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The AutoSize parameter adjusts the column widths to minimize truncation. In this example, Start-Job runs a Get-Counter command as a background job on the local computer.

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To view the performance counter output from the job, use the Receive-Job cmdlet. The MaxSamples parameter specifies to get samples of the counter. ComputerName specifies the two computers and MaxSamples specifies to get 10 samples from each computer. This example gets the value of a performance counter on 50 random, remote computers in the enterprise. The ComputerName parameter uses random computer names stored in a variable.

To update the computer names in the variable, recreate the variable.

An alternative for the server names in the ComputerName parameter is to use a text file. For example:. This example uses the Path property of a counter set to find the formatted path names for the performance counters. The pipeline is used with the Where-Object cmdlet to find a subset of the path names. To find a counter sets complete list of counter paths, remove the pipeline and Where-Object command.

Get-Counter uses the ListSet parameter to specify the Memory counter set. The command is enclosed in parentheses so that the Paths property returns each path as a string. The objects are sent down the pipeline to Where-Object. This example gets the formatted path names that include the instances for the PhysicalDisk performance counters.

The command is enclosed in parentheses so that the PathsWithInstances property returns each path instance as a string. In this example, a single value is returned for each performance counter in the local computer's Memory counter set. The property values in the PerformanceCounterSample object represent each data sample.

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In this example we use the properties of the CounterSamples object to examine, select, sort, and group the data. The object is sent down the pipeline to Format-List. In this example, a variable stores each performance counter. The CounterSamples property is an array that can display specific counter values. CounterSamples[0] displays the array value for the first counter value. This example finds the amount of processor time used by each processor on the local computer.

The CounterSamples property is used to compare the counter data against a specified value. CounterSamples are sent down the pipeline. Where-Object uses a script block to compare each objects value against a specified value of CookedValue is a variable for the current object in the pipeline. Counters with a CookedValue that is less than 20 are displayed. This example shows how to sort performance counter data.

The example finds the processes on the computer that are using the most processor time during the sample. Format-Table uses the Property parameter to select the columns for the output.

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Specifies one computer name or a comma-separated array of remote computer names. To get performance counter data from the local computer, exclude the ComputerName parameter.

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For output such as a ListSet that contains the MachineName column, a dot. Get-Counter doesn't rely on PowerShell remoting. You can use the ComputerName parameter even if your computer isn't configured to run remote commands. Samples are obtained every second for each specified performance counter. Use the SampleInterval parameter to increase the interval between continuous samples. Specifies the path to one or more counter paths. Paths are input as a comma-separated array, a variable, or values from a text file. You can send counter path strings down the pipeline to Get-Counter.

If the counter path doesn't include the computer name, Get-Counter uses the local computer. Lists the performance counter sets on the computers.

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Enter one name or a comma-separated string of counter set names. You can send counter set names down the pipeline. To get a counter sets formatted counter paths, use the ListSet parameter.

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