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Prayer for the Fallen

Why We're Here. Submit a Story. Note to Journalists. Generic prayers for fallen hero: Lots of faith details missing in Parkland massacre coverage. But there were two constants that his friend could count on -- football and church. The bottom line: Bless be the ties that bind.


And his wife was also part of the youth group as well. Of course not.

Well, The Palm Beach Post did cover one large, emotional prayer vigil and memorial. His daughter, Jaime, was killed in the shooting.

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Work begins Monday on enhancements at 7MB public beach. More than people died during the minute assault, and the incident, along with a simultaneous attack on Scarborough, 60 miles south, outraged the nation. The prayer book was presented to him by his pupils when, only a year later, he resigned to join the Durham Pals, the 18th battalion of the Durham Light Infantry. Fresh out of basic training, his unit was sent to Hartlepool to guard its coastal gun batteries, but, within days, he had died in a surprise attack by the German Navy.

A piece of his uniform where it entered is also still pinned to the book.

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This all freezes the events of that day in time. The items are now in the public trust, owned by the museum on behalf of the people of Hartlepool. Do you have a passion to see stronger and deeper relationships between our schools and church communities? Are you able to think creatively, particularly when it comes to the mission of the church to bring schools and parishes together? We are looking for a God-centred, spirit-led leader who can listen, discern and compassionately inspire change as we begin a new journey focused on GROWTH. Sign In Subscribe.

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