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Opportunities for Nursing Students. Follow in the Footsteps of Generations of Nursing Leaders. Work Directly with Individuals and Families. Be a Leader in Your Community. Provide Support Services.

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How to Apply. Applications are due in May and applicants are notified in July each year. Eligibility Criteria: The scholarship is available to nursing students undergraduate or graduate who have contributed volunteer service to or are employees of an American Red Cross Unit.

Other Ways to Get Involved. Their conversation is cut short by a siren. When Harry explores the "other church" in the Green Lion Antiques , he finds himself back in the Otherworld hospital with Lisa, without explanation.

Volunteers during the First World War

Lisa does not act startled when he awakens, claiming he never left and was having a bad dream. When Harry asks Lisa if she knows Dahlia Gillespie, Lisa confirms this and talks about the cult that resides in the town. Lisa says, "I'm sorry, I'm rambling I'll shut up," and Harry reawakens in the Otherworld antique store.

After returning to the hospital in the Otherworld, Harry reunites with Lisa, and she is relieved he is here. He asks her how to go to the lake , and Lisa says that there is a water works by Midwich. When Harry asks her if she'd like to come with him, Lisa refrains, saying that she feels like she "isn't supposed" to leave the hospital.

Harry then leaves. After Harry explores Lakeside Amusement Park , he wakes up with Lisa over him with her left eye twitching, and he is back in the hospital again. Lisa reveals she explored the basement and saw creepy rooms and tells him she feels like something important happened down there, but she can't quite remember. Frustrated, Lisa begins to have a breakdown and Harry attempts to comfort her, but she runs off after saying he "doesn't understand".

In Nowhere , Lisa explains to Harry that she ventured into the basement of the hospital and began to "understand" what is happening. Lisa says she realizes why she's "alive" when "everyone else is dead". She says she's not the only one who's still walking around and that she's the "same as them", but never noticed it before.

What Lisa means by this can be interpreted in many different ways, but there is no definite answer. When she begs Harry to help her, he shoves her back, and Lisa starts bleeding from her head and every orifice. She staggers toward Harry until he runs out of the room.

Red Cross makes appeal for staff abducted in Syria - BBC News

Although she sobs and bangs on the door behind him, Harry is too frightened to let her out and holds the door shut. It's also unknown if she "dies" here or if she transforms into a monster.

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Harry may reenter the room where Lisa was if the player wishes, only to find that she is mysteriously gone despite there seemingly being no exits, implying she has been caught in the Otherworld. On the floor is a diary that wasn't there before; in it, Lisa writes that she can't stand being alone with "that patient" Alessa in the basement anymore and is going to tell "the doctor" Kaufmann that she wants to quit. A cryptic video tape which Harry found earlier can now be played if he inserts it into a VCR.

The tape recording shows Lisa covering her face with her hands, pleading with an unseen figure presumably Kaufmann and promising she "won't tell a soul". This video tape may have been blackmail against Lisa. Lisa does not appear again until the end of the game. Because the story is interactive, Lisa has multiple fates and varying conversations with Harry. She is first encountered in chapter eight, and the game follows through their meeting exactly as in the game. This also follows in line with their meeting when Harry passes out in the antique store.

In chapter 11, Harry and Lisa can have a alternate conversation in which Kaufmann enters the room, and the three begin wondering how they can get out of town. Kaufmann decides to sleep in his office, and when the room begins to turn cold, Harry offers Lisa his jacket, but she declines it. When Harry attempts to bring a heater back into the room, he suddenly sees Alessa's figure in the hallway before it disappears, and he hears a sudden gunshot. When he enters the room again, he finds Lisa dead on the floor.

Figuring that Alessa must have killed Lisa, he chases after her and also finds Kaufmann's corpse. To Harry's surprise, Cheryl Mason appears in the hospital with a gun in her hand and threatens to kill Harry. At this point, the player can choose the E-1 or E-2 ending. If the player never has this alternate conversation, the rest of the game will follow suit until Lisa's appearance in the basement hospital.

Depending on what the player chose before, these things will happen:. She remembers Lisa faintly and is grateful for her care, going so far as to call Lisa's care "heavenly" after the flashback. The purpose of including this is to show that Alessa's influence on the Otherworld grows stronger as she regains her memories. It indicates that even after the first game she continues to suffer in the Otherworld. Although a nurse appears in a similar fashion in the church as well, this does not have anything to do with Lisa. As recently as December, Red Cross officials said, at least two people described seeing her at a clinic in Sousa, one of the final villages to be held by ISIS.

The Red Cross also considers credible at least three other reported sightings of her — in Abu Kamal in , Raqqa in and Mayadeen last year, officials with the aid group said. Some of the witnesses said they saw her performing medical duties at clinics and hospitals under ISIS control, indicating that she was no longer held in a cell and was able to use her nursing skills to win a modicum of freedom, according to Mr. Current and former American intelligence officials, as well as government officials in New Zealand, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said there were strong indications that she was alive last year, based on sightings.

The American officials also said that Ms. Akavi might have been held with a British hostage, the journalist John Cantlie, at Mosul University in neighboring Iraq, before the area was liberated in late Based on the intelligence indicating that Ms. Akavi was still alive, New Zealand deployed special forces to Syria to search for her, the foreign minister, Winston Peters, said in a statement on Monday. Peters said. Akavi would be the longest-held hostage in the year history of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the group said.

Her ordeal began in late October , when she traveled to Idlib to deliver medical supplies. Three days later, she and six colleagues were returning to Damascus in a convoy marked with the Red Cross emblem when gunmen stopped them at a checkpoint. Four of the aid workers were freed the next day, but Ms. Akavi and two others, Nabil Bakdounes and Alaa Rajab, remain missing. Daccord was immediately alerted to their disappearance, and a member Red Cross team, including a crisis group in Geneva, began looking for them.

American Red Cross Employee Reviews for Registered Nurse

At first, the Red Cross did not know the identity of the captors. But then, a school near the checkpoint where the workers were taken was painted with the ISIS logo. In those exchanges, the Red Cross was able to send proof-of-life questions, asking for the number of Ms. ISIS provided the correct number, one of several personal questions the group answered that convinced the Red Cross it was in fact speaking to her captors, Mr. Daccord said. By early , the aid group confirmed that Ms. Akavi was being detained in a facility next to an oil installation outside Raqqa.

She shared a cell with an American aid worker, Kayla Mueller, according to the aid group and others who were in the same jail.