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A mature Christian responds rather than reacts to situations and decisions. There are rules for discernment , found in the Spiritual Exercises of St.

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Ignatius, that can be the foundation of your learning process and spiritual journey. The rules are split into two camps and are meant to help you recognize happiness and fulfillment and guide your way back when the path is difficult. Places of desolation fog your vision of what you want for the future, appearing in the form of anger, anxiety, depression and other states of find that can leave you feeling helpless. These Ignatian Rules for Discernment help you take the time you need to clear your head and look for God in your life.

The Virgin Mary will lead us and guide those who ask for her help on their spiritual journey. Praying with Mary can lead us all to a stronger relationship with the Lord. This spiritual guide can work through options and information with you, asking the right questions and providing advice and prayer exercises to look inward and develop a personal relationship with the Lord.

It can be challenging to find the right spiritual director for your journey. Not every priest can be a spiritual director, and not every spiritual director will be right for you. The relationship depends on trust and deep heart-to-heart conversations. Once you find someone, take the relationship slowly. Test out a couple of sessions with your new spiritual director before committing long term.

The following resources can help you on your spiritual journey to discernment and strengthening your relationship with God. Discernment is centered around strengthening your faith and your relationship with God. The Oblates of the Virgin Mary wish you lots of faith, hope and love on your spiritual journey!

Discerning God's Will

What resources have you found valuable on your journey? Your email address will not be published. Desire : Emotional awareness. I re-evaluated my entire way of living because it made me realize that I was not as close to God as I thought! Brandy - Arlington, VA. Larry Richards. Mark Miravalle. Contemporary Sainthood Contemporary Sainthood In this incredible double feature, Mark Hart illuminates what it means seek sanctity in the 21st century. Mark Hart does it again!

Every Catholic should listen to this!!!

8 Keys to Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

Todd-Coral Springs, FL. This CD has changed my life! It has given me a clearer understanding of anger and how we can overcome it. Dan - Oakdale, CA. Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald. It reinforced what I knew and added some wisdom and understanding on suffering. I want to order of these CDs to hand out to my family and friends.

Mary - Freedom, WI. It jolted me out of stagnation! It has renewed my love for the Mass and for Jesus. Nancy - Plattsburgh, NY. Jesus Is This talk is as insightful as it is entertaining! Joseph- Williamsburg, VA. Michael Schmitz. Customer Comments Fr Larry is an expert at keeping our attention—and what better topic than one that plagues us all?

Monica-Wichita, KS What an inspiring talk!

"How To Know God's Will For Your Life" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Oh GOD Awesome Word)

Larry gives us specific ways to discern God's will for our life, we just have to take the time to do it! Hear it step by step from straight-talking Fr. Larry, the priest with grit! Julie This talk simplified my understanding of God's will for my life and was explained in a way that can be understood by many. Imee-Cypress, CA Great inspiration when one is in stages of desperation. Much needed jump start! Carleen-North Dakota This talk gave a down to earth explanation and great tips on how to do God's will in whatever stage of your life you find yourself!

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Real, usable and practical advice about getting closer to God which reached a need in me I didn't know I had! Donna-College Station, TX Straightforward and honest talk meant for young adults and also for those who have forgotten how to ask God what He wants for us. What a wonderful formula for us all to pursue Holiness. If you have been praying but still doubting please listen to this powerful CD.

Moses-Malawi, Africa Fr. What a gifted preached -- with a grace to capture hearts for Christ! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Randy — Gretna, NE Fr. Richards is really a dynamic spiritual speaker whose talk penetrates deep in the heart of his listeners. I have listened to all his CD's and felt that he is touched by God. His theology and great knowledge of the Scripture, together with the power of the Holy Spirit that undoubtedly guides his talk inspired me as a Chaldean Catholic and gave me an incentive to research and learn more about Catholicism so as to be better equipped with my faith and defend it.

His explanation of the Mass, Discerning God's Will,The Truth, and Confession added so much to my knowledge as I listen to them over and over while driving to work or having a fried with me May God bless Fr. Larry Richards and strengthen him to serve always with the same power and zeal to spread God's word and his beloved Son, our Redeemer Jesus Christ for ever!

How to Discern God's Will: Getting Started on Your Spiritual Journey | Oblates of the Virgin Mary

If you had questions about discerning God's Will before you won't after you hear this cd! He is very specific! Excellent lesson on know God's will. It is a "How To Jan - Pittsburgh, PA Profound! Excellent CD! And best of all, it brought me closer to Jesus! Larry Richards is an insightful and energetic speaker. Great talk. Arthur - Toronto, ON The speakers humor and straight talk. My husband and I listen in the car, and it's an excellent way to learn more about our faith. I think we listened to "Discerning God's Will" at least ten times through. Father Larry is a great speaker with an ability to captivate an audience.

His talks are faithful, educational, and entertaining, downright funny at times. I gave the CD to a friend to listen to.

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Her six-year old grandson loved it so much, she asked if she could buy it from me! I told her to keep it with my blessing. Father Larry is the priest you wish were assigned to your parish so all young people, and their parents, could hear his message. I'm back to purchase another of this CD and others.

Eventually I'll pass them on. A little way to evangelize.