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While behind the car, lob a smoke grenade at the BTR. In just a few moments, it'll unleash a smoke screen, allowing you to safely run past the BTR--stick to the right side of the street to duck into an alley just beyond. Immediately take cover behind the dumpster there and target the enemies beyond. Push forward through the alley, taking cover by another dumpster ahead, then the jutting wall just before the gas station's parking lot--this provides fantastic protection as you target the inbound enemies. After thinning the herd, push forward to the gas station's office on the left, just before the window.

Peek inside to take down a few enemies there. With the gas station cleared, follow Foley across the street to a car, just in front of Nate's restaurant. You heard the Sergent! The entrance into Nate's is just behind you--head inside and make a left to enter the kitchen, where you'll find the ladder leading to the roof. On the roof? Good--as you're going to have hold off some inbound troops from here. You may have noticed an automated turret by the roof's ledge--you can move this baby around by grabbing it like any other weapon, but leave it its current location for now.

On either side of the turret are some trip-mines and a thermal rifle--if you want, you can set up the mines around the various rooftop entrance such as by the ladder, or gaps in the wall , but we actually recommend ignoring them and instead using only the turret and the rifle, as you don't have much time.

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After grabbing the thermal rifle, use its scope to pick off the enemies attacking from the north--the more enemies you take down, the fewer you'll have to deal with climbing onto your rooftop. Of course, your peripheral vision is limited when using the scope, so be sure to zoom out between targets to quickly acquire another. If you run low on ammo at any point, an ammo box behind you provides an unlimited supply. Rooftop Intruders! If any enemies breach the roof, grab the turret and spin it around so it faces the enemies as they clamber onto the roof--it'll mow them down in a jiffy!

Before long, Sargent Foley will alert you to more troops inbound from the south, which is the direct opposite ledge. Grab the turret and plant it down on the opposite ledge, then use your thermal scope again to pick off the inbound troops--you'll need the thermal scope to see through the smoke screen they set up.

Remember, if any enemies get onto the roof, reposition the turret so it faces them, then take cover behind any of the rooftop's structures if you need to. Once you've cleared out the attacking forces, drop back inside the restaurant when the sergeant instructs you to. After dropping into the restaurant, you'll be tasked with grabbing the predator drone control rig from the diner across the street--which is teeming with enemies. The best way to go about this is to exit through the door you entered from, and head around the backside of the burning helicopter wreckage--now run parallel to it, across the street and make your way to the marked diner.

As you approach the diner, crouch before one of the windows for cover, enabling you to target the enemies inside. When clear, enter the diner and grab the control rig from the counter. After grabbing the rig, crouch behind the counter and equip it by tapping down on the control-pad. Your view will now switch to that of a missile on the predator drone--use it to launch a couple of missiles, steering them into the marked BTR80 vehicles on the ground.

It'll be destroyed before you can arrive, so head for the Burger Town instead, to the southeast, just right of Nate's. Approach Burger Town and take cover below the windows, peeking up every now and then to target the enemies within. Once he's safely holed up in the meat locker, take cover somewhere in the restaurant, such as behind the counter, and use the Predator Drone once again to wipe out the attacking enemy forces outside.

Continue firing missiles at large groups of enemies until the drone is destroyed. Once the drone's destroyed, you'll have to hold off the enemies attacking from the direction as marked on your HUD. Remain in the restaurant and use your thermal rifle to pick them off either through the windows, or from the backside. Keep in mind that the enemies will attack in waves from different directions, so adjust your aim toward the market 'target' location.

Before long, you'll be alerted to an inbound chopper; thankfully there's a rocket launcher in the diner to the west ideal for taking it down. The best way to get there is to exit the Burger Town to the south, crossing the street far away from the action, then head for the diner. Grab the launcher inside, then aim it at the chopper and fire a missile as soon as you have a lock-on to destroy it. With the first chopper destroyed, another will soon roll in. Luckily, there's another launcher on top of Nate's.

We recommend running north up the street first, before crossing over to Nate's to avoid enemy encounters. Quickly climb to Nate's roof via the ladder in the kitchen, grab the stinger, and use it to take down the second chopper. With the second helicopter down, your escape convoy will roll in ahead--if you try and dash straight for it, you'll get creamed. Instead, exit Nate's out to the west and run alongside the Taco building, before making a straight shop for your escape ride. This route will ensure you don't take any heavy fire.

Dart up the hill, after your squad. Head right around the brick building at the top, but stay on the lower level. Use the corner for cover as you target the enemies around it--you'll find a couple of explosive barrels one by the shack on the right, another on the rooftop ahead that can be detonated for a few quick kills. After thinning the enemy presence, dash through the shack on the right, into a small house just ahead--just be sure to shoot the gunmen inside through the door before entering.

Hole up in here for a few moments and shoot the enemies through the window and back door, including the pair of gunners on the back of a couple of trucks. When you reach the field ahead, you should be able to simply dart alongside the chain link fence on the left to a staircase behind the building. After climbing the stairs, take cover by the wooden fence on the right to clear out the enemies ahead, including those within the building.

Continue around the corner and take cover by a low, concrete wall on the left and work on clearing the street. Push your way up it, taking cover when necessary, and continue up the hill in the back. About halfway up, you'll spot a blue car on the right, with two doorways nearby. Take the one on the left and head upstairs to find the intel. At the top of the hill, use the building on the left for cover as you peer around it to target the enemies beyond. Push forward, using the vehicles for cover, up to an alley on the left--clear out the enemies there, then use the wall closest to the street you just emerged from for cover to clear out the remaining enemies, including a gunner on a truck in the bar.

Just around the next corner is the market--hang back and slowly peek around it to target the first few enemies. Now slowly work your way through the market toward your destination, sticking to the right wall--the myriad tables and objects along the way provide great cover. When you reach the burning turn, enter the building on the left and continue through it to find the chopper. Unfortunately, there's too much action for the chopper to land, so you'll have to relocate it elsewhere. For now, clear out the few enemies outside, then follow your squad up a wall on the other side of the courtyard, then across the rooftops.

As you attempt the final jump just before the chopper, you'll fall to the ground below. You gotta get out of there, and fast! Dash into the building dead-ahead and follow the route up to the rooftops. Once there, head toward the marker--upon reaching it, make a sharp left and drop to the rooftops below, then make a right. Just a bit further until the chopper! Once it comes into view, make a running jump for it!

For most of this mission, you'll be assisted by a tank that can provide cover fire. However, you'll have to designate where it shoots by selecting targets with your laser activate it by tapping right on the control-pad, then confirm a target by pulling the right-trigger. You can target practically anything, such as homes or groups of enemies, then watch with glee as the tank mows down the combatants. For the most part, you should hang back behind the tank and let it take out the targets you select.

This will keep you out of harm's way, though if you do draw fire, simply reposition yourself and use the tank as a shield.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide

On occasion, you may have to push forward, ahead of the tank, toward the sergeant who's marked with the "follow" icon , triggering the next segment. Once you have, you can then pull back again and resume the same strategy. Before long, you'll encounter a fortified checkpoint, just before an overpass. Again, hang back and target the various buildings and groups of enemies with the targeting laser and let the tank clear most of them out, leaving you with clear-up duty. A short distance past the checkpoint, you'll begin crossing over a bridge. Makle sure to select targets for the tank to target as you cross!

Further up the street is a large mansion you'll have to enter in order to exit out a side door on the left side. Focus the tank's fire on it first, then enter through the garage and clear it out. Now enter the house proper via the left door and continue to follow the left wall to the exit in the room with the billiard tables.

Back outside, you'll spot two vehicles: one ahead, another to the left. Target each with your laser to star a bombing raid, taking them out. After the bombing raid, follow the dirt trail on the left back to the main street, and cross the bridge to the burning building. Don't worry, there's no more enemies to deal with. Enter the burning building and head upstairs. Grab the briefcase by the corpse in the panic room to complete the mission.

After pulling yourself onto the platform, follow the squad up the stairs. There you'll notice a guard looking over the railing--take him out with your default weapon, which is suppressed. The first few hostages are being held in a room on the left, which you'll have to breach via either of the two doors. Approach either door and plant a charge on it. After it detonates, you'll automatically swivel through the door--at this point, the game plays in slow-motion for a few seconds, giving you a chance to take down the hostage takers before they can react.

Depending on which door you came in from, begin aiming from that side of the room and work your way toward the opposite end, making sure not to kill any hostages. The enemies are easily visible as they're all dressed in white, and are standing. With the first room clear, follow your squad up a couple flights of stairs to an exterior walkway. They'll lead you to a second room that also needs to be breached. We recommend breaching the second room via the closest door, as it provides an easier vantage point in which to target the enemies inside--remember to avoid the hostages!

With the second room cleared, plant a charge on one of the marked bodies--your partner will take care of the other. With the C4 planted, exit the room and follow MacTavish up the scaffolding back in the direction you just came from. Wait here for the inbound enemy units to discover the corpses, then blow them away when MacTavish says "do it. Drop off the scaffolding and push forward along the walkway, using the stacked materials on the left for cover, then moving up to the corner ahead to target the enemies on the staircase, before climbing up to the third level.

After climbing the stairs, take cover behind the pile of wooden planks and target the enemies beyond. As you push forward, an attack chopper will drop in--duck into a room on the right for both protection, as well as a rocket launcher that can be used to take it down. However, before grabbing it, target any remaining enemies through the room's far exit.

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Now grab the launcher, and fire a rocket as soon as you obtain a lock-on. With the helicopter down, continue along the walkway around the corner. Use the barrels on the left for cover, then push forward to the next corner and use it for cover as well to clear out the remaining enemies, before climbing the far staircase to the top level. So here's the deal: the top-deck will soon be saturated with smoke, making it impossible to see without the assistance of a thermal scope. Even worse, your enemies are equipped with thermal vision, making you easy pickings. If you don't already have a thermal rifle, you'll find them scattered all over, so be sure to grab one.

At any rate, because of your visibilly, finding a good place cover-point is crucial. We found the best place for cover is a large storage crate on the right side. To get there, turn right as soon at the top of the stairs and follow the railing to a chain link fence, then follow that up to the shipping container.

Once at the shipping container, go prone and use whip out your thermal rifle if you don't already have one, there's one resting against this very crate. Now face out, parallel to the container and take down anyone that crosses your field of vision. As long as you can kill them quickly, you shouldn't take any fire.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough

Once you've thinned the crowd, it's time to pick off the remaining baddies holed up in the windows above. You can pick off the first few by sniping from around the corner of the shipping crate. For the rest, simply back away from it to make them visible. With the area cleared, breach the room ahead and quickly take down the hostage takers--make sure to target some dude trying to knife you on the right, and be careful not to hit any of the explosive barrels. After saving the hostages, follow the squad out to the waiting helicopter. The chopper will drop you off inside the prison soon, but before then it'll stop occasionally giving you a chance to snipe the enemies on the various towers.

Take aim if you wish, but you can also conserve your ammo and let your teammates take everyone down for you. After disembarking from the chopper, follow your squad up to the corner by the chain link fence and target the enemies on the high ridge ahead. Follow your squad up to the anti-aircraft vehicle and wait here--a friendly chopper will drop in and take care of the enemies on the rooftop ahead.

After the helicopter finishes up, you'll find more enemies just beyond the chain link fence ahead. Instead of tackling them head-on, head inside the building via a broken window just right of the fence, allowing you to safely target them through another window. Once clear, follow your squad into the next area, ready to kill two soldiers who'll attempt to climb the staircase ahead. Trail your squad down the stairs, leading into the prison. Use the corner at the base of the stairs to take down the enemies guarding the control room. Exit the control room via the staircase down to a circular corridor bordering the jail cells.

We recommend pushing through the corridor slowly, and only after clearing out all the visible enemies ahead--because the corridor is circular, you can target any enemy from any point in the corridor, enabling you to take them down before they pose much of a threat. If you do take fire, simply crouch beneath the barred windows to recover health. Follow your squad down the stairs into the small armory room at the end of the walkway.

You'll wind up locked inside the armory for a short period. Grab a riot shield from the center wall and swap to it between kills to regain health--try to keep your back to the center wall whenever possible to minimize exposure. Before long, even more will storm in. Hunker down and wait until your squad can get the door open, allowing you to escape back to another circular corridor. Keep your shield equipped as you push forward, using its melee attack to take down any nearby enemies.

Once you've cleared out the nearby ones, you can use your guns to pick-off the others on the walkway ahead from your present position. At the end of the walkway, rappel down the wall. This is just before the sequence where you rappel down the wall. After rappelling down the wall, activate your night-vision up on control-pad and proceed into the dark corridor. Take cover by each corner within and peek around them to target the enemies beyond. Make sure to deactivate night-vision when you enter the light-filled room.

You'll soon reach a room with myriad pipes running along the walls. Take cover by the first corner to target the enemies hiding among the pipes in the room ahead. Push forward, crouching below the pipes and continue down a thin corridor. Now three enemies await just around the corner at the end, and they'll quickly turn you into hamburger if you're not careful.

As such, we recommend going prone at the end of the corridor, then peeking around the corner just enough to target a single enemy at the time. Once you've cleared the area, go downstairs and plant a charge on the wall to create an entrance. When everything goes slow-motion, take down as many enemies as you can. Okay, so this locker room is divided into three main section--we recommend hanging back as far as you can and clearing out all visible enemies before pushing forward to the next section.

To start things off, hang back by the breached entrance and use the three shower stalls for cover as you target both the enemies further up, as well as those on the upper walkways. With the first area cleared out, take cover to either side of the entrance leading into the next one and focus on clearing it out too. This time, some riot guards will roll in ahead--toss cooked grenades if you have any behind them to quickly thin them out.

Barring that, you can also flank them from the sides, but make sure you've cleared the walkways first! Once you've cleared the area enough, make a dash for a hole in the ground, in the back, dropping you into the sewer. After dropping into the sewer, follow your teammates down the ramp, to a wall you can breach where you'll find Price. The next part is simple, as there are no enemies to watch out for.

Just stay close to your squad as you follow them through the sewer. Although one of the paths will be blocked off, they'll quickly lead you to another. There, you'll wind up covered in debris, but worry not for your teammates never leave a solder behind! As soon as you come to, dash to the rope and latch on before it departs! Proceed through the underground corridors to regroup with your squad. Follow them outside and through the trenches and field up to a wall, just before the Capital building. Wait here until the sergent instructs you to move into the building--make a mad dash for the right staircase and head inside!

As soon as you enter the Capital building, take cover behind a pillar along the left wall, and peek around it to target the enemies ahead and on the walkway. Push forward after your squad, through the elevator lobby. The far left elevator is having trouble shutting because a corpse blocking the way--good thing too, as the intel's just inside!

Crouch to enter. Take cover by the windows in the room ahead and take down the enemies before proceeding into the next area. There, use the desks for cover to clear the room, before climbing the staircase in the back to the second floor. Follow your squad along the second floor walkway to some piled rubble you can use to climb up to the fourth floor. You'll face some mild resistance along the way, but it's nothing you can't handle. Once there, take cover by the window to clear the balcony, then do the same at the nearby corner to clear the remainder of the room.

Now climb the stairs in the back to the fifth level. On the fifth level, follow the hall to the first room on the left. Shoot the enemies through the door before heading inside.

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Now work your way through the series of rooms to an exit leading onto the balcony. Clear the balcony first by targeting the enemies through the door before stepping out onto it. Take control of the sniper rifle on the edge of the balcony and use it to kill the targets setting up mortars in the distance.

You can try and shoot them while they're running, but it's easier to wait until they get into position. As soon as this objective appears, turn around and get ready to shoot several enemies storming out onto the balcony through the door--if you have any grenades, you may want to use them now. A jutting section of wall can provide cover from their fire. When the vehicles start rolling in, grab the Javelin from the ground close to the wall and then use it to take down three or four vehicles to the right of the Washington Monument.

You only have a minute and a half to get to the rooftop…and that's plenty of time. Just dash toward the markers; they'll lead you right to it! Like is usually the case with these vehicle sections, you don't actually have to do anything if you don't want to--you're not going to get shot out of the sky or anything. The first half of this mission sees you and Captain Price pushing through the forest toward an enemy camp.

You'll encounter several groups of enemy units along the way, and each time you have the option of sneaking past or taking them down. We'll suggest which option you should take at each encounter. Start off by trailing Captain price up to the brush by the road. Wait here for a pair of jeeps to pass, then target one of the guards ahead when Price instructs you to--he'll take care of the other.

Follow Price up the street and then take down both the soldier and the dog on the left, while Price handles the others. Carry on across the bridge. Before long, a small team of soldiers will come searching for you; stay near Price and don't move until they pass by to avoid engagement. Just ahead are three more patrols and a dog. Take out the two on the right it's faster and easier to target both the further back you are while Price handles the one and his best friend on the left.

You'll encounter a larger squad up ahead--for this one it's best to remain out of sight and then follow Price once they pass. Although you'll encounter them again just ahead, continue to wait by Price to remain out of sight until he starts heading up the hill. At the top of the ridge, Price will instruct you to take control of the Predator Drone--do so, but don't bother trying to do anything with it, as it's about to be shot out of the sky.

Now follow Price down the hill. After sliding down the hill, follow Price to a box ahead and replace your sniper with the weapons there. Now follow the street up to the jeep ahead and stay behind it for cover. By this point, you should now have access to a new predator drone--this should be your primary weapon for clearing the field. You have an unlimited supply of missiles, and each one can take down numerous enemies at a time. The only quirk is that you'll have to wait about 20 seconds between missiles, so use that time to take down any enemies who may be approaching and reload your weapons.

Once you've cleared the first wave, push forward to trigger the next. Take cover somewhere, such as behind the green house on the right side, and use the Predator Drone to once again clean house. With the area cleared, follow Price afterward up a path to the northwest to some boulders overlooking the enemy base. We recommend going prone here and using the Predator Drone for a couple of minutes to completely clear the area of enemies--target the helicopter first, then go after the ground troops.

Once clear, loosely follow Price through the base, sticking to the left side. You'll find that at several points, more guards will appear. Each time this happens, take cover either inside a building, or behind an object and use the Predator Drone exclusively to completely eradicate the enemies before pushing forward. Tip Although you're given the impression that the submarine can depart at any moment, it won't. So take your take as you infiltrate the base. After Price boards the docked submarine, climb up the tower to the left of it and go prone behind the boxes there.

This will shield you from enemy fire, allowing you to once again use the Predator Drone to easily kill the enemy infantry.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough

Before long, the submarine will launch a nuclear missile, ending the mission. For the first portion of this mission, you don't have to do much of anything. Just chill inside the chopper until your view switches to that of an astronaut. Now this next part can be slightly tricky: look to the right. Yup, that's it: look to the right to spot an inbound nuclear missile. After your buddy lifts the debris blocking the exit, follow the squad up the street into a building on the right.

Following the brief discussion, follow Foley up the street, where you'll meet up with a runner. Enter the building beyond and climb the staircase to a door. Take cover on the left side and target the enemies within, moving up to the first corner inside when able, then up to the cubicles to target the enemies in the back. Exit the room through the back and take cover by the entrance into the next one and do the same. When empty, drop outside through the large hole on the right and follow your squad through the courtyard.

You'll soon encounter three enemies on a vehicle ahead--stay cool and let your squad take 'em down. Further up you'll encounter another group that Foley initially mistakes for friendlies. Start gunning for them as soon as Foley tosses the flare. The wall you're at now should provide a good vantage point, though you may want to move up to the overturned vehicle ahead. When clear, enter the building across the street and head down the stairs on the ride to the bunker, ending the chapter.

You need to work your way to the west wing, but it's heavily fortified.

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The best way to get there is to run along the barbed wire to the left, leading up to an overturned vehicle. If you get hit along the way, drop into one of the holes along the way and go prone, positioning yourself so the white house is not visible meaning they can't see you. Once you've recovered, hurry along to the overturned vehicle, just before the west wing. When at the overturned vehicle, go prone and shoot any enemies in the field perpendicular to it, before attempting to target those by the west wing itself.

If you're having trouble targetting them, either by peeking around the vehicle, or backing away from it, wait a few moments for your squad to take care of most of them for you. Once things have quieted down a bit, dart around the vehicle and follow the barbed wire up to the left side of the west wing. Quickly take down the enemies nearby, then look for the entrance on the other side--take down the enemies through it first before heading in.

Head to the back room, where one of your teammates will shoot open a door. Before heading through, shoot the enemies in the room beyond through it. Look for the intel just through the door, on a couch to the left. Push forward through the room, using the corners for cover. When you turn the bend ahead, you'll wind up in the West Wing's press room.

Use the low counter for cover to target the enemies ahead. Now you may have noticed some columns on the left separating the room from the outside--use them for cover, while strafing between the two to kill the enemies both within and outside including those rappelling down a wall ahead.

ACR - Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Weapon Guide

Push forward through the room, where you'll be alerted that you only have two minutes to make it to the roof. Don't sweat the timer too much though, as it's plenty of time. Just follow Foley through the rooms, stopping before each to take down the few enemies beyond--he'll lead you right to the roof where you can strike a flare to complete the mission. This is just before reaching the rooftop. Follow your squad down the hill where you'll suddenly encounter some land mines--immediately hold crouch to go prone and avoid being blown to pieces.

Now seek cover behind a nearby tree a think one to the right works great and open fire on the enemies ahead. Once you've cleared the first few enemies, they'll set up a smoke screen. Instead of trying to battle them through it, simply hug the right wall and run right through it! Continue to follow the wooden fence bordering the cliff's edge up to the road. Avoid being run over by the trucks, then follow the road up to house.

There's a few enemies outside--back down the hill if you need to recover health. Breach the front entrance of the safehouse and immediately target two soldiers ahead, one on the stairs, and another just right. As soon as they're down, aim for two more around the right corner. If you take damage, simply back outside for safety.

Once clear, head downstairs to find a few more soldiers in a hallway, right by two more rooms that need to be breached--use the corner just before the hall for cover. Once clear, breach the room on the left first and shoot the three guards trying to escape. Now breach the other room, targeting a soldier on the right first, then another in the armory on the left. With the basement cleared, head back to the ground floor, then climb the stairs to the top-level.

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