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Fantastik is THE trendy pastry! But what is exactly a Fantastik? Signed by Christophe Michalak, this hybrid between dessert cake and pie wants no frills. With fresh and seasonal products, it should be crisp-soft, melting and creamy at once. Neither too sweet or too fat or too stuck, the Fantastik keeps essentials: taste and emotion for an explosion in the mouth! Less known than its cousin the strawberry cake, the raspberry cake is a lightness gourmet cake.

Revisit this classic forgotten bringing his personal touch: an almond hazelnut dacquoise chewy-crisp and vanilla butter cream lightened with an italian meringue. A ligth and fruity cake to try quickly! Guarantee of a majestic and amazing result! You take the pastry CAP exam?

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When it was created in the 18th century by Vincent La Chapelle, one of the best chef of the time, dessert aroused huge controversy. Inspired by female attributes, it was a puff pastry kind of vol au vent garnished with red fruit jam. Today, the Well of Love is deprived of any erotic charge.

The jam has been replaced by a caramelized cream light like a cloud, and the vol au vent has been replaced by a soft choux pastry. A real treat! We love France for its bread, its good wine and cheese And yes, our beautiful country is also full of traditional pastries and tasty gourmet more one than the other.

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Discover these three treasures of the South West Region! Come tickle your taste buds and learn to make this cake made of almond biscuit and a lightweight praline mousseline cream. Cupcake or cheesecake? Don't ask more questions and crack for this two Anglo-Saxon pastries! On one side the cupcake, this little cake with various toppings and boundless decors. And the other the cheesecake, a crunchy and melting dessert. Climb aboard and cross the Atlantic to create beautiful cakes that will delight young and old.

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Warm days comes and with them, a craving of homemade ice creams! You start and result: full of ice crystals or hard as stone when frozen, too sweet that melts quickly Don't panic! We will teach you how to make smooth ice cream Who doesn't know the Trianon, also known as the Royal chocolate? Composed of a hazelnut dacquoise, a praline feuillantine and a ligth chocolate mousse, this dessert is simply irresistible! How consider a Christmas dinner without Yule log?

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Two-colored croissant, oranais, windmills Let yourself be tempted by the complexity and balance of its composition and learn how to make this classical. You could eat it infinitely. Created in honor of a cycling race connecting the two cities, the Paris-Brest has risen to the rank of the favorites of French pastry. Make shiny and crunchy chocolates as greedy as those of your confectioner, it's not as complicated as you might think. Origin and choice of chocolate, tempering, molding, dipping, decorations Make molded and soaked chocolate candies with various fillings and become the new Charlie and the chocolate factory!

According to legend, the pastry chef Stohrer invented the baba at the request of King Stanislas. Wine and rum, there was one step! Since then, time has passed but Ali Baba is the same: a marvel of balance with a soft bun dough sprinkled with alcohol and traditional or original garnishes.

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Learn how to make this classic pastry available in 4 versions, depending on seasonal fruits and the chef's inspiration. If its origin is uncertain, Black Forest is a mythical and a sublime cake. A extra gourmet chocolate mousse and a modern setting for a classic but chic Black Forest! Created in by the Dalloyau house, Opera is probably one of the most refined and subtle pastries. A succession of fine layers providing a perfect marriage of textures and flavors: the coffee cream, the crisp dark chocolate icing, the soft biscuit Joconde and the velvety of the dark chocolate ganache.

Forward Maestro! Originally from Algeria, the Castel became over the years a monument of french pastry. Come to learn how to make this classic entremet made of an almond biscuit, a buttercream lightened by a meringue and a house-made praline. You love the traditional Millefeuille? You'll love our greedy version! Made of meringues with almonds, a mousseline cream with homemade praline and praline grain, the Success is perfectly moist and crisp at once. Learn how to make this major that will certainely satisfy all foodies. Also visit and support the research station — they are up to some great work to preserve the local culture, traditions, history and ecosystem.

And ask the staff about how eco-friendly the resort is. Truly, if heaven exists, it would be very much like the Brando. Apaixonante Tahiti. The Islands of Tahiti. Please be prepared for the time of your life. This was our second stay at The Brando. We stayed at the end of for three nights.

From our arrival to the private air terminal to our flight to our welcome upon arrival on the tarmac in Tetiaroa, it was even more spectacular than our memories and photos from last time. Our villa, on Mermaid Bay was impeccable, stocked with everything we wanted and many lovely special treats. Each evening there are sweets delivered to each bungalow. Our dining experience was fantastic. We dined in our living room or outside gazebo four of the evenings. The service for dinner in our villa was outstanding.

The bar, food and beverage, pool, reception, housekeeping,management and landscaping team are all not to be believed. I would like to point out names of staff to be recognized……please forgive those whose names I have omitted, it is all from memory. Each and every staff member are so pleasant and do all that is humanly possible for the benefit of the wonderful guest experience. I hope we will be back and thank each and every one of you for making our stay so enjoyable and memorable.

No Trespassing! Loosely translated, the word means soulfulness. Brando knew his island had mana. Seeking escape? Discover the Brando in French Polynesia. Luxus im Paradies. You will have difficulty finding another location like this one anywhere in the world. Win-Win Situation. The villas are finely appointed, spacious and offer beautiful views. The food is delicious and always artfully presented. The staff is extremely attentive and very friendly.

We rode bikes, enjoyed the beach and the privacy of our own plunge pool, and relaxed with spa treatments. The most memorable excursion was swimming with mother and baby humpback whales. This resort is saving the world with seawater. Feel Good Travel. From the greeting party who is on the tarmac when you land in their private jet to the same group waving goodbye everything was perfect! In addition, there is a luxurious dressing and bathroom with an outdoor bath. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and appear to really love their jobs. I will definitely share this with future clients!

Most Luxurious Spas in the World. Hotels with their own aircraft. I honestly can say there was not one flaw there. Crazy as it sounds but I cannot think of one. In fact, the more I think about it, it was perfect. Going Brando in French Polynesia. They absolutely loved The Brando, loved everything about it. They said that it was the most beautiful property they had ever seen and they have been all over.

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Promise fullfilled. Zeit Zu Zweit. Tumi, la petite-fille des mers du sud. The SPA, which we used several times during our stay, is in a beautiful, relaxing setting, with a large range of treatments and excellent therapists.


The Greening of Paradise. Brandos Badeanstalt. Into the blue. Our hope is that the model you have created in Tetiaroa will influence resorts around the world, luxury and not, to become as sensitive to their surroundings as they are to their guests. Bora Bora versus Tetiaroa. Green for go Sustainable, superlative, sexy. Fantasy Getaways.

Dois dias na ilha de Marlon Brando. Ach, das Gute ist so fern. Private paradise. The Tetiaroa Experiment. Luxury Location : French Polynesia. Green hotels for eco-conscious travellers. Though accommodation on the island will remain limited to the original 35 residences, it will soon be possible to get a taste for the experience at satellite Brando villas due to open in Bora Bora this December. Paradise By The Week. The Brando. Insider Secrets. The Brando Le paradis de Marlon.

Tetiaroa, le refuge studieux. Paradise Found! Realism in the South Pacific. Le paradis de Marlon.

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Treading Lightly. Sustainable Luxury. Another reason why A-listers flock to this breathtaking location? While service, technology and accommodations are impeccable; the Brando prides itself on the environmentally conscious features. Vivez-la comme Brando. All of the secluded villas with private plunge pools are on the sandy beach with views of the sparkling turquoise sea… the entire surrounding area is totally unspoiled.

Staff seem to know what you need before you ask. Now the area is home to one of the most successful mosquito-control efforts on Earth.

Guests can get a first-hand glimpse of the eco-efforts both in the labs and out in the field. The 10 Best Celebrity-Owned Resorts. He bought the atoll of tiny islands surrounding a lagoon to preserve its beauty and biodiversity. Travel Redefined. At the top. Il offre ainsi des plats aux saveurs explosives, tout en respectant la nature. Its projects are dedicated to preserving biodiversity on Tetiaroa and include a sustainable fishing program, a fish replenishment program and an atoll conservation plan. The best honeymoons in the world.

The 10 Best Private Island Resorts. The white sand beaches are also popular with sea turtles and exotic birds. Your best destination is… Tahiti. Hotels with a view. Nichts zu meutern. Oh, and a French chef planning all your meals while you laze around in your villa? Well, legendary actor and activist Marlon Brando had the same idea decades ago. South Pacific Chic. Una spiaggia speciale, dove da ottobre a marzo le tartarughe marine depongono le uova.

The eco-friendly haven is one of the only true luxury resorts in Tahiti and features an East-meet-West culinary experience. Zen spots. The villas, spa, and two restaurants are set back from the pristine white-sand beaches, which are surrounded by a sparkling silver-blue lagoon. Just ask Marlon Brando. Enchanted Islands, Embrace the ethereal spirit of French Polynesia. Private islands to visit now. The Brando is, in fact, a resort built on an island that was owned by Marlon Brando. Luxe Escapes. And they have a foundation on the island to protect the cultural history and future of the area—especially important in a society without a written language.

The Escape For the film buffs. Tahitian luxury Introducing The Brando. None other than the long-anticipated The Brando, on the private island of Tetiaroa, has more embodied eco-conscious luxury idea. An island named desire.