cave of Thackus -2 5. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Cave of Oblivion -2 6.

The Dancing Valkyrie

Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Yumei -1 2. Visit Villnore, recruit Aelia -1 4. Visit Gerabellum to trigger an event. Visit Brahms in his castle Seal value, -2 Periods 7. Visit Flenceburg, recruit Lorenta, defeat Lezard in his tower. Each character you'll send with raise Valkyrie's Seal Value. The enemies there are fairly powerful and the area itself if quite large.

You will be in trouble when you are under leveled. You can leave the area but remember that the event to battle Lizard will not trigger if you do other major events such as clearing another dungeon or doing any events for the good ending. Dungeons: 1. Enter Cave of Thackus -2 2. Enter Dark Tower of Xervah -2 3.

Strike Edge 3.


Flare Baselard - Continue to the left. Defeat the Dragon Survey along the way. Go to the top right once you reach the 3rd screen to the left. Find item 1. Slide under to reach item 2. It will float, lifting you as well. JUmp to the right and save. Examine the sorcerer's body twice to get the Sluice Key. After getting it, head further left then take the path down. There will be a secret path to the front.

Continue to the left then enter the room UP to the rear to find another weapon. Shoot the floating sphere to make it light. Now backtrack to where the path splits and take the upper path this time. What we should do is wait quietly, until the moment when Ainz-sama is willing to tell us. Well then, did the prey took the bait? All that's left is reeling it in. Sebastian who immediately understand why Shalltear was displaying such emotions, judged this to be a great chance to relay Solution's request: "Regarding this part, there is something I want to ask of Shalltear.

Sebastian continued in a soothing manner: "The driver of this carriage, could you give him to this girl? Is he a small fry? Considering all the possibilities, she apparently found an answer and nodded: "In that case it's fine. He probably won't even taste good even if I sucked his blood.

Don't mention it,. Shalltear smiled affectionately at Solution, it was unexpected of her to have such a warm expression. Following that, Shalltear went back to her usual self and gazed at Sebastian: "I misspoke just now, so now we are even. I never thought Shalltear would ever do something so foolish. You were just joking back then, right? If Sebastian had said the same thing, I wouldve thought you were joking as well. I would then send my minions to spy on you without a word, chop off your limbs if you show any sign of betrayal and drag you before Ainz-sama in chains.

That makes me more suspicious of your loyaltyI think you would absolutely do that, right? Giving him to Solution is a different joy in itself" "Well then, how do you intend to capture them? With spells like Paralyze or Bind Person? Shalltear's task was to use this fish to haul in the school of fish following behind.

Ainz-sama said it would be fine to turn them into slaves after sucking them dry, but we absolutely have to catch them. But, investigating one by one would take a lot of time, so just suck them all dry. Sebastian didnt say I see, and just nodded. But now, he had to admit the choice of Shalltear made him uncomfortable. With this judgement, Sebastian had to speak his mind: From this point of view, Demiurge-sama would be a better choice.

Similar to Aura-samas breath, he can control the will of others freely. Demiurge had the Domination Curse special skill, which was a powerful mind control technique. In a mission that required the capture of the target, it would be exceptionally effective. Shalltear suddenly made an unbelievably low pitch sound. The atmosphere inside the carriage became heavy, covered by a chilling air. Even the horses pulling the carriage felt it, and the carriage shook violently.

The vampires seated on both sides of Shalltear turned even paler while Solution, who was besides Sebastian, was shivering. Even Sebastian who was on the same level as Shalltear felt goosebumps. The killing intent of the most powerful Floor Guardian in Nazarick. Her hostility was telling of how her quibbles with Aura were just playful banter. If there was a misstep in dealing with this, it would definitely spark a battle to the death.

Shalltear, who brought the atmosphere within the carriage to a freezing point, had bloodshot eyes. Spreading from her red pupils, her eyes were entirely dyed in red. Sebastian Could you say that again? Or a dragonian like you wants to use this form The completely red eyes moved: And fight to the death like this?

I misspoke, please forgive me. I was just feeling uneasy, it would be great if your Blood Frenzy doesnt activate. Shalltear answered Sebastian with silence. Sebastian could tell that her momentary silence meant she was feeling uneasy about herself too. One of the few handicaps given to Shalltear was Blood Frenzy, the more blood her body was getting covered in, the stronger her urge to slaughter would become. Although her combat strength would increase, it came at the price of losing control over her mind. Ainz chose Shalltear, who might ignore orders or even lose control, for this mission by using the process of elimination.

Albedo had to protect the Great Tomb of Nazarick, as for the remaining two guardians Shalltear and Cocytusif you observe from a distance, Shalltear was more humanlike. Following this, Shalltear took several deep breaths. She seemed to be cooling down her wrath, and at the same time suppressing the uneasiness in her heart. After a final, deep breath, Shalltear returned to her normal expressiona seductive and lusty girland her eyes returned to its usual color.

Simply put, they would turn into slaves after we suck their blood, so that would be much simpler. Theres no need to bring them back alive, Ainz-sama brought this point up before. Also, I will definitely suppress the Blood Frenzy. By sucking all their blood, vampires could turn a target into a lower-tiered undead that was absolutely obedient towards their master. Vampires were only able to create lesser vampires with intelligence far below their own, but Shalltear could create vampires with an intelligence on the level of a human.

Although there was a limit to how many vampires she could create, if dead or alive didnt matter, Shalltear could be considered an excellent hunter as well.. Thats right, you need not say more, I will definitely finish Ainz-samas mission smoothly. I will let Ainz-sama praise me like Well done Shalltear, you are my most important slave, and then say You are the one most suitable to be by my side. Please forgive my shallow thoughts. Those were Sebastians sincere thoughts, other than apologizing to Shalltear for his rudeness, he was expressing his apology for another person.

I didnt realized my words were also disrespectful towards Ainz-sama who appointed you, I am very sorry. Forgive me for displeasing you. Next, he lowered his head and apologized to Solution and the vampires tooat this moment, there was a violent vibration from the carriage, and a neigh from the horses pulling the carriage. The carriage seems to be stopping.

Imagining her master praising her after completing the mission, Shalltear who was immersed in happiness came to her senses. She smiled like a mischievous girl plotting a prank while Sebastian smiled at her while stroking his beard. Coming out from the nearby forest were ten strong men.

They surrounded the carriage in a semicircle. These men all carried different equipment. Though the quality of their equipment wasnt great, one couldnt say that it was poor either. One could tell that the weapons were chosen quite carefully. The men were discussing about what to do with their prey, such as who would go first. The fact that they seemed completely complacent was obvious. After all, they had already done this several times before. This time shouldnt be any different, so they had no reason to be nervous.

Zach jumped down from the carriages driver seat and jogged to these men. Before he had jumped off the drivers seat, he had cut the reins to prevent the carriage from being driven away, he also rigged the carriage door so that it could only be opened from one side, the side that was facing the men. The men flaunted their weapons for their prey to see.

It was as if they were giving a silent warning that if they didnt come out immediately, they would be hurt badly. As if they were reacting to the warning, the carriage door slowly opened. A beautiful girl appeared under the moonlight. The gathered mercenaries and bandits showed lewd smiles and looked at her with gazes full of lust. Their delighted expressions could be seen clearly. However, there was someone who was surprised: Zach. Using one sentence to explain his surprise would be Who is this?.

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Zach had never seen this beauty before, despite being familiar with the carriage. The discrepancy confused him, rendering him speechless. Then, another girl with the same outfit appeared right after her. Some of the men showed a confused smile because their target should be just one gullible, rich girl and her old butler. Yet another seemingly young girl appeared behind the two, and the sight of her immediately made them forget all their doubts. Her silky hair shone brilliantly under the moonlight, and her dewy, crimson eyes displayed otherworldly seductiveness.

To see such a gorgeous and beautiful girl appearing before them, the bandits could only sigh to themselves. They couldnt even utter a word of compliment while being so dazed. This moment proved that for something truly beautiful to show up suddenly, even the desire of beasts will dwindle. Bathed in the gaze of these charmed men, Shalltear showed an obscene and seductive smile. She then nonchalantly walked to the front of the men: Everyone, thank you for gathering here for me.

Ah yes, who is the leader out of all of you? May I negotiate with him for a bit? Seeing the gazes of the bandits resting on one of their own, Shalltear obtained the information she wanted. Which meant that except for that one, the others were not needed. After seeing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, the man who seemed to be their leader finally regained his composure and stepped forward. Aaah, forgive me. The negotiation was just a joke in order to obtain the information I wanted. Please excuse me.

Who the hell are you people Shalltear looked to Zach as he asked the question: So youre the guy named Zach? I will give you to Solution as promised, so could you please step aside? A few became confused, and in search for answers they started looking at each other, but among these men Hmph, just a little wench. Your body is quite nice, in a bit I will make you weep. The bandit, who happened by chance to be in front of Shalltear, reached out to touch the full breasts that didnt really fit a girl of such young age.

But then the hand fell to the ground. Could you not touch me with your dirty hand? The shocked man looked toward his arm that had lost its hand. After delay, he howled: Arrghhhhhand, hand my hand! You only lost one hand, why are you screaming so much? Can you still call yourself a man?

Shalltear muttered a little and waved her hand nonchalantly. Like that the mans head fell onto the ground. How is it possible for her to manage to cut off the mans head, using nothing but her unarmed and delicate hand? Like a scene from a nightmare, it all felt too surreal and the bandits became terrified.

The men were unable to react because of their shock. However, the oncoming horrible sight brought everyone back to reality. The blood started gushing out from the neck just like a fountain. As if the blood had a will of its own, it gathered above Shalltear and formed a ball of blood. Shalltears companions knew that this scene was caused by her special skill Blood Pool. But these bandits didnt know of such inhuman skills. The very first thought that came into their mind was: Its a Magic Caster! If some of them understood magic properly, they mightve been able to issue a more specific warning.

Magic Caster was just a general term, depending on the profession there were all kinds of subdivisions and the ways of dealing with each of them were different from each other. After having seen Shalltears dress, the first thing that should have come to their minds was sorcery based magic, followed by the ability to control minds.

Since they didn't issue any specific warning, one could safely conclude that the other party was completely lacking any fundamental knowledge of magic. In other words, whenever they saw something they failed to understand, they would believe it to be magic. Shalltear understood that these men don't know any better, she then looked at them with disinterest.

The panicking bandits hurriedly raised their weapons in defence. So boring, Ill leave whats left to you guys. Only leave this and that guy Yes, Shalltear-sama. The vampires who followed close behind Shalltear, they walked up and bashed the face of the bandit who was swinging his sword at Shalltear, flinging him backwards. The scene was as if someone was hitting with a metal bat using all his might.

It was like the sound made when a balloon that was filled with liquid had exploded. The bandit flew across the air with his limbs flailing, accompanied by sprays of blood and brain matter. The fluid sparkled in the moonlight, making it even more beautiful due to the element of horror More than half of the skull had ruptured and had been knocked away flying. The brain spluttered and fell out of the cracked skull and only then did the body finally drop to the ground with a wet sound.

The sound gave great horror and fright to the bandits, but it was like the first bell of battle which brought Shalltear great happiness.

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Zach showed a stiff smile while looking at the scene in front of him. Such an inhuman scene The nauseating heavy stench of blood, which was caused by vicious killing, made him want to vomit. Limbs of men were shredded like paper. The head that got grabbed by both hands exploded like a pomegranate being cracked open. One bandits stomach was pierced by a bare hand after being forcibly stripped of his armor.

The wet and glistening intestines were being pulled out for several meters. The bandit was still alive after this, which showed the tenacity of the humans.

There was one rolling and crawling in pain on the floor. Because he tried to run away, both of his legs were brutally broken. From afar one could see white spots on his leg, the bones that had pierced through the muscle and skin. Still, he tried to crawl away using his two hands. He was trying hard to get away from the hellish scene and the origin of horror. Even if it was only for a couple more moments, he still wanted to live. The otherworldly beautiful girl looked down at the men who were begging for their lives, and let out a shrill laugh.

How did it become like this. Zach tried very hard on finding an answer. No matter what kind of glorified words one chose to use, one could not disguise the fact that living beings follow the concept of Survival of the Fittest. Fundamentally, whatever growth or progression there was in living beings, they evolved and pushed through because the strong preyed on the weak; it was the natural order of things.

This was the exact belief Zach had always followed. Even so, was it okay for the strong to go overboard? Of course not, there was no way he could acknowledge such cruel and vicious killing, but what could he do? The enemy just by chance hadnt attacked him yet. If he attempted to run away, the enemy might have done something to Zach to make him unable to escape, such as the painful and horrible torture he had just witnessed.

Zach clutched his clothes and felt the shape of the sword that was hidden inside. Oh why did this sword have to be so small? It would be impossible to fight using this short sword against a monster able to easily dismember a man. What should he do then? He cannot imagine himself affecting those monsters in any way. Zach seemed to be trying to hide himself, and crouched and hugged himself with both of his arms.

He thought the rhythmic chattering of his teeth was so loud, what would he do if those monsters heard this sound and came looking for him. Though he tried his hardest on calming himself since his life was depended on not being found, he was still unable to stop his teeth from chattering. Speaking of which, who the hell are these people? Zach didnt recognize them at all. As he was thinking. Zach-san, come here. Suddenly, a mellow voice, which didnt match the cruel scene in front of him, came from behind Zach. He looked back in deep horror, and there he found his employer.

The expression shown by his mistress was not her usual haughty one. If he had been calm enough, he mightve been on guard against her, but he was greatly confused by this scene of horror filled with the stench of blood, and didnt had the presence of mind to notice her unusual behavior. What are those monsters?! Zach shrieked at the supposedly gullible and rich girl Solution : If there were monsters like them, why didnt you tell me!

That was right, if he knew, things wouldnt have become like this. The horrible and terrifying scene in front of him was all caused by this bitch. Say something, hurry and say something! Know that? This was all caused by you! In his great anxiety and horror, Zach felt angry and impatient. He impulsively grabbed Solutions collar and shook her roughly. I got it, please come with me. No, as my last chance, I want to enjoy and savor you entirely. A cold and pristine hand grabbed onto Zachs hand. Like this, Solution led him away.

Because Sebastian-sama doesnt like these kind of things very much. Though I already obtained permission, I still want us to be a bit further away. Zach didn't understand what she was saying, but he thought that if he was being led to another place perhaps he still had a chance at surviving. Zach pretended not to hear the unending howls and screams coming from behind him. This couldnt be helped, because Zach was so weak. There was no way to save those companions who were supposedly much stronger than Zach. Please dont be too rough, if its possible I hope you can be gentle, then I will be very happy.

Behind the carriage, Solution whispered to Zach in a low voice. Her hand reached towards her back, as if to take off her beautiful dress. Seeing this scene, Zach was greatly startled, what the hell was this girl doing? His eyes looked as if he was seeing an odd creature for the first time, and he couldnt tear his gaze from Solution. Her hand didnt seem to be stopping, and Zach, who was greatly confused, opened his mouth and asked: Y.. What are you doing? What does it look like? Like that, Solution continued to slowly strip off her corset.

As if only waiting for this exact moment, the restrained twin peaks bounced outward. The delicate and perky round shapes, with skin as white as snow, glowed under the luminescent moonlight. The scene before Zach made him gulp. As if begging to be touched tenderly, Solution pointed her bare breasts toward Zach. What do you want me to do Zach forgot himself, only to stare intently at the naked body in front of him. So beautiful, this girl had the most beautiful and alluring body out of all the women Zach had seen in his life. Before, of all those embraced by Zach, the most beautiful was undoubtedly the girl assaulted by him on a carriage while they were traveling on the road.

But when it was Zachs turn, the girl was already dead tired and laid there unmoving. She only opened her legs widely like a frog. Even so, he still thought of her as beautiful and lovely. But the girl in front of him is even more beautiful than her, and isnt lifeless like back then. As if being lit by the flame of desire, he started to feel warmth in his groin.

He could only pant like a dog, and slid his hand toward Solutions body. As if touching a cloth made of silk it was that kind of a sensation. He could bear no longer, and grabbed her perky and well shaped bosom. The hand sunk in just like that. The feeling was so soft it felt as if his whole hand had sunk in, Zach thought of this initially.

But after looking toward his hand, he immediately noticed it wasnt like that. Literally, Zachs hand really had sunk into Solutions body. What the hell is this! The unimaginable sight made Zach scream and he attempted to take his hand back. But no matter how hard he tried to pull, he couldnt pull his hand back. Not only could he not pull his hand back, it was trying to pull him in.

It was like there were many tentacles inside Solutions body, and those tentacles firmly grabbed onto Zachs hand and continued to pull him in. Solutions beautiful and well proportioned face remained calm during such an odd situation, only to stare at Zach silently. Like a scientist looking at a lab animal that has been injected with a deadly poison, she was looking at him with a gaze that held both cold mercilessness and great curiosity.

Hey, st Let me go! Zach held a fist with his other hand, and mustered all his strength to strike at Solutions beautiful face. Once, twice, three times-Its fine even if he hurt his fist, Zach used all of his strength to strike at the head. Her face, though it was struck repeatedly by a full-grown man, she remained unconcerned and didnt even move an inch. Its as if she didnt feel any pain at all. But for Zach who was struggling for his life, the feeling was different and strange as he struck her again, and all the hair on his body stood up on its end. The feeling was as if he was hitting a leather bag filled with water.

In a normal situation, there would bea feeling of rebound from striking with your fist. But all of its force was absorbed and there was no feeling of striking any bones. This was not what hitting somebody is supposed to feel like. He was distracted by his lust and excitement, but now he suddenly remembered the scene of the hell and abomination that was behind him. Zach suppressed his urge to scream. He finally understood. This naked girl was also a monster. You finally noticed? Then, heres the main act?

Before he could reply, it felt as if hundreds of thousands of needles had stuck into his arm and the pain almost made him faint. I am dissolving your arm. While in severe pain he heard her cold voice, but he was unable to understand the meaning. This was already a scenario thats out of Zachs understanding.

Truthfully, I like to watch things as they dissolve. Because Zach-san said he would very much like to be in me, so our feelings were quite mutual. It made me very happy that you feel this way. Fucking die, monster! While trying to bear with the severe pain, Zach took out his concealed short sword.

Like that, with all his strength he stabbed the lovely face of Solution. As a result, Solutions body shook a bit. Serves you right! But Zach noticed his thought to be premature. How was this different from stabbing at a pond? At most, little ripples appeared on the surface of the water, and that was all that had happened. Solution kept her cold and observing expression even with a sword in her. She gazed intently at Zach, and whispered in a low voice: So sorry, I have immunity to physical attacks, so this type of attack cannot harm me.

This too shall dissolve. An acidic stench emitted. It was only after a couple of seconds, the handle of the sword fell from Solutions face onto the floor. It was as she said, a beautiful unblemished face that was the same as before once again appeared in front of Zach. The severe pain from his arm was still not subsiding, but the horror of death in front of him was even more terrible than the pain.

His terror almost made him forget the pain. With tears on his face, he asked. But the answer was so horrible he wanted to cover his ears. I am a preying type ooze. Time is limited, so I must swallow you now. The force of suction of Solutions body became even stronger and he was pressed into her inch by inch. It was pointless for Zach to resist. Stop stop stop stop pleeeassee stop! Please forgive me, spare me please! Zach screamed and cried, and continued to beg.

But the force thats pulling Zach was so strong, that a mere human had no way to resist. His arm, shoulder, and upper body continued to be swallowed inside her. Zach cried out this name as his last word before his face and head too got swallowed into Solution. It was like a snake swallowing its prey whole, Zachs entire body was now inside Solution. Only a few minutes have passed since the attack, but there were already no survivors left. The place was filled with the stench of blood thats quite unpleasant to the nose.

No, one man was still alive. He groveled under Shalltear on both of his knees, and he was furiously moving his tongue licking. He was licking the blood and brains off Shalltears high heels that were dirtied when she, for fun, stepped on and crushed a bandits skull. Shalltear satisfyingly looked at her now shiny and clean stiletto. Thanks for your hard work. As promised, I will spare your life. The terrified man showed an ugly grimace. While groveling he showed a thankful gaze toward Shalltear, and kept on kowtowing to thank her. Shalltear showed an affectionate expression to the dog-like man, and flicked her finger.

The two vampires came to be beside him, the man finally knew what she had meant all along. You will still live as an undead, so you cant say I lied to you, okay? Unable to hold themselves back, the vampires bit into the man. Shalltear glanced sideways as the mans life force was taken gulp by gulp. Solution, with her disheveled collar and clothes, walked up to Shalltear from behind the carriage, who then asked: Hm, so its all done? Yes, I am very satisfied. Thank you very much, Shalltear-sama. Not at all, because were both from Nazarick as companions.

Ah, so did that human have his fun? Hes currently enjoying it, would you like a look? Then let me see a little. A mans arm suddenly burst out from Solutions face, accompanied by a pungent smell. The stench came from the arm.

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Because of the strong acid, the skin was gone and the muscles were already half rotted. Since blood oozed out from the muscle and reacted with the acid, acrid smoke could be seen wafting off. It was like an arm that was reaching up from under a pond, trying to grab onto something and kept on twisting and flailing around.

Every time it struggled, the exposed rotted muscle oozed out liquid and blood. I apologize, I didnt know he was still so energetic. Solution apologized with an arm still flailing on her face. She then roughly shoved the struggling and flailing arm back inside her. After the arm was completely inside her, she again let out a smile. Thats impressive! Even though you swallowed a man whole, one cannot tell at all from your outside appearance. Thank you for your compliment. You cant tell from the outside because my inside is quite empty. I am that kind of being, so I guess there are special magic effects taking place.

Hmm, I see I hope I am not poking my nose into your business, but when will he die? Well, if I want to kill immediately I can emit a stronger acid, but its such a rare chance for a man wanting to enter me, so I want him to at least enjoy it for a day or two. I am not hearing any screams, is it because of the acid?

Not at all. If I use acid to dissolve his vocal cords, he might die from suffocation, so I used a part of my body to enter his throat and suppress his screams. It also prevents foul odors from leaking. You take such a good care of your plaything, I quite admire that you can play with it up to its last moment.