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Therefore let us prayerfully keep busy with the Word. The first, Hosea-Malachi , is compiled from the so-called Altenburg manuscript, and complemented with a Zwickau manuscript and a Wittenburg manuscript. These pieces put together present a complete set of commentaries on these minor prophets.

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At this time Luther was decried the source of all problems concerning the Reformation movement. Just as these lectures give insight into these minor prophets, so do they reveal the life of this lecturer at this defining moment in the Reformation movement. Among the minor prophets, Jonah and Habakkuk were obviously of special significance for Martin Luther. The special treatment accorded these two is matched only in the case of one other of the minor prophets—Zechariah Vol.

In addition to the usual Latin lectures, Luther added popular versions in the manner of a German commentary, carefully written out expressly for printed publication. It is clear why Luther gave these prophets the chance to speak to a wider audience: Jonah and Habakkuk have a message for all of humankind. Of Jonah, Luther says, "[Jonah] teaches us not to despair of the fruit of the Gospel, no matter how badly it appears to be devoid of fruit and prophet. This comfort is for all time.

Here Luther speaks about faith, about good works, about prayer, about Christian love, about the giving of alms, about war, about bearing witness to the Truth, about virtues and vices of many kinds. Above all, he stresses the everlasting love of Christ.. Luther, always fearless and forthright, becomes bitingly eloquent when he talks about greed—greed as it came, and still comes, to the fore among men, women, and children in every walk of life, among many preachers as well as among many politicians.

The Reformer warns his hearers against perversions of Scripture.

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He speaks boldly and bluntly against sins rampant in his day and sins that will afflict mankind until the end of time. He wields the sword of the Spirit without fear and with telling effectiveness. His mastery of language is evident on every page. Luther set special store by the Gospel According to St.

He often spoke and wrote of John as the foremost of the evangelists. Luther lays special stress on what they evangelist states about the Messiah as the one and only Way to salvation and about good works as the inevitable fruits of that faith. Although he often speaks with the utmost tenderness, he does not hesitate to hurl thunderbolts at those who sought to discredit him and played fast and loose with Scriptural truth.

He calls John a master in the doctrine of justification. The sermons contained in this volume show how masterfully Luther employed the cardinal principles of effective preaching. The Gospel According to St. To him this book was a never-failing source of edification, wisdom, and strength. In more than one respect these two men of God were kindred spirits.

The lectures he delivered at a later period in his life overshadow the former series in popularity as well as in significance. These, his Lectures on Galatians , reflect his development. This volume offers three short commentaries on Pauline Epistles that were written with a particular purpose and called for by a specific need. The commentary on 1 Corinthians 7 must have been a study item for Luther himself, for in it he gives himself the opportunity to come to grips with the whole matter of celibacy versus marriage.

The second item is an extended series of sermons on 1 Corinthians 15, the great chapter on the resurrection. These sermons were delivered by Luther in a time of great physical weakness, and there can be little doubt that the consciousness of personal weakness contributed much toward the desire to study and proclaim the message of 1 Corinthians 15 in depth. Yet the subject here is not sickness or death, but the office of a bishop, or pastor, and how to administer it in faithfulness to the Gospel.

These two lectures were given about a decade apart. The first in point of time, the Hebrews lectures, were delivered in the "Theses" year, Luther was finishing his lectures on Hebrews when he was summoned to Heidelberg to attend a convention of the German Augustinians order in April Presumably the Augustinians were to settle the controversy precipitated by Luther in the Ninety-five Theses, but instead of receiving a rebuke, Luther gained a new following at Heidelberg, especially among the younger theologians.

This volume contains sermons on the first and second Epistles of St. Peter, sermons on the Epistle of St. Jude, and lectures on the first Epistle of St. The young Luther emerges in this volume in his role of reformer. We follow him through his early years of clarifying his evangelical doctrines and relive with him the stirring events that were to influence the fate of Germany, all of Europe, and eventually the whole world.

Luther stands out as the defender of his understanding of the Christian faith in this volume. Though friends and enemies sought to deflect him from his purpose, he remained steadfast so that what took place at the Diet of Worms has a become a watershed in the history of Christendom. On the Bondage of the Will was considered by Luther himself as one of his best writings. Included in this volume are four of the debates or disputations held in Wittenberg University between and Thirteen of the fourteen treatises appear in their entirety in an English translation for the first time with publication of this volume.

Directed against the more radical representatives of the sixteenth century reformation movement, this exposition is contained in the two major treatises appearing in an English translation in this volume. This volume includes two writings dealing with the plight of the common person who Luther felt had become a victim of the ecclesiastical establishment.

Conflict between the church of Rome and the reformers reached its most violent peak in the five years before the Council of Trent in , a council the pope had been delaying for years. Luther had not only given up hope for a "free, Christian council," but had also come to the conclusion that the authority of such a council was limited to reaffirming the ancient faith of the apostles.

It is this doctrine of the church which is the theme of the three treatises written during this period and included in this volume. These are not devotional writings in the sense of being edifying discourses or daily meditations for the cultivation of general spiritual sensitivity. Rather they are concrete expressions of evangelical faith and piety written by Luther the Pastor to deal with specific and burning life situations. Although his very life was literally at stake, Luther does not allude to his own situation, but subdues himself to the message with which he was committed.

During the interval between the Leipzig Debate in and the dramatic, decisive Diet of Worms in , Luther faced a wide array of major problems. He was forced to defend the emerging Reformation against its secular and ecclesiastical enemies and to clarify his own position.

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In the eleven treatises comprising this volume, it is of extraordinary interest to note how the foremost exponent of evangelical ethics interprets the dictates of love in the concrete circumstances of his time. This volume contains eight significant works written between the Peasants War of and the Diet of Augsburg in Luther wrote the letters in this volume between and , during the momentous years that saw him change from an obedient and determined priest of his Order to a vigorous critic of the sale of indulgences and finally to the leader of a reformed church.

In these letters Luther discusses his posting of the Ninety-five Theses, the disputations at Heidelberg, Augsburg, and Leipzig, and the bull excommunicating him. For Luther, the period stretching from March to October of marked a time of tremendous change—ecclesiastical, political, and personal.

Historical introductions explain clearly the political and religious background of each letter. This volume contains a selection of 43 sermons arranged in chronological order. On the seven Gospels of the Christmas season. Also has his liturgical writings. This volume also contains all of his liturgical writings. I found all 55 volumes on ebay for over a thousand bucks! I was just talking to Dr. Lee about it on Thursday and he showed me the publisher's catalogue announcing that they are releasing more volumes all the way up to That's insane, nobody should be allowed to write that much.

Ched, PM the total cost of purchasing all 55 volumes My bad. Eight bajillion dollars, where bajillion equals the amount I can afford and "eight" means that number times eight. And the American Edition is only a selection of the original Weimar edition. Billy, AM I made the comment about the pdf. I accidentally hit enter before I plugged in my info.

Ched, PM Billy, That's a good idea.

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And, despite your assurances, I know you're not above hiding behind your anonymity. Anonymous, PM I have 57 volumes to date and work through several each year. Although I am a Calvinist, I enjoy Luther more than any other writer, he more than repays the time you spend reading his work. Doug F. GunnerGundersen The Psalms show us one of the most sacred sights in the story of Scripture: sufferers who sing.

ETS biblicaltheology pic. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. A history of the church from the Edict of Milan, A. Stanley E. Porter, Andrew W. Jump to Page. Search inside document. I am blessed to be a believer in Jesus Christ, the Recently, I was attempting to find a certain volume of Luther's works in husband of Leigh Anne, and the father of Hope English.


Surprisingly, I was unable to find a complete list of all 55 volumes and Kate. The individual volumes This "public space" is an extension and reflection are published jointly by Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House. I've also been amazed at how difficult it is to find certain Feel free to email me, view my profile, or find out volumes for sale online, so I've tracked down the Amazon Hardback and about my research.

Ched, PM except for my comments. So thinks the Sawilowsky.

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Anonymous, AM Thanks so much, this is really useful! Kent Anonymous, PM I have 57 volumes to date and work through several each year. Johnny Constantin. Patrologia Latina, Graeca et Orientalis. Novi Testamenti Filius.