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From hyper-specialist shops beating the online threat in Berlin to the Bulgarian city reversing the country's brain drain, from the Italian city finding new ways to tackle addiction to gambling to the Swedish town that has found innovative ways to combat extremism, we look at what European cities are doing to live better in our increasingly urban world.

Mulhouse has shown it takes at least a decade to turn things around. The town, under its former rightwing mayor Jean Rottner, decided boarded up shops were just the most visible symptom of deeper rooted problems. Town centre residents were among the poorest as higher earners moved to houses on the outskirts, leaving properties vacant and run down.

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Mulhouse set out to rebalance the housing mix. Generous subsidies for the renovation of building fronts expedited a facelift of more than buildings. Security and community policing were stepped up.


Transport was key — with a new tram system, bike schemes, shuttle buses and cheap parking. A town centre manager was appointed to support independents and high-street franchises setting up. Geography played a key role. While the town itself was poor, the surrounding area, close to Switzerland and Germany, had cross-border workers on an income far higher than the French average.

This was when local independents such as Liebold and her tea shop came along.

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Like all Mulhouse independents, her shop is as much about providing a social space as it is about retail. Zeugmann is renovating the second floor into a champagne bar for independent producers. They met at school in Mulhouse and had already opened a fashion franchise. Lutz is leading a drive to renovate neglected canalsides that run through various neighbourhoods.

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The focus is on the fine detail, including improved lighting — important in a town where winter nights come early. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, catch up on our best stories or sign up for our weekly newsletter. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.


In a neighborhood where fears about that nearly one-third run rampant, turning chat rooms into panic rooms. It was just under six months ago that our city seemed to be coming together in support of our striking public school teachers. Citizens all over the city were joining them on the picket lines, honking their horns in solidarity, absorbing and supporting their calls for the smaller classes sizes and increased support staff that Measure EE was intended to fund.

The measure, which needed two-thirds approval, got under half the vote.

Some who did told me yesterday that their anger at the lack of progress on the homelessness crisis influenced their decision to vote down the parcel tax. Why give their money to another big bureaucracy, they said, that would be unlikely to spend it efficiently? They said homelessness had grown to be such a divisive issue that they rarely talked about it with others or joined in discussions on their neighborhood message boards. When I heard the new homeless numbers, I thought to myself: We need, as a collective we, to make our voices heard, to demand of our leaders — local, state and national — the kind of action that will tackle this problem from all its sides at once.

But to do that we need to make the effort to speak out. We need to be willing to sacrifice. We need to find a way to come together. Outside my polling place, I sat mostly alone. Over more than two hours after 5 p. Regardless of how they landed on the parcel tax, more people should have been showing up. Skip to content. Travis, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, lives on Gower Street beneath the Freeway in Hollywood. But also by a combination of anger and shame, both on a civic and a personal level.

Spencer Windes, a third-generation Angeleno, articulated his wide-ranging ire in an email. City Beat: The loneliness problem in L. Could it end with a walk? Yesterday, a lot of people told me of their similar internal battles.

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Homeless people at almost every L. By Luis Sinco. Aug 31, AM. Would you donate a kidney to save your co-worker? What happens when near-strangers connect. By Nita Lelyveld. May 30, AM. Most Read.