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Merely return the coupon above. Small monthly payments if you are satisfied. Don't wait another day to. Return them at our expense if they are not entirely satisfactory. The war has revolutionized not only peoples, nations and the whole world, but many hitherto unshakable scientific institutions as well.

For over twenty years the wireless aerial the elevated aerial wire system was synonymous with the wireless art. The great radio station, the transatlantic liner, could not well he imagined without its ubiquitous stretch of elevated wires. The greatest pride of the radio amateur, the aerial on top of his house, which lo him was symbolic of the young art, is doomed. This change has been brought about over night by the magic wand of science and her servant Mr.

The aerial wires, down for the duration of the war, will never go up, at least as far as amateurs and private stations are concerned. As for the commercial stations, their towers too are doomed shortly for the scrap-heap. During the war Mr. Rogers developed underground and sub-sea wireless for receiving at least to a heretofore undreamt of state of perfection. His receiving station at Hyattsville never mist a word transmitted from French, English, Italian as well as German high power stations.

Recently, too, he. Rogers wont right on receiving over his buried has done. Indeed the Rogers invention knows no static. Static being an atmospheric condition, a ground antenna naturally will not be affected by. The Contents of this magazine are copyrighted and must not be reproduced without giving full credit to the publication. Rogers, however, a totally submerged submarine.

Altho Mr. Rogers, during the war, gave most of his attention toward receiving messages, he has made considerable progress in underground radio transmission His experiments prove conclusively that, while as well. It is merely a question of good insulation at present, and the end of this year, we are quite The confident, will bring the solution of the problem. Navy Department has just succeeded in transmitting a distance of 50 miles with the underground system. At first it would seem reasonable that only long wave But this lengths could be used with the Rogers system.

Underground Radio-telephone messages, is not the case. This indeed is good news for our amateurs.

CRAZIEST inventions of the Roman Army!!

But in the meanwhile, all of our pet theories on wireFor we do not know as less are thrown in a sad chaos. We can now expect yet how the Rogers system works. Rogers himself takes the view and he is seconded by Tesla that the transoceanic messages which he receives over his underground system are not Hertzian waves pure or even converted but merely high frequency ground impulses.

The future may tell us which school is right. But the most spectacular feature of Mr. Rogers' revolutionizing invention probably is his "Sub-sea Wireless. Edited by S. And so on, in everything we do. Our judgment is absolutely dependent on our experience, and our experience is only as great as our power to remember. My mind was a 'leaky pail. I had recognized it as a fault, but never thought of it as a definite barrier to business success.

I started in at once to make my. He moved into a fine new house, bought a. What you call my good fortune to-day I attribute solely to my exchanging a 'leaky pail' for a mind 'that retains the things I want to remember. But the thing that has made such difference in life with article lately began an I read a short time ago about training the mind.

Roth pail, the writer Roth first. He could remember a man's not retain. He seconds. Roth has met at different most of them only times whom he can inonce stantly name on sight. These are only a few of the scores of equally 'mi possible" things that Mr. Why go around with a mind like a leaky pail when, Mr, Roth says, "What I have done any one can do. I had reached my decision. On the recommendation of Powers, I got In touch at once with the Independent Corporation which shortly before had published the David M.

Method of Memorj Training. And then came the surprise of my lite. In ilu- very first lesson of the course I found tiie key to a good memory. Within thirty minutes after I had opened the book the secret that I had been in need of all my life was mine. Roth has boiled down.

Applied Cavitation Inventions

In reality I. Powers story set me thinking. What kind of a memory did 1 have? It was much the same as that of other people I supposed. Certainly it. Like most of us, when wanted to remember something particularly I wrote i, down on a memorandum pad or in a pocket notebook. Even then I would sometimes forget to look at my reminder.

I had been embarrassed as who has not been? I had niScfhinftoTtrJf had my name requested apologetically, for the same purpose, so that I knew I was no different than most men in that way. I began to observe myself more closely in my daily work. The frequency with which I had to refer to records or business papers concerning things that at some previous time had come under my particular notice amazed me. Ind't-his thZgnTgtve new significance to the fact that I had been performing practically the same subordinate duties at exactly the same salary for some three years I couldn t dodge the fact that my mind, as well as most other people's, literally limped along on crutches, because it could not retain names, faces, facts, and figures.

Could I expect to progress if even a small proportion of the important things I learned from day to day slipped away from me? The only value of most of my hard-won experience was being canceled obliterated by my constantly forgetting things that my experience had taught me. The whole thing hit me pretty hard. I began to think about the subject from all angles as it affected our business. I realized that probably hundreds of sales had been lost because the salesman forgot.

There a re no greater words in the English language, descriptlve of business inefficiency than the tyyo little words "I forgot. Instead of study the whole tiling a fascinating game. I discovered that the art of remembering had been reduced by Mr. Roth to the simplest method imaginable it required almost nothing but to read the lessons Every one of those seven simple lessons gave me new powers of memory, and I enjoyed the course so much that I look back on it now as a distinct pleasure.

The rest of my story is not an unusual one among American business men who have realized the value of a reliable trained memory. It will reach that figure at the beginning of our next fiscal year. And two years ago I scarcely made what I now think of as a decent all. If you are not entirely send it back any time within five days after you receive it and you will owe nothing, On the other hand, if you are as pleased as artthe thousands of other men and women who have all. You n0 rislc aid you have everything' to gain so ' ake mail ,he coupon now before this remarkable offer is withdrawn.

Many of our men whom I had heard try to present a new idea or plan had failed to put over their message or to make a good impression because they had been unable to remember just what they wanted to say. Many decisions involving thousands of dollars had been made unwisely because the man re-. Anil the farther you follow the method the more accurate and reliable your memory becomes.

Within an hour I found tiiat I could easily memorize a list of words and call them off backward and forward Without a mistake. I was thunderstruck with the. Master Electricity By Actual Practice The only way you can become an expert is by doing tbe very work under competent instructors, which you will be called upon to do later on. In other words, learn by doing. Five minutes of actual practice properly directed is worth to a man than years and years of book study. Indeed, Actual Practice is the onlv training of value, and graduates of New York Electrical School have proved themselves to be the only men that are fully qualified to satisfy.

Individual instruction. You will he taught by practical electrical experts with actual apparatus, under actual conditions. It is well known that the French railroad system had collapst all it could do ;. He made the War Department see the need of providing these facilities so that the American effort in the Great Cause would not be a failure. And so it was that Army officials. Scene Looking Down in Hold. Note Bales of Hay. French Atlantic ports were nearly miles from the fighting front.

It was one prob-. General Pershing saw the immediate need for American railroad equipment and one the. The first locomotives sent were motives. Once these parts reached France they were put in the hands of a dozen or more Continued on page i. Its possibilities lie in the direction of expansion of long distance service.

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Physically it can be. It is a story of long years of effort to accomplish a The steam turbine, for exgreat result. For some years past the Bell System engineers have sought to make it possible for. P, Co. But for the great amount of war work that has en-. There were wires from Washington to Baltimore, but not enough from Baltimore to Pittsburg. The multiplex system, therefore, was installed at Baltimore and for several months.

Bell made these experiments, the multiplex telephone and telegraph system has become a reality. The system is the product of no one man's efforts, but rather the result of the cumulative efforts of several hundred members of the Bell Telephone System's engineering It is one staff, covering a period of years. These five voice currents travel together and are sorted for delivery at their destination. Not a tone or inflection of the speaking voice is changed in passage.

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This result is achieved by combining each voice wave with a high-frequency inaudible carrier current which has characteristics in degrees of frequency that are entirely different from those of other carrier currents. See the various forms of the voice and carrier currents shown herewith. The carrier current Continued on page Tens of millions of flashlights were in constant use during the progress of war-time activities in Europe, and what a great boon it has been to the soldier can well be imagined.

The accompanying illustrations show a number of extremely useful and not always. One of the latest and ingenious. The illumination is so arranged that no noticeable glow is seen, but simply the illuminated square opening over which the paper A second paper roll is roll slides. The case when closed resembles a kodak. Figure two shows a self-contained electric light mirror, invented by Mr.

Gernsback sevThis unique mirror eral years ago. Figure three shows the gun-light which has been quite extensively exploited, and while we have never had the opportunity of trying out a fountain-pen flashlight or a larger model flashlight attached to a rifle, we have seen the pistol flashlight used, and it proves one of the most deadly combinations imaginable. All the marksman has to do is to move the pistol about until the target lies in the center of the sub-. It should prove a fine thing for hunting down burglars, rats, cats,. This comprises a very compact and efficient electric lamp and mirror, as well as sighting device for the use of op-.

The ticians in examining the eye. It is used in the manner ilter of this mirror there. In the shave-light device illustrated. One of the latest and most practical every-day uses of the flash-. See Fig. With this clever device it is only necessary to place the camera before the meter to be read, the button is prest, several flashlight bulbs connected in multiple throw a strong light on the meter dials, the camera-shutter clicks simultaneously, and Continued on page light is in meter-reading. William S.

Hart , Westerner, who has been reared on a ranch in Wyoming, which was wrested from his parents by a railroad company, becomes embittered and revengeful, and taking the law into his own hands, develops into a bandit, committing several daring robberies at stations belonging to the railroad company which had despoiled him and brought his aged parents a. Steve forces Brandt to kiss War with Germany is determines to enlist. Me calls on Elsa. During their absence Steve's shack is ransacked by Brandt and Schloss photographs of Steve's father with an inscription on the the American flag.

Carl is moved to a comfortable position, and Steve and Elsa ride to the Mine to prevent the sending of the message, which would mean the death of General Pershing, surprise the Germans, and after a fierce battle, take possession of the wireless apparatus and succeed in sending out a call for help to Fort Scott, after which they destroy the wireless. The soldiers arrive and make the Germans their prisoners.

The charge against Steve is dismist and the story ends happily with Steve and Elsa watching the soldiers lined up for the sundown dress parade. He is pursued by the soldiers but eludes them and takes refuge. Steve and thus learns that Steve is a fugitive from justice. Carl reveals the fact that Steve is on his way to Fort Scott to. Elsa now appears and Carl whispers to her the nature of the message.

The German, hiding behind the bushes, overhears Carl and is about to shoot him, when. Brandt sends a telegram to the Sheriff at Willow Springs, asking for information regarding. Yellow Dog, and the guardian of her younger brother, Carl. Elsa is on her way to deliver a message to Herman Brandt at the Magdelena Mines and is attacked by Mexican bandits. Sieve rescues and falls in love with her and decides to remain at Yellow Dog. Erederick Brandt loves Elsa. They go thru his clothes and find the message, which is translated with the aid of a code book.

Carl, who has regained consciousness, overhears the translation of the message, the purport of which. Elsa learns of the occurrence, hut this does not shake her faith in him. A day or two later, a code message comes for Brandt, and Carl starts with it for the Magdelena Mines. He is thrown from his horse and is lying unconscious, when Brandt and Schloss and an-. Of course this all sounds like "Bul-garia" to us nowadays, but thanks to a twentieth century magician, Prof.

Fessenden, the brilliant American inventor and scientist, it has become possible to do this identical thing, i. Hence this new apparatus is intended for the location of hidden ore bodies by means of measurements made on the velocity, direction, reflection, refraction, absorption and other phenomena of sound waves transmitted thru the medium containing the ore bodies, which is invariably, of course, the earth.

The inventor claims that by this means he has been able in a certain test to determine the location accurately of a body of mineral, invisible to the eye, at a distance of two and one-half miles, and further, this test was witnest and verified by a number of skilled engineers. In starting to survey a piece of ground by this method, in which ore deposits are. Simultaneously a sound wave is emitted from the oscillator, O, which after being reflected as at G by the ore body H, or reflected back as from J, Fig.

Copyright, , by E. Reginald A. As Prof. Fessenden points out in his patent on this scheme of locating ore bodies, his invention provides methods and apparatus whereby, being given or having ascertained two or more of the following quantities, i. This gives an area of twentyAt each five square miles under survey. Toward the bottom of these water filled holes there are placed sensitive sound detectors, such as microphones or small Fes-.

These sound receiving devices are connected to the secondaries of transformers as indicated, and to oscillographs of the photographic recording type. These oscillographs employ the quartz-fiber Einthoven galvaIn one of the wells there is nometers. Instead of using the alternator to produce the sound at the oscillator, O, a condenser discharge may be employed to actuate a sounder, the condenser key on being deprest charging the condenser from a battery, and on the key being released and coming against a second contact, it discharges the condenser thru the sound proThe patent describes ducing mechanism.

The more tories bristle with machinery. This machine also marks as a milestone the opening of to-. As long as a leaf is between the contact rollers, a metallic electric contact between the latter is prevented, but a low voltage circuit will be closed thru them the moment the tip of the leaf passes out. As the contact rollers are co-operating with a series of contact segments arranged at the centre line along the. In this machine, which is also shown diagramatically, the tobacco leaves are simply placed upon a feeding belt by an operator in front of the machine.

This belt brings. An electric current will then pass thru the rollers, said particular segment and one of a number of solenoids will attract its armature and thus open one of the covers, which can be seen ar-. The inventive spirit of our progressive age, which benevolently gave a helpful lift to almost every trade and industry and handed so many labor-saving appliances to agriculture, past in silence the extensive tobacco plantations of America and the world. Upon the initiative of one of the biggest tobacco growers in the world, a Xew York inventor and engineer, Mr.

Hartman, took up the problem several years ago of tobacco planting and handling right at the farms. And what he saw there set him to thinking. He soon noticed that one of the most costly operations at a tobacco plantation is the sorting of leaves by their different length. Every leaf is taken by. But the tobacco can not be sold if not sorted into different leaf. Hartman constructed at his workshop and laboratory, he finally sucually.

At the same time an electromagnetic stop will emerge from the flat table and, being in the centre line with the clamps, will force the latter to open, and to drop the leaf upon the table, from where it will be blown the next moment by comprest air over the edge of the table and slide by gravity downward to fall into the cover.

This work is done after the leaves havepast thru the "curing" process and arc brown, soft and pliable. The first section, having five boxes, will receive the five shortest leaves. If a leaf is longer, no segment will come into contact in said first section, the electro-magnetic stop will not appear and the clamp will carry that leaf into the second section where the same process will be repeated.

The second section provided with five boxes of longer dimensions, is an exact. The Sperry airplane stabilizer, as well as the non-rolling ship stabilizer, utilizes this clever device. It involves the simple phenomenon that if you take a heavy steel or other wheel and spin it at high speed, then the spinning wheel and its attached frame will tend to preserve the same plane of rotation.

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This is daily demonstrated by the ordinary bicycle. Hold the bicycle clear of the ground and have someone turn the. The bearings used are standard roller type and selfto inch shafts. The to drive the gyro wheel is a 75 H. The casing was made absolutely vacuum tight and the gyros run in 30 inches or nearly. The bearings receive a continuous bath of oil, pumped at the rate of gallons a minute, properly screened and cooled. In 35 minutes the gyro atperfect. II pedals rapidly. Now try to turn the bicycle sidewise while the wheels are rotating at high speed.

You will find it very difficult all because of the law above stated. Thus the naval engineers have discovered that by placing one or more powerful gyros in a ship, that the ship will not roll to any appreciable extent in a heavy sea. Hospital and war-ships are therefore being fitted with giant electric driven gyros for the purpose of keeping them on a more even keel in stormy weather.

The improvement in gunnery from warships so equipt and stabilized is readily apparent. One of the accompanying photos shows Gyro unit Xo. These Gyros were installed in a Naval Hospital ship so that the wounded on board would be subject to the least amount of rolling, that to the present time is very apparent on all ships, especially in bad weather. The final stabilizing test with the Gyros was found to reduce the rolling some 90 degrees, so it can be readily seen that they do help some.

The combined weight of the unit was tons and the ship was the largest hospital ship ever constructed. The weight of the. M working trial speed of 1, R. Besides the 75 H. The two gyros were located amidships ;. To reduce the vibration of the gyros to a minimum they were balanced by the plug-method and it took several experts two months to balance them, so perTwo fect must the rotational balance be.

These will enable more accurate aim to be had in firing from the ship. Gyros of smaller size are also installed on submarines and destroyers, both classes of installations giving remarkable results. An increase in conductivity was observed in crystals of bismuthinite, cylindrite, molybdenite, selenium, stibnite, boulangerite, jamesonite, and silver sulfid when exposed to light.

Experiments are described in which some of these substances were joined thru a battery to the grid circuit of an audion amplifier and a telephone. The light stimulus pyrite, silicon,. Similarly, in some samples of bismuthinite and of molybdenite, a change in conductivity was produced, which caused an audible sound in the telephone receiver. Further experiments are in progress to determine to what extent and for what wavelengths this is a true photoelectric change increase in conductivity, and to what extent it is caused by fluctuations in temperature with a resultant change in resistance within the crystal.

By former years, when the depth? But these ideas have been thoroly repudiated by. This pressure becomes greater the deeper we go down, and down in the profoundest depths it exerts a pressure of thousands of pounds to the square inch. A result of the pressure is that the tissues of the. The higher parts of the ocean bed. Deep basins of continental extent are interrupted by gigantic marine mountains, while table lands rise from the greatest depth with almost sheer and per-.

But in these depths of the ocean, where gloom and semidarkness prevail, the conditions of life are far different from those of the surface waters. The brightly colored algae and sea weeds, the food of many fish, are the children of the sun, while the sinister inhabitants of the profound depths are scavengers,. Only those animals which live near the surface of the ocean and which have ventured within reach of the nets of fishermen, were known in the last century.

These nets seldom if ever penewhich kill and devour each W". But when speaking of the feet. The faint almost infinitesimal deep sea, a 1, foot depth or light which penetrates this utter more is to be considered. They common thruout the ocean, a do not see their way they only depth of more than 30, feet feel their way by means of lathas been reached between two eral organs when they come in A Wonderful Deep Sea Fish Carrying Its Own Elect ric Light small islands of the Malay Arthe vicinity of some boulder or Plant. In this darkness we find Nuttingi Gilbert.

There, six hundred feet our eye can not detect an degree, are still present and at a depth of searchlights play thru the watery night, infinitesimal ray. Plants matically by the fish. Tiny glands secrete the cannot exist without light. But animal life lighting fluid, reflectors throw it outward, can and does exist where semi and total and one or more lenses magnify and control darkness prevail.

Marine animals living at its intensity. See the illustrations herewith. But far more wonderful than the absence of light is the fact that animals can withstand the enormous pressure which exists at these depths. It is a simple matter to estimate the pressure exerted by the water at various depths. The weight of a cubic foot. This is not a phoney patent, but an honest to goodness U. Our artist has endeavored to show several of the incidents which might and likely will occur if this invention conies into vogue, and who for have not will gainsay that it will not forty-eight states tried and true gone This wonclean dry without a whimper?

Coming down to the real philosophy involved in the design and operation of this newest theater chair, we find that the inventor has provided for causing it to rise and fall whenever a person wishes to pass in front of one of the chairs in order to get to his seat, to one side or the other, by means of three distrinct electromechanical agensophical.

The running of the motor is positively controlled by the push button placed on the arm of the chair. The inventor provides in his design for the combination of a lighter than air or buoyant flying machine with a watertight passenger compartment. Thus he has given us a vehicle which may be used on inundated or marine surfaces, and the vehicle is further provided with wheels, in such a manner as to move readily over any ground surface. The machine is fitted with suitable motors, planes and rudders, all of.

This remarkable hydroplane should ship. As our illustration discloses, a great variety of pleasure is afforded the passengers who embark on a voyage of adventure in this hybrid airship. The superstructure consists essentially of a cylindrical metallic tube having a cigarshaped front end and an outer wall formed of a number of longitudinal ribs, which are in turn connected to an inner encircling band, thus forming a substantial framework for the ballonets or gas bags, which are used to give the airship the desired buoyancy.

The car attached to the superstructure and ballonet frame at the bottom, is provided with windows and doors, all of which may be sealed hermetically from the interior of the car, so that the car may be run thru the water, fully submerged, when desirable or necessary, and in any event the passengers are assured of a most delightful trip. Ar Continued on page Tesla is ihe so-called rotating magnetic field. This is a new and wonderful manifestation of force magnetic cyclone producing striking.

Long ago, when with any speed desired.

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Tesla was still a student, he conceived the idea of the rotating magnetic field and this remarkable principle is embodied in his fainduction motor and system of transmission of power now in universal use. In this issue of the Electrical Experia remarkable account of his early efforts and trials as an inventor and of his final success.

Unlike other technical advances arrived at thru the usual hit and miss methods and hap-. There is a vast difference between an ordinary electro-magnet and that invented by Tesla. In the former the lines are stationary, in the latter they are to whirl around at a. At the left may be seen a number of Tesla's oscillators or high Ireouency generators, while In the rear may be noted a large high frequency transformer of the spiral type, the diameter of which was a little over nine feet.

The electric egg apparatus comprising Fig. This laboratory was lighted bv Tesla's vacuum tubes, several of which may be seen on the celling, and The each of which emitted 50 C. He obtained the first rotations in the summer of after five years of constant and intense thought on the subject and then undertook.

But, ultimately, his pains were rewarded and early in a company bearing his name was formed for the commercial introduction of the invention. Tesla recently told the editors an amusing incident in this connection. He had approached a Wall Street capitalist a prominent lawyer—with a view of getting financial support and this gentleman called in a friend of his. This man was a practical exthe scheme. After several discouraging conferences Mr.

Tesla had an inspiration. Everybody has heard of the "Egg of Columbus. He then took it and cracking the it in vain. This may be a myth but the fact that he was granted an audience by is Isabella, the Queen of Spain, and won her support. There is a suspicion that she was more imprest by his portly bearing than. Whatever it might have been, the Queen pawned her jewels and three ships were equipt for him and so it happened that the Germans got all that was coming to them in this war. But to return to Tesla's reminiscence. He said to these men, "Do you know the.

Egg of Columbus they did. Tesla thus succeeded in capturing the attention and personal interest of these very busy men, extremely conservative and reluctant to go into any new enterprise, and the rest was easy. He arranged for a demonstration Fig. This photograph represents a collection of a few of Tesla's wiresuch as he proposes to use In lighting isolated dwellings all the following day. A rotating less lamps,world from central wireless plants. The two lamps at either over the field magnet was fastened under corner at the bottom are illuminated, owing to the fact that a high frequency oscillator was in operation some distance away when this the top board of a wooden table were filled with various gases photograph was being taken.

These tubes and Mr. Tesla provided a copfor experimental research work In determining which was most efficient. The brass balls reached the outer guard and raced along and pivoted iron discs in turn were set spinthe same. No sooner prest the audiences was the simultaneous had they regained their composure than operation of numerous balls, pivoted discs Tesla was delighted with the question "Do and other devices placed in all sorts of you want any money?

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Before tacle. Tesla had many vacuum bulbs the meeting adjourned he had a substantial in which small, light metal discs were check in his pocket, and it was given with pivotally arranged on jewels and these the assurance that there was more to be would spin anywhere in the hall when the had in the same bank.

That started the iron ring was energized. Tens of millions of horseRotating fields of 15, horsepower are power of Tesla's induction motors are now now being turned out by the leading manuin use all over the world and their producfacturers and it is very likely that in the tion is rising like a flood. Albert Schmid, then Superwill be employed in the steel and other inintendent of the Westinghouse Electric and dustries and ship propulsion by Tesla's Mfg. Tesla's personal collection at the Chicago But any student interested in these pheWorld's Fair.

This piece of apparatus was nomena can repeat all the classical experione of the most attractive novelties ever ments of Tesla by inexpensive apparatus. Subsequently it was taken to Mr. In his experiments it was pracNo coils as indicated in diagram Fig. He can heavily copper plate an of Mr. Tesla's former laboratory at 46 egg but he should bear in mind that Tesla's E. Houston Street, New York. It is shown egg is not as innocent as that of Columbus. Tesla transformed it to fect because the copper plating is apt to the three- and four-phase when desired.

On be brought to a high temperature thru the top of the ring was fastened a thin circular The sensible experiinduced currents. Even more interesting than the spinning Besides the Totaling field apparatus Mr. This Illustration shows one of Tesla's high freFig. These highly evacuated, in some gas filled tubes were operated In different ways, cases they were connected to one wire only; In other instances to two wires.

In the manner of ordinary IncandesOften, however, they were operated without cent lamps. The oscillator comprises a Tesla high potential transformer which Is excited from a condenser and circuit controller, as described In his patents of The primary exciting element comprised a powerful electro-magnet actuating an armature, and this circuit was. HO volt. When the oscillator was put into operation, the Interrupter actuated by the electro-magnet connected to the volt circuit, became simultaneously the spark gap for the high potential exciting circuit, which Included this vibrator, spark gap, a high tension condenser and the primary of the high fre-.

The lamps were connected to the secondary of the latter the terminals of which are seen In the rear of the machine. SHALL dwell briefly on these extraordinary experiences, on account of their possible interest to students of psychology and physiology and also because this period of agony was of. Similar observations might probably be made in cities where the consumption of tea is excessive.

These delicious beverages superexcite and gradually exhaust the fine libers of the brain. They also the greatest consequence on my mental development and interefere seriously with arterial circulation and should be enjoyed subsequent labors. But it is indispensable to first relate the all the more sparingly as their deleterious effects are slow and circumstances and conditions which preceded them and in which imperceptible.

Tobacco, on the other hand, is conducive to easy might be found their and pleasant thinking partial explanation. The Boy Tesla was no was compelled to conJ-f exception to the universal rule, as this, his second autotration necessary to all centrate attention upon original and vigorous biographical article clearly proves. This caused effort of the intellect. Tesla in his own inimitable, delightful way, here paints me much suffering but. Chewing gum is helpwith a literary artist's brush his own intimate boyhood in charmto my present view, it ful for a short while ing as well as vivid colors.

Burette acc. Water decomposition apparatus acc. Apparatus for determination of volatile oil in drugs. Blain apparatus for cement testing. Apparatus with PTFE stopcocks. Mineralization bottle - with PTFE valve. Weighing bottle for corrosive liquids with stopcock with glass key. Weighing bottle for corrosive liquids with valve VT Apparatus for determination of CO2 in mineral water - Haertl - without thermometer. Connected distilling apparatus. Tube gas collecting.

Filter tubes, Allihn. Micro filter funnels. Filter funnels. Filter crucibles. Filter crucibles for dietary fibre extraction.