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For Career Fairs, you can view the list of employer organizations in the Fair listing in Handshake. In addition to a description of the organization, you can also find what types of positions they are hiring for and other details. For Meetups, we provide a list in the Handshake event of all alumni and representatives from organizations attending. Make a list of questions for employers and alumni you plan to approach. Most questions will depend on your own motivations and research, but a few general questions that are helpful include:.

This is a perfect time to use your elevator pitch. State your name, your year in school, concentration or area of interest and a few of your industry-related skills. Need some pointers on your elevator pitch? Check out our guide. Don't stand out in anyone's memory for the wrong reasons.

Make eye contact during conversations, don't interrupt and thank everyone for their time. If there are other students around, don't hesitate to invite them into the conversation. Also, be aware of the time. There may be a line of students behind you who are also trying to speak with the same person. There are many ways to follow up on the leads you will acquire at a career fair or a Meetup. If you receive a business card, send an email or call to establish contact. When you follow up, thank the contact for their time and reference something you learned during your conversation or the next steps you plan to make as a result of the interaction.

Funding is available from Princeton-affiliated sources for Princeton students who independently secure unpaid internships, propose special projects or plan to conduct independent research. Martin A. It emphasizes innovative and entrepreneurial projects. Daniel M.

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The Office of International Programs maintains information on the range of fellowships and awards. Some academic departments have funding available for students who do work related to their concentration or to that field of study. Please check with each department for current information. Jump to main content.

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Resumes Employers often spend only seconds scanning a resume, so it must work hard to quickly communicate your skills and value. Cover Letters Most job or internship applications require a cover letter as well as a resume. Connecting with Alumni Whether you are making decisions about your major, post-undergraduate education or career, alumni are often eager to offer advice and referrals. Contacting alumni Start with a email. Preparing for the conversation Do not ask for a job or internship.

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Follow up Be sure to follow up with a thank you email within 24 hours, mentioning at least one piece of advice they gave you and how you will pursue their recommendations further. Informational Interviews An informational interview is an informal conversation with the goal of gathering information and advice, not applying for a job or internship. Ask questions Do your research and develop tailored questions based on prior research of the individual and organization. Hanford: Yes, that's correct.

Anderson: I think that my experience in customer relations via the Internet in real-time puts me in the unique position of understanding what works and what doesn't. Hanford: Yes, that does sound useful.

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What difficulties and challenges do you think we might run into? Anderson: Well, I think we'll continue to see consumers spend more of the shopping dollars online.

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I've been studying how sales directly relates to customer satisfaction with online services. Hanford: Would you mind giving me a bit more detail on that? Anderson: Sure It's much easier to lose customers online.

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That's why you need to make sure that you get it right the first time round. Hanford: I can see you've learnt quite a lot in the short time you've been working in e-commerce.

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Anderson: Yes, it's an exciting field to be working in …. Share Flipboard Email. Kenneth Beare has taught English and English as a second language teacher since Updated April 28, Give short, positive answers to questions. Don't go into too much detail. Expect questions about the weather or how you arrived at the job interview.

It's a good idea to make a pleasant comment yourself to break the ice. Keep it short, positive and simple. Mention the name of the referral at the beginning of the interview. Ideally, this should be done when asked about how you found the job opening. Provide the name of the referral, but don't go into too much detail about the relationship, unless asked. Give the name of the referral only once. Top link list of interview questions and answers. Top Interview Tips for Job Seekers The index page contains links to the most read articles providing tips and coaching for your interview preparations, salary negotiations and more.

How to Find a Job Make use of this step by step Job Search guide on how to find jobs, where to find job listings, personal branding and networking, including the use of social media networks for a job search. Career Planning and Career Development Hundreds of articles on career enhancement and career coaching.

It also provides hot information on new trends and career opportunities.

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