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Our Garden Villas overlook the natural bush scenery, and our Balcony Suites and Garden View Rooms offer a beautiful outlook over our landscaped gardens. The Cattery is fully insulated against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. You have a choice of three different rooms for our visitors. Each one of these large rooms has 24 hour access to their own outdoor area with tropical plants and comfy balconies to curl up on.

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Our standard rooms, which are still very roomy and offer great views over our play area and of course are great for bird watching! The minimum size for the rooms is 1 metre wide by 2 metres long by 2 metres tall. All of our rooms are private with plush cat cubbys and covered litter trays. Of course all our cats have impecabbly clean stainless steel bowls which are replenished regularly. This carefully planned Play Area is fully secure and totally covered with overhead mesh.

The spacious area is landscaped and has a stimulating range of natural climbing apparatus, scratchpoles, and a cooling trickling fountain.

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For those cats who love getting out and investigating we are one of the few catteries who offer such extended Play Facilities. All rights Reserved. H i Linda, Aleigh, Sally and the rest of the team. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

Calabash Cat And His Amazing Journey

Verified Purchase. James Rumford was a Peace Corps volunteer living in Chad with his wife when she bought a wonderful cat, cut from a giant gourd and decorated with the wood-burning designs of the Kotoko people. That cat inspired this book, which is illustrated in the charming style of the calabash engravers of Chad. His original tale will keep you thinking long after you have closed the covers of this book -- about our one world, and about seeking knowledge and finding wisdom.

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An extra bonus is the bilingual format of the book, with every two-page spread having one page in English and one page in Arabic. The author modeled the Arabic calligraphy after the handwriting of his Chadian friend Brahim Adoum.

Chadian Arabic is spoken by certain tribes in Chad and, in its simplest form, is used as a market language in a country where many languages are spoken. Chadian Arabic is a spoken language and rarely written, so the beautiful calligraphy is an unusual treat. First, the art is beautiful and engaging. The bold lines and beautiful patterns within the animals are unique for children's books and very interesting to look at.

Next, the story is very good. Like many good children's stories, this adventure of a cat can be both interesting and meaningful on the surface, for a young audience, as well as providing a deeper message for us adults most likely reading the story to children.

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Grown ups, I ask you after reading this book, "What boundaries have you set to make the perimeter of your world? It is not possible to view the pages He has served in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan and Chad, where he was inspired to write ''Calabash Cat'' by the cat gourd his wife purchased there. He currently lives in Hawaii and continues to write and illustrate.

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Rumford, J. Calabash cat and his amazing journey. Cultural Theme: In African culture, the use of animals in artwork has been used for centuries to depict and illustrate the unique culture.

This story also highlights the unique landscape of West Africa including the desert, grasslands, jungles, and ocean. It describes how much the Chadians value the landscape and how it affects their livelihood and culture. Illustrations: The illustrations accurately reflect the cultural setting of the book which takes place in West Africa. The animals are drawn in the style of the calabash engravers of country of Chad.

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