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But also, it's an interesting look at relationships over the years. Over what we tolerate, and the ways in which, even when love fails, we find it worth trying again. Some of the stories here are heartbreaking, and some are horrific. There's tons of humor in the writing, and I learned a lot while reading. But I had FUN with the learning. The best part was that even as Wright details these awful breakup stories throughout history, there's an element of hope throughout.

Yes, sometimes love is a shit show. But it doesn't mean you should stop trying to love. This was a book worth reading, and that I enjoyed a lot. Jun 03, Tracy Rowan rated it it was amazing. It Ended Badly is characterized by the same dry, offhand, and often gruesome humor as her other work, and kept me chuckling, even at things which really shouldn't have been funny. If you think you've had a bad break-up, read this book and be grateful that you got ghosted instead of kicked to death while pregnant Nero and Poppea , or beheaded Henry VIII and two of his wives , or h On the strength of Get Well Soon, I went looking for Jennifer Wright's other books, and have not been disappointed.

If you think you've had a bad break-up, read this book and be grateful that you got ghosted instead of kicked to death while pregnant Nero and Poppea , or beheaded Henry VIII and two of his wives , or had your ex's affair smeared all over the popular press Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher, and Liz Taylor. And also consider that Liz and Debbie, who had been best friends before Fisher, ended up best friends afterward, and Fisher ended up a broke, virtually forgotten drug addict, which is, in my opinion, probably the best possible scenario under the circumstances.

Ovaries before brovaries. The narrator, Hillary Huber, who I thought couldn't possibly be better than Gabra Zackman who narrated Get Well Soon, was fantastic, more than a match for Wright's sense of the absurd. Jennifer Wright has been fortunate in her readers. I'm telling you, if you need a lift, and your sense of humor has a dark turn, find a Jennifer Wright book, and savor it. View 2 comments. Nov 10, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a different kind of book for me!

I don't generally read a lot of nonfiction, even though I'm always saying I want to read more. I love history and I love hearing about other people's drama. Plus the book starts with two quotes - one from Buddha and one from Taylor Swift two of our greatest philosophers.

I knew I was gonna like it.

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As the title suggests, this book covers thirteen of the most terri This was a different kind of book for me! As the title suggests, this book covers thirteen of the most terrible, violent, heart-wrenching and just bizarre breakups in world history. And, boy, are there some doozies. You will never feel bad about drunk texting you ex again -- at least you didn't send him a bloody lock of pubic hair seriously! Starting in 55 AD with continuing through the late 20th Century, Wright captures the full spectrum of failed relationships and the often crazy circumstances created by them.

This book has the potential to be major bummer. The stories are all about people losing love, often with an extra dose of murder, adultery, and even one life-size sex doll. But Wright makes the smart decision to write about the breakups in a delightfully snarky and hilarious way. She understands and celebrates the ridiculousness of the stories without taking away from the historical details. Her enthusiasm for the historical figures is infectious - you can tell she's a true history nerd who would be a total asset to any trivia night team.

I am not a historical expert can you tell? The bibliography is extensive, especially for a book that's only around pages. It has a lot of great links and resources for people who want to learn more about the historical figures mentioned I definitely did. Wright also makes an effort to include some helpful life lessons from each breakup, like learning to be happy on your own and knowing that it's always okay to leave a bad relationship.

While none of them are particularly revolutionary, I appreciate that Wright found common themes between breakups from centuries ago to our romantic entanglements today. This is a fun read for anyone interested in some of the most significant and outlandish relationships in history. I think it would also make a great gift for any friend you have going through a bad breakup who could use a healthy dose of perspective. Definitely one of the most memorable books I read this year! The full list of breakups covered in this collection are: 1.

Nero and Poppaea 2. Lucrezia Borgia and Giovanni Sforza 4. Anna Ivanovna 6. Timothy Dexter 7. Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron the aforementioned pubic hair incident 8. John Ruskin and Effie Gray 9.

It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History

Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas Edith Wharton and Morotn Fullerton Oskar Kokoschka and Alma Mahler Norman Mailer and Adele Morales Mailer Mar 01, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: partials-dnf. Wright's humor probably works well in magazines and newspapers where she has a day job as a columnist, but I didn't feel like the history of ancient Rome and her one-liners mixed well. Maybe the rest of the book was OK but I couldn't get past the first 14 pages I think you'd have to have some background in the specific areas of history and literature she's referencing to know what she's talking about for a lot of this book.

Dec 31, Morris rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , recommend , reviews , nonfiction. Not only do you get to learn something, but you also get to laugh. There are thirteen true tales of love gone wrong that will have you grateful for the relationship you have, as well as the ones you no longer have. Five enthusiastic stars! This review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Aug 22, Jonathan Maas rated it it was amazing. The funniest historian of the modern era plus a can't miss premise equals a great book I first fell in love with Jennifer Wright 's style with Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them , which combined a Jon Stewart level of humor with real writing, and real history.

In short, she's not just some snarky blogger, she's a real historian who knows how and when to wring laughs out of difficult subjects. I like to place my historians with a 'best' logline. Stacy Schiff writes th The funniest historian of the modern era plus a can't miss premise equals a great book I first fell in love with Jennifer Wright 's style with Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them , which combined a Jon Stewart level of humor with real writing, and real history.

Stacy Schiff writes the best sentences. That's her style - her florid prose brings you down her books as if you are floating down a river. Jennifer Wright has the best humor. She brings the history first, and only brings her humor at just the right times - so make no mistake. She's a real historian, who just happens to throw in a joke to ease the tension here and there, or often, to elucidate a point in the way only a joke can. It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History is no exception to her consistent style - it's funny, takes on a broad sweep of history, and elucidates things you had never previously thought required elucidating Get Well Soon takes on a consistent theme - plagues.

It Ended Badly takes on a less historically notable theme, but one with which we can all relate - breakups. And we see the worst. She first starts by forgiving us for our own crazy tales - Undoubtedly, love is a dangerous and potentially fatal game. But what alternative do we have? Without its pursuit, what would we do?

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  6. We might build more aqueducts and have more scientific cures, but what for? Those accomplishments exist so we can have more years to brew coffee with our partners in the morning. And then she forgives us even further - because even if we've had some crazy breakup tales, ours are probably not that bad compared to the characters in history she shows. We see Nero acting insane in indescribable ways.

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    We see Norman Mailer stabbing his second wife in the heart at a party, and most importantly - feeling no remorse. We see Elizabeth Taylor getting married again and again and again - side note that she was no harlot, because she may have married every man she went out with - and this tale actually ends somewhat well.

    In short, this is a highly relatable, highly informative book You can read each chapter one at a time, and out of order, which I did. You can relate to it through the common - though magnified - feelings of the main characters, like I did. You can get insight into history because it goes across thousands of years - like I did. But whatever the case, you should check it out.

    The relationships may have ended badly, but Jennifer Wrights books do not. They're great. Nov 19, verbava rated it really liked it Shelves: on-human-beings. Evolutionary biologists found that people experiencing heartbreak have brain scans that mirror those of cocaine addicts in withdrawal. We do not handle breakups well. We are brave in battle, heroic in the face of disease, and really just terrific on the whole until someone breaks up with us.

    And then we absolutely implode. Jan 16, Sandra rated it really liked it. A fun, interesting book that will definitely make you feel better about your worst break-up. Jennifer Wright's prose is sparkling, enthralling and informative, rendering you unable to put it down. May 24, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. A very funny collection of history essays on famous bad to put it lightly relationships and breakups from ancient Rome to Medieval Europe to golden age Hollywood.

    I can't wait to read more of Wright's history books! Feb 26, Lyndsay rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobooks.

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    I really liked this. So I wanted to pick up something else by her almost immediately. It felt appropriate and it was tons of fun. Plus I learned something, which is what I always want with my nonfiction. Sep 28, Charlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: history , abnormal-psych , favorites. Shockingly fantastic. Wright produced a wonderfully opinionated, extremely quick witted, and even more entertaining look at some of the worst breakups through the ages. For her research, Wright reached way back to the age of Emperor Nero.

    Her down to Earth retelling of his relations with his mother, his lovers, and his citizens will forever be seared into my brain. Mostly this is because I felt as if I were having drinks with Wright as she talked about ancient history using the most comic and re Shockingly fantastic.

    Mostly this is because I felt as if I were having drinks with Wright as she talked about ancient history using the most comic and relatable style imaginable. There is little doubt you will actually want to hang out with her IRL after reading this. I get so tired of small talk and avoid most social gatherings for just that reason. Wright seems like she would be the cure to all social functions. The stories she chooses to tell, the insight and ferociously funny commentary that accompanies them just felt like being with the friend you always dream of meeting at a party but never do.

    If you want to be entertained with odd and interesting tidbits of information, told by an extremely skilled writer, then do yourself a favor and get this book. Some highlights, told in a seriously disappointing manner that could never live up to the way the author spins a tale: - Nero was a mama's boy whose girlfriend told him to grow a pair. He did. People were subsequently humiliated, tortured, and killed in the most fucked up ways possible.

    She will do this with courage, conviction, solid points, and unwavering decisiveness, but will deliver it with humor so that it is better received. What a gift. You will now. I have read several books on Eleanor and have loved them all. What a life! Yet, somehow Wrights very short telling of her life was better than the richly detailed and much longer accounts I have read and treasured. I want Wright to feed me all of my history from now on! Eleanor was a badass of epic proportion and, imo, is the hero of this entire book.

    Wright will bring you up to speed, especially when recounts the day Caroline Lamb sent her bloody pubic hair to Lord Byron and they battled through public prose, much in the way rappers when they diss each other in song do. We supported each other, but we took a step back for a little while. We want to try to continue to get better each day. They got engaged when she was 23 but broke up before they could get married. The two then got back together just one year later, were married in , and had two sons together.

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    The Hollywood Book of Breakups by James Robert Parish

    Something has to be sacrificed. Scott shocked the world in when he started dating Sofia Richie. Rumors of a breakup spread after The Lord was spotted with an unidentified woman in June classic , but the couple announced they were not actually broken up, via, of course, their Instagram stories. All seemed well with the couple after the birth of their daughter Dream in November until the couple broke up just one month later.

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