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How do you keep the interest high for young adults whose brains get filled with so many other topics? Is there homework to be done, a vocabulary workout or else? You know that I always try to compare with my own experience: I must have a superior capacity for remembering because I often wonder how little people remember in my VHS class.

No grammar, unless someone asks for a rule. Only if we read books we also do it during the week und discuss it next term. This gets obvious when a word returns after a few weeks and everybody swears that they had never heard of it before. I just read, that Trump tilted it. Someone should tell him that the USA as well as Europe is a nation built of immigrants. Comment Well, balls have always fascinated me.

I need sports with quickly changing situations, such as all ball sports, downhill skiing and windsurfing both of which I practiced as long as my knees allowed, plus soccer, volleyball, tennis. These days it's just the gym and a lot of walking. And as these don't provide "quickly changing situations", my iTunes Store and Audible budget has increased considerably over the last years.

Comment Efraimstochter. Nur beim do -Satzbau ist zu verstehen, dass das Ganze etwas unterstrichen wirkt. Dies hast du aber vermutlich gemeint, da dieser ja dein zweiter Satz zum Thema war. Also, ich finde es erfrischend, wenn man so etwas ungeniert bekannt gibt. Zumindest in den U. Comment I have seen plenty of cars with a fish sticker, or with rosaries dangling from the rear-view mirror, or with Christophorus medals on the dash board, but never a car with the ten commandments posted on the doors.

Do you have a picture of that, by any chance? In any event, just people exercising their first-amendment rights. I see all kinds of non-religious stickers on cars around here, spanning the entire political spectrum from left to right well, mostly the left Comment Ja, Norbert.. So wie das erste Foto sehen sie aus.. Da habe ich nichts dagegen. Warum ist es ihnen wichtig, dass die eigenen Glauben Werbung wird? Meinen diese Leute wirklich, dass ihre Rechte wegenommen werden?..

Nur mit der Glauben-Sache, kommt es mir eher besserwisserisch oder so vor Na ja, ich habe so einen kleinen Fisch am Autohinten.. It's no longer insanely hot, just regular hot 92 degrees and muggy. Yeah, I have seen plenty of fish with feet sometimes accompanied by "Darwin" on cars as well :- Personally, I feel no desire to advertise my opinions to the world by via bumper stickers etc. Comment RenaRd , re Phase fertig. Phase auch fertig Ich hatte gehofft, dass ich in eine neues Klassenzimmer ziehen konnte, was leider nicht der Fall war.

Schuljahr eventuell bis werden sie ein Theater-Bibliothek-Computer-Zentrum bauen. Ich glaube, ich werde im Ruhestand sein, ehe das das Licht des Tages sieht. Ich meinte Unterrichtsstunden pro Tag. Der Stundenplan im amerikanischen Schulwesen ist anders als der deutsche. Stunde 2 - Mathe z. Comment Robert, you are correct, that's a bit of careless editing. I move to strike "by" which was the superior choice before I rewrote the second half of the sentence; "via" was what I intended for the new version.

That's a pretty ambitious and surprisingly long-term plan the school district has there. I hope it all works out before the bond money is used up.

SCHIFFSHEBEWERK - Definition and synonyms of Schiffshebewerk in the German dictionary

I have to stop writing for now. I feel completely empty-headed at the moment, probably on account of the weather. Comment That's a pretty ambitious and surprisingly long-term plan the school district has there. Ich auch! Wow, zuerst Harvey und dann Irma. Hoffentlich wird sie nicht so schlimm, wie vorhergesagt, aber Kategorie 5? I posted this rant in another thread and some opinions were that there is nothing wrong with the sentence.

My feeling is different. Irma seems to be really serious and I would be scared to hell. Is there a term a little bit weaker than this? I keep my fingers crossed for all people in the area. And hope that no new storm is going to hit Asia Comment As I understood it, they are observing the hurricane although I don't know with what kind of technology and taking measures of certain parameters, such as its wind speed. The figures they are getting indicate that it is the strongest hurricane ever since the start of those measurements. A couple of years ago they started using of all times instead, which is strikingly illogical in most cases.

Comment Norbert: Personally, I feel no desire to advertise my opinions to the world by via bumper stickers etc. Don't get me started. My personal favourite headshake-inducing thing is people who feel the irresistable urge to inform everyone, predominatly total strangers, within reading distance about the names of their children.

Comment Oh, "aller Zeiten"! Unfortunately there is a lot going on in the world that reminds me of my luck.

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They say that child molesters may well use the knowledge of the name to have a starting point when talking to a child. Knowing the name helps to build confidence. It was the largest evacuation in the history of the Fed. Around The Hessian public service broadcasting service was also affected. They have as all Federal public service brodcasting authorities in Germany several radio stations broadcasting different types of music or no music but information on politics or on cultural events. As they worked all together in Kassel that day they mixed the programs so that people heard a rather bizarre mixture of styles.

We did not hear any of it as we were on the train, but we were told that some thought it really fun to hear the music they liked together with what their parents liked decades ago and what their kids like to listen to. Comment Listened to the radio news, they said that wind velocities plural ok? I think the Antilles are already hit by now This , of course, is totally ok for me. Comment Someone in my wider neighborhood originally hails from the tiny Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis we chat occasionally on my daily walks. I think that is directly in the path of Irma as well.

I can imagine that winds of mph are extremely scary since deadly. Or was it the Virgin Islands? I don't map my mental map straight at the moment. Comment According to yesterday's prediction Irma will not hit all of Haiti but "only" the northern coast. As far as I know they did not yet recover from the last disasters.

A German news station reported on how to get your money back if the route of your cruise is changed due to Irma. Ich frage danach, weil in English haben wir 'Oh! Of all times! Bezieht sich auch der deutsche Ausdruck in diesem Fall auf allerschlimmstes Timing? Wenn ja, fehlt dieser Ausdruck bei LEO.

Wenn ich mich nicht versehen habe, ergibt 'Aller Zeit' nur 'of all time' Einzahl.. Comment eclectus , He-le-na's comment isn't a saying in itself. It referred to her agreement with virus over the stupid use of "biggest xy aller Zeiten ". Comment Yes, eclectus, Goldammer explained it well thank you, Goldammer. What type of drawing - sounds reads like a rather spontaneous thing!

By the way: "zweite Frage muss warten" not "abwarten" - I would say " die zweite Frage Comment Danke He-le-na u Goldammer! Zu Zeichnen.. Wir sind sechs oder sieben, die wir uns jede Woche in einem Atelier zum Zeichnen treffen. Alles ist ganz relaxed und zwangslos.. Wieso muss ein Teetrinker ab warten , bis irgendwas passiert, wogegen eine Frage einfach warten muss, bis es genug Zeit gibt, sie zu stellen?

Comment Danke Amy.. Comment Ich wollte sagen, sind wir denn nur fusselig, wenn wir kurze vs. Comment Abwarten und Tee trinken. It is more like wait and see, and drink tea. To calm down, to pass the time, or just so. Unterrichtung is rarely and in some contexts only used for briefing; in your case, it's Unterricht that you don't have. Right now I'm with my wife who is attending a painting class in Normandy Comment eclectus, it is "Abwarten und Tee trinken!

The meaning is similar to "Nichts wird so heiss gegessen wie es gekocht wird" - so, e. Like Kanzler Kohl - he was known for this kind of attitude. About him they said "er sitzt das Problem aus" - the term is "aussitzen" which refers to "abwarten" as well. Any GMS with a different opinion? Furthermore, Switzerland has omitted this letter. Comment mbshu was faster Comment hm-us said he wanted to wight "fusselig" at first and then realized it was "dusselig".

I feel "abwarten" is "to wait until something willl have happened" while "warten " means to wait for so or sth. What do other GNS think about that idea? Maybe the US is comparable to Poland regarding religion. In Poland I was one of few students not attending service on sundays and one of even fewer not to know the prayers. In Poland I sometimes said I was a Protestant. They had a lot of questions about Protetants and I did my best to explain whatever I know about Protestantism to them in Polish. This is due to me having been taught the old rules until fourth grade and the knew rules from fifth grade.

Why should VW be given busses? I still grin very broadly when remembering my confusion If you e. Often the resulting pullover sheds as well. I do not think that it is used with persons, but if it was I would consider that the "fusselige Person" is considered to be in a confusion, perhaps in a hectical way but without achieving anything at that moment. Or the hairstyle is Someone who is "dusselig" is a bit stupid but in a rather endearing way perhaps I only hope so because my mother somtimes called me "kleiner Dussel" - rarely seldomly? Here I am! A "Schussel"! Almost as "schusselig" as can be.

I forget things I was just told a few minutes ago, I don't remember where my keys are, glasses - let's change the topic, birthdays, appointments, wedding day Brain capacity is needed for anecdotes or other funny stories, which I usually remember well and for a long time. And then there is also "duselig" long "u" which I hear mainly from people from northern Germany.

The Rechtschreibreform was a mess, I agree, but I try to obey it nevertheless. But as the reform was reformed shortly after the first reform I sometimes get lost. If the word is used as a typical German word, the "ph" in words derived from a Greek origin is changed to "f", if the word is not a usual word, the "ph" is kept.

How do I know how many people in Germany use a word? According to the current Duden "Biogra ph ie" is also okay - was that originally intended or is this a result from the second reform?


Nevertheless we kept "Kuh". But I am resigned in the above paragraphs I sound much more upset than I really was - I just did not see the point in many reformed cases and try my best to write in a currently correct way. I interpreted the "muss schnell zeichnen gehen" as "I just have an idea at the moment that cannot wait to be drawn", which led to the idea of "spontaneous".

Comment He-le-na, I am not really upset any more but I make use of the choices given to us by the last reform, especially when it is about f vs. Do you know the film "Willkommen bei den Schtis"? I guess the joke is not all to well to be described in writing, I guess it is only funny if you know the film. Comment RE Au contraire! Comment When I first arrived to Switzerland I had to by some furniture, amongst others a bedroom cupboard.

I read in a catalogue about the "Masse" of that thing and thought: Why do I have to know the weight? Is it for statics? Until it came to my mind that they were talking about the dimensions Comment editing my above posting:.

Translation of «Staatsforst» into 25 languages

Comment Sure there are exceptions to a r u le, RenaRd. And I am not saying that the pre-deform rules were clearer than the deform rules. But I hold that, if you make a reform, it should improve things and not replace one mess with another. Since this is not the case, I call it a deform and stay with the mess or, set of rules that I learned at school. Comment mbshu: I just checked your status to possibly get a clue how old you are. Did you ever give it a chance than? I changed my habits within months and the only thing that always irritates me is addressing someone in a latter refraining from capitalization.

You seem to be much younger in the 40s probably? How do you survive in business using old spellings? Do you rely on a spell checker only? Sprachwissenschaft aller Art finde ich faszinierend. Ich muss jedoch zugeben, ich verstehe immer noch nicht den Unterschied zwischen warten und abwarten;-. Alle freuen sich, wenn Aussprache besprochen wird. Comment warten vs abwarten:. The hypothesis of virus was, if I understood it correctly, that "warten" is more appropriate if you expect that the event you are waiting for will eventually eventuate :- you only wonder when it will happen whereas "abwarten" often means that you are not sure at all that it will actually occurr so you also wonder whether it will happen.

I somehow agree, but the line between the two words is very fine and there will be many examples where the two words are interchangeable. Comment harambee, this theory sounds very nice in your words but I'm afraid it was not mine I think it was Ephraimstocher, but thanks for the flowers. You are probably right with the assumption that Grossschreibung in German might disappear as well, but I'd regret it, due to better readability. Speaking of typos, you can't imagine how many times I had to correct my own too-thick finger mistakes and letter twists.

Comment RenaRd: I'm 53; I have no children; in business, fortunately, I have not met aggressive proponents of the Rechtschreibdeform. I had to give in if it was my task to write press releases or marketing brochures; in my business letters, I can keep the traditional spelling. I even kept writing my BE while in Texas.

Comment mbshu, hi! I'm 53, too, and I'm sure you won't ever write "Fantasie" Many things with the "neue Rechtschreibung" I considerer as? Hello to everybody here everyone? I really like to read silently - sometimes I like to correct small mistakes in NES's German, sometimes I just don't have the time or spirit. I just want to send the kindest greetings to all snails in this thread- either left or right-ponded Comment In letzter Zeit ist recht viel los.

Genau vor einem Monat war hier der erste Eintrag. Vielleicht lag das an meinem falschen?

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  • Translation of «Schiffshebewerk» into 25 languages;

Gebrauch von 'abgewickelt' im Satz? War das falsch? Und nicht zuletzt.. Is anybody here? Hello, everyone, dipping my toe in here. I think I already tried it some years ago, but then life happened Comment Hello GuggstDu! Nice to see you! Is your nick based on Kaya Yanar's famous comedy show? Ja, ich bin auch leider sehr schusselig.

Aber wie RenaRd treffend gemerkt bemerkt? Oder so in der Richtung. In mancher Hinsicht -- Kapitalismus, Massenkonsum usw. Oder vielleicht liegt das eigentlich meist an Faulheit. Auf jeden Fall bekommen sie im Englischen keinen Apostroph. So fern sie ja noch zu retten sind, versteht sich.

Vielleicht ist dies sogar der Monat, wann sich noch mehr Mitleser trauen, ein paar Zeilen zu schreiben. Do we have to follow every spelling rule born of childish laziness? Sachen gibt's Comment I am mad as hell. America's largest credit reporting agency, Equifax, sneakily waited until the news media were busy with hurricanes, North Korea, etc to reveal that they had noticed the largest security breach to date on July 29, enabling criminals to syphon off the personal details including Social Security numbers and driver's license numbers of million Americans between May and July of That's more than half the adult US population.

I wrote to my Congressman after a previous breach at a large health insurance company, urging a strict prohibition on the use of the SSN for anything other than government purposes. I got a completely meaningless reply. Consumers have no meaningful defense against identity theft once criminals get hold of their SSN plus corroborating data, all conveniently aggregated by credit reporting agencies.

Comment RenaRd Da muss ich echt lachen. Bei der Sache denkst du gar nicht um die Ecke. Zweitens: Wie funktionieren denn, auf irgendeine sinnvolle Weise, Englisch.. Beim kleinschreiben fiele auch weder deuschsprachlern noch ihrer sprache der himmel auf den kopf;-. I feel the same way. Comment I payed attention tonight, and indeed, the tagesschau speaker mentioned a lot of Harry Kanes Habe das Obige mehrmals gelesen, und habe auch noch den Link verfolgt, bis mir endlich der Groschen Comment Norbert, the Equifax scandal made it to German news as well.

My radio also told me about the executives who sold shares, but according to that report the company insists that those executives cannot have known about the problem at the time they sold the shares. Difficult to tell whether that is true, but I would give them the benefit of the doubt.

It seems unlikely to me that many people inside the company knew about the problem. Otherwise something would have leaked out earlier. I assume something is grammatically wrong with the last sentence. I tried a couple of versions, but they all seemed wrong to me. Comment I read about the Equifax scandal, too, and found it really disturbing. Maybe, on the long run, the USA have to think about some changes of this system - a simple number like the social security number with so much linked to it seems to be a very dangerous feature in our times. And not as long as a farce like this takes place showing a president inquiring interrogating?

The way they are answering shows either impromptu talent or set phrases memorized for this moment. Contrary to the prayer his face was so emotionless, it sent shivers down my spine. Was ich aber bedauernswert finde, ist, dass anscheinend kein Iman, kein Priester, kein Rabbiner dabei war. Auch schade ist, dass nur eine Frau da war. Vorgestern habe ich die gute Nachricht erhalten, dass meine Mutter aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen wurde, d.

Aber diesmal scheint es ihr wirklich viel besser zu gehen. Comment Amy MiMi;. Thank you for reminding me that exercising religion in our countries is different. Most people in Germany think that praying should be done in churches ir thy privacy of our homes. Merkel is the daughter off a pastor, but as a chancellor she never mixed religion and politics publicly, and thanking helpers which she did a lot of times recently means shaking hands and thanking wholeheartedly. I find a show like that, praising the Lord, the President and the Vice President in the same breath simply ridiculous. The main reason for my posting was to make clear that in my opinion the US are far away from secularism.

See a Problem?

Comment The main reason for my posting was to make clear that in my opinion the US are far away from secularism. You don't say! As far as I am concerned, I would say that a bit more enlightenment and a bit less religious fervor would do us some good, but that's just me. I am a big fan of the strict separation of state and religion. The San Jose City Council starts its meetings with an invocation, but at least they cycle through representatives of all religions and denominations, and the religious element is somewhat toned downed.

Comment I am a big fan of the strict separation of state and religion. Ich auch. As far as I am concerned, I would say that a bit more enlightenment and a bit less religious fervor would do us some good. Das kommt noch, glaube ich. Deshalb wehren sich manche Christen. Hier ein aktuelles Beispiel aus Michigan. Das Verhalten mancher Kommissare finde ich verwerflich.

Comment I am not so sanguine in this regard. Religious fundamentalism in particular seems to be on the rise , across all religions. I note that we did not add the phrase "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance until and "In God We Trust" to our paper currency until , and I have heard of no credible efforts to reverse those decisions. Comment Thank you for the insight, Norbert. Having been un the US only for holidays I was not aware of this immense relevance of religion in political business. You lived in both sides of the pond and know what I mean.. Comment Interessant, Norbert.

Das wusste ich nicht.. Und noch etwas: Kirchliche Wesen.. While hula has religious origins, it's mostly an entertainment thing these days. Comment Ami-MiMi: I am glad your mother feels better. Comment Oh puhleeze, Norbert! San Jose is loaded with weirdos and crackpots. Comment So to "fruits and nuts", we can now add "weirdos and crackpots". What can I say? Last I checked, for all its varied problems, San Jose isn't run any worse than similar-sized cities around the country. Comment Zu welchen fruits and nuts?

Wo sind denn diese? Und wer hat was von 'hate' gesprochen, Norbert? Comment "Fruits and nuts" is a common derogatory characterization of Californians. We could further add "tech-left" and "Silicon Valley liberals", said with a Rush Limbaugh intonation. As far as I understand modern teenage slang and I am no authority on that by any stretch of the imagination , a "hater" is a person who says mean things about you out of presumed jealousy or envy. The phrase features in the Taylor Swift song " Shake it off ". Comment As most of you know I'm by no means a religious person. Nevertheless, I don't see a huge problem if council meetings start with a short prayer as long as the members want that and as long as members who don't want to join in are not bullied because of that.

I see, however, that life can be difficult for members who dissent, but if that is the case the root problem is not the prayer, it is somewhere else. I liked "Willkommen bei den Schtis" - although I don't seem to remember the exact misunderstandings. But the film really made me laugh. The expression "aller Zeiten" implies validity not only for the past but also for the future.

In such a case of natural desaster this is unnecessary nit-picking. But if a newspaper writes "teuerster Kinofilm aller Zeiten" and only two months later they promote another even more expensive film with the same words, then the content of the news is sufficiently irrelevant to be peevish about the wording. Comment He-le-na I love nitpicky discussions.

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And I disagree with you about "aller Zeiten". If it was right what you said, that "aller Zeiten" implies or refers to the future also, it would never make sense to say it, in any context, because nobody can tell if anything will be bigger, stronger, more expensive or whatever for all the future to come. I really understand it as "up to the present moment", because otherwise the phrase wouldn't make any sense at all. It will be interesting to hear more opinions! So for me this phrase does indeed make no sense at all. Why should " aller Zeiten" sounding pretty all-encompassing not include the future?

It is usually used to describe the fact that a new invention, research result, or development left the state of the art far behind. Others say observe? And if everybody understood everything the same way we would have nothing to be nitpicky about Just a thought: How much of interpersonal trouble is caused by misunderstanding and how much by difference of opinion? Comment I understand "aller Zeiten" as a phrase meaning "up to now". Comment Sometimes, a phrase or saying isn't logical and can't be taken completely literally, but according to its use in communication between people.

Of course, on a strictly logical level, detached from the real world, "aller Zeiten" can be understood as including past and future times. But it doesn't make sense in the real world, does it? Except when you argue that this phrase could and should only be used as a kind of absurd exaggeration beyond all reality.

I am quite sure that the majority of people understand it as covering only the past times until now. I will also ask more people. Comment RE "aller Zeiten" , resp "of all times". Which of cause is wrong still, nobody knows whether there was a worse hurricane or higher jump before we started measuring.

Comment RenaRd , herewith I claim to be nitpickier than you. There's an interesting list of such words in the article on " Januswort " which I also looked up. An example:. Comment It doesn't make sense in the real world! Normally I am quite relaxed if somebody makes more mistakes than I do or makes mistakes that I don't make. Reminds me of the nice expression "don't get me started on The article on "Januswort" is interesting. Comment I can't help myself thinking about "aller Zeiten" pointing into the future.

But I can try to keep my mouth shut or my fingers moveless when somebody uses it again - at least when they argue completely consistent that they understand it differently, like Ephraimstochter. Obviously, there is no "wrong". Goldammer Here! That's me! Strictly logical! The Januswort list is indeed interesting, we could think of many more like "Unkosten".

Are there similar examples from English? Comment Poor things! Those who approach language issues with strictly logical attitudes, they must be suffering a lot, not only about "aller Zeiten" Edith adds an article on auto-antonyms in the English aunt Wiki; if you scroll down, you find a list of English ones.

Comment Mein Lieblingsjanuswort ist "cleave": 1. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. Oh, I know. When I start noticing a new term or phrase or habit which is used on an on it starts scratching my brain. Are my examples correct and fitting?

To overlook something Comment This doesn't exactly fit the definition of a Janus word , but the phrase "I know shit" sorry about the s-word can mean "I am a knowledgeable person" or "I know absolutely nothing", depending on emphasis. Another fun fact: The sentence "I never said she stole my money" has seven meanings, again depending on which word is emphasized. Last one: Take the sentence "She told him that she loved him" and the word "only". The meaning of the sentence changes every time you put "only" in front of or behind a different word.

Unrelated The West Wing quote: "I dunno. Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? Thanks for your help, though. Comment Auto antonyms are really interesting und sometimes funny. Another interesting thing are Teekeselchen one word having two or more meanings, a German eyample is Schloss. Comment RenaRd I knew that "watch" was wrong but I just couldn't think of an adequate term expressing the opposite of "oversee".

Hast du denn gar nichts davon abbekommen? Was sehe hier nicht ein? Comment eclectus, it obviuos comes from the US and was called teapot. No idea. Comment Hey hm--us, we all got out on Saturday on one of the last flights out so we are fine. My folks went north and we went west to LA. The better half heads back to tonight, neighbors said the house was in good shape but no power for 3 days so the fridge and freezer might not be in great shape.

Hopefully it will be back on the grid soon and all in all if some food is the only problems we are really blessed. I head back Saturday. Tried a few times to respond earlier off cell phone but login never completed, sorry it took so long for the update. Aber immerhin hat es ein gutes Dach. What else is new Comment Danke, hm--us und snickerdoodle, dass ihr gemeldet habt. Ich bin froh, dass es euch gut geht. About the other Janus thread you mentioned - could it be this one? Comment Ja, genau, danke -- und auch an Leseratz, die ihn diesmal ausgegraben hat.

Es liegt mir fern, irgendjemanden vorzuwerfen, gelegentlich im CC mitgelesen zu haben. Comment virus, thanks for the information on tea pots. Why should it be embarassing to say that one reads the CC? Or do I simply completely miss you point? This weekend we will buy some equipment for our next vacation.

We plan to wander. Leo gives wor wandern wander and hike.


I am not sure which is better here. The idea is to take very long walks in areas where Wanderschuhe are needed. My pleasant anticipation rises with the preparations for the trip. Comment Ha, how nice, someone who I can explain 6-gear to! It refers to funny literal translations like "There goes me but the hat up! Here it is. Comment I miss Cro-Mignon, too. He always gave very sound and comprehensible grammar advice. I hope he is well. Not sure if I am making myself clear ;. Both Plastikplane and Abdeckplane are fine in this context. The lassen is implied. Comment Why should it be embarassing to say that one reads the CC?

Maybe, that's like articles about celebreties. Nobody does admit that they are reading them, but the tabloids publishing such articles rarely file for bankruptcy ;-. Wow, Kenya made it to the New York Times, and for a change it's not about a crisis. Instead, the country is praised for her ban on plastic bags:. Comment Goldammer, Yarith, thank you for your explanation and the links. To read in the linked thread is fun! Comment Was it really 14 years ago? Comment penguin : we are indeed getting old, aren't we? Is Kenya as a country understood as a she?

Are countries generally female? I don't doubt harambee, I was just surprised and it leaves me curious. Do the English speaking laugh tears? Leo doesn't have the phrase and a few old forum threads suggest other translations. Comment Goldammer, I wrote "she" on purpose. I think LEO had a couple of discussions on this topic. If I recall it correctly, consensus was that you are on the safe side when you use it, but a couple of native speakers use she, in particular if they want to express an emotional tie to the country.

Comment Thanks, harambee , for the explanation. It came across to me as a kind of hint about your special connection with Kenya. If you speak about your country or one you are especially fond of as a person, and a female in particular, one associates "mother" or something like that and that makes it very special. Something completely different: one of the butcher's shops where we buy a lot has recently renovated their shop.

Many of the things you buy there are readily packed and self service, and if you buy something at the counter, it is packed and you also pay it at the cash desk. One of the innovations after the renovation is that they have pay machines now. The cashier scans the goods as before, but then you have to feed the pay machine with bills and coins to pay. I haven't seen something like that in a shop before, only on train stations, parking ticket machines etc. Is that as unusual as I think? Have others seen it, maybe in supermarkets?

What is the advantage? The only reason I can see is that the money is safer in a pay machine, and therefore maybe also the safety of the cashiers is increased because they won't as easily become victims of robbery. Mr Goldammer who went there today first said that many customers had problems with the machine, especially the elderly of course. There were huge queues at the cash lines. So, saving time can't be the reason Comment Goldammer, I know this from a big supermarket here. But unlike your description you have to scan the goods yourself and "Check out" by scanning the paper you get after paying Kassenzettel.

It is ususally a problem with fruit and vegetables. Comment I would imagine it's a lot more hygienic if the person handling the meat does not have to touch any money. Comment And who checks that you scan all your things and don't "forget" something? Or is that what you mean by checking out? That someone checks that? I just remember that that's how it works at Ikea, isn't it?

Comment That's not the issue, Yarith, that was so in the old system, too: the people serving you at the counter packed the meat for you, and then you payed at a cash desk. Comment These self-scan checkouts are not very common in Germany, but they are in other countries. For example I saw a couple of them in Dublin and if I'm informed correctly you find more and more of them in the UK. Comment Self-scan checkouts are very common in France and they go by weight: The system weighs your bags before scanning and then checks that the items scanned correspond to the weight detected.

My friend once left her keys in the bag which caused great problems after scanning because the system pretended she had not scanned everything It took two staff to find the problem. Comment You have to scan that Kassenzettel how is that called in English? The is staff to supervise the scanning process. But you have four scanning stations and only one employee.

I assume the idea is to have to pay fewer employees. Comment I've seen them at Rewe recently, but the majority is still "manned" mostly "womanned" check-out counters. Comment Bei uns in Arizona werden immer mehr von diesen self checkout stands eingebaut. Der Kunde macht alles selber. Dann heult's, bis die Bedienung kommt und tippt etwas ein, damit es wieder funktioniert.

Sonst komme ich glimpflich davon. Eine Bedienungsperson kann ca. Comment It always depends on where you live. In Houston I prefer live people, in Munich, vending machines. I go for friendly encounters Witzig, dass du das sagst: Meine erste Erfahrung mit Selbstbedienung im Supermarkt ist vor vielen Jahren in Deuschland gewesen.

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  8. Bei uns gab es damals egal in welchem Supermarkt box boys Comment eclectus : Is there a way of getting your things without plastic bags in those kinds of supermarkets? Here, some supermarkets Rewe for example try to reduce or even abandon plastic bags, since they have come into people's awareness as causing huge environmental damage, in the oceans for example. I never take plastic carrier bags in the supermarket, I take my carrier boxes and shopping bags and I put all my things in there from the shopping cart, after the checkout.

    I would hate to have to put all my shopping into plastic bags only because that's the system they use to have them weighed! I'd feel that was a real intrusion into my liberty to chose what I use to carry my shopping away! Ich habe die Gewohnheit zu sagen: "Let's just keep this bag out of the ocean. Manche sehen sowas als zu 'Birkenstocks' und 'baumumarmerisch' an. Es sehe gar nicht derb genug aus MMn, ruht bei uns eine stillschweigende Mobbing- bzw Bully-Gesellschaft.. I myself couldn't care less. So I guess it's not quite "all" men. San Jose and a number of other cities in California outlawed store-provided plastic bags in grocery stores some years ago.

    There was some "the sky is falling" rhetoric the run-up to the decision. Once the ban was in place, life continued normally. We put some sturdy cardboard boxes into the trunks of our cars, and unload the contents of the shopping cart into those boxes. Once home, we can then carry the boxes in from the garage. The cashiers at Costco often ask whether you want an empty box to "bag" your groceries. By getting rid of some of their boxes this way, the company probably gets to count them as recycled and diverted from waste stream.

    Comment Muh huh. Comment Do the English speaking laugh tears? Nein, nicht so. Wir "laugh until we cry. Ich out mich als Selbstscannerin, wenn ich das mir aussuchen kann. Inzwischen lernen das viele amerikanische die meisten? Bananen und Kiwis mit einer Packung Eier drauf? Auch schlimm ist, wenn sie die Sachen zuerst in Plastik einwickeln und dann in den Stoffbeutel stopfen. Eigentlich bin ich beeindruckt wie viele hier Einkaufstaschen mitbringen. Wenn ich in Iowa bin, kaufe ich manchmal bei Fareway. Das ist eine der zwei dortigen Supermarktketten.

    Beide hat ihre eigene Vorteile. Falls man gutes Fleisch kaufen will, haben die Fleischer der Firma einen guten Ruf. Bei Fareway werden die Kunden immer gut bedient. Comment Thanks everybody for your interesting comments on shopping, bags etc. Comment On my daily walk today, I was passed by several cop cars, lights flashing. A bit up the road, I found that one of the major intersections in my neighborhood had been roped off, and at least a dozen cop cars present securing the scene to all sides. Something seemed to have transpired just a short while earlier.

    From the way cars were jumbled at the intersection, it did not look like an accident but more like a police chase had just come to an end. I asked one of the spectators who I knew from a chat we had had recently what had happened. He told me that he had been inside his house, so hadn't seen anything but had heard several shots fired. He thought the police had shot and killed someone. Turns out he was right.

    On the 10'o clock news they mentioned that a robbery suspect had been killed after he had been stopped in his car by police. Comment Phew. Endlich wurde mein Wunsch verstanden. Don't do that! It means something completely different here! That is a different story amongst scuba divers. There, the international sign for ok is exactly what you used. But people are often more used to the thumb up sign - which means "go up, surface" - you have to know how experienced they are in order to understand what they originally meant.

    Norbert, I have a complete different story regarding a police Einsatz?? We lived in Seattle for one year and visited Vancouver BC. One day we stepped out of the hotel and realised a big number of police cars being very busy - there even was an explosion in the back of one of the cars. Only a few moments later we realised that these were cars of the Seattle police which we were so used to that this was nothing we noticed before. Then it was clear - it was a film setting.

    Comment In I stood outside the terminal at Lod airport with my luggage, waiting for transportation. Suddenly a jeep raced up the street and came to a screeching halt right in front of me. Multiple people jumped out and ran away. Seconds later a police vehicle pulled up behind the jeep, cops jumped out with guns drawn and pursued the first group of people. It all happened so fast I had no time to react, I was just stunned. Comment Fortunateley - the sequel to Manderley? Comment I just passed by the intersection where the shooting occurred on my "Midnight Run". There is a small memorial now, next to the traffic lights.

    Mostly candles. Two young men stood there, conversing quietly. Friends or family members, I assume. Someone spray-painted "RIP Guddie" on the curb. The local newspaper reports that the deceased was a year old gang member with a criminal record who was stopped by police because he had an outstanding felony warrant for armed robbery. He leaves behind a wife and three young children. Comment virus.. Norbert, I have a complete ly different story regarding a police Einsatz?? Only a few moments later , we realised that these were cars of the Seattle police cars, which we were so used to that this was nothing we noticed before.

    Wir haben aber eine Kochplatte in der Wohnung, auf der man etwas warm machen kann. Bis bald!!! Einliegerwohnung mit separatem Eingang! Rustikales Blockhaus in Reichshof. Die Wohnung umfasst ca. Pension Weckerle. Lindlar, eine kleine Stadt im Bergischen Land, ist ca.

    Ferienwohnung Klespe. Do not mind the fair hotel? Then come to us: Cozy guest room in a barn converted to a house. Near Cologne and Bonn. With sauna for a fee and a large natural garden. Wonderful night's rest and beautiful surroundings: landscape and nature reserve. We live in the beautiful Bergisches Land between Cologne and Bonn, each about 30 km away.

    We found a treasure with this house. A converted to the house barn with incomparable flair. In the summer we have an almost Mediterranean life on the sheltered sun terrace and in the spacious garden with many cozy corners. In winter it feels like in fairyland. Then we make fire in the fireplace, go to the sauna and enjoy our own wellness oasis.

    Otherwise only the poplars rush.

    Office Premium

    In addition to the guest room is a bathroom for your exclusive use. The bathroom is located outside the room on the other side of the hall 8m. The view from the guestroom opens onto a large meadow, which is adjoined by a forest area. Meadow and forest are protected landscape area.

    The house is open and very winding laid out on several levels - here a little gust, there a podium. Oh, you'll find your way around ;- Above the guest room is the living room with fireplace, dining area, reading lounge and a wonderful view of meadow, forest and sky. At night, the stars sparkle here when the sky is clear. There is almost no light pollution ;- We generate the energy for our house electricity, heating, hot water with our own solar system and batteries. The Bergisches Land is a dreamlike area that invites to long walks. Only a few minutes walk from our house begins the beautiful nature reserve Naafbachtal.

    For eating out we recommend the restaurant "Auf dem Berge" - no five minutes walk from us. Good and inexpensive schnitzel-and-more restaurant. Beer garden with fantastic distant views. Food Lidl, Edeka , pharmacy, bakery, snack bar, post office are located in Wahlscheid, three kilometers down the hill - five minutes by car. Further shopping in Lohmar 7 km west or Overath 7 km east. Feel-good oasis: solar barn near Cologne and Bonn. Von uns aus sind Sie ebenfalls in 5 Minuten in der Natur. Die Wohnung ist behindertengerecht mit bodenebener Dusche und barrierefreiem, eigenen Zugang.

    Am und im Haus soll es Ihnen an nichts fehlen. Meine Nachbarschaft zeichnet Ruhe und freundliches Miteinander aus. Insbesondere die Natur ist direkt nebenan. Willkommen im Bergischen mit Licht, Luft und Natur. Im ca. Wir wohnen in einer Siedlung ca. Du beziehst ein modernes Zimmer mit skandinavischem Charme, dass im Souterrain unseres Hauses liegt. Im Sommer ist unser Waldfreibad ein Highlight! Und das Fitnesscenter im Ort bietet dir ein Special Angebot! Unser Haus liegt am Ende einer Sackgasse, hinter uns der Wald.

    Sehr ruhig und idyllisch. Ein eigener Eingang, kl. Flur, ein Wohnzimmer mit Schlafsofa und ein Schlafzimmer erwartet euch. Nette Nachbarn. Hinter uns der Wald. Das Haus wurde erbaut und liegt in Engelskirchen Bickenbach. Unser Ferienhaus liegt mitten in Engelskirchen Bickenbach. Es handelt sich um ein erbautes und kernsaniertes "Bergisches Fachwerkhaus". Ein weiteres Bett befindet sich im Ankleidezimmer des DZ im 1. Bickenbach liegt mitten in purer Natur im Bergischen Land. Zahlreiche Wanderwege laufen hier zusammen. Auch Mountainbiker und Rennradfahrer kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten.

    Das "Bergische Land" ist ein Motorradeldorado. Biker sind bei uns willkommen. Ferienhaus Engelskirche - mit Kamin und Garten. This is an attic flat, completely furnished and equipped, with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, for 2 - 4 persons, up to 6 for uncomplicated ones We live about 40 km in the east of Cologne, Germany, reaching the city by train in one hour. Dort steht auch eine Tischtennisplatte. A in updated frame house is available for a restorative holiday.

    The house is placed at a hiking trail and the forrests around are inviting for hiking and montain biking. Shopping facilities are in a distance of 5 km in the town Neunkirchen. In Neunkirchen is a swimming bath, where the whole family can have fun incl. The flat includes qm at the first floor and the top floor. The completed appointed kitchen has a cooker with baking oven, microwave, coffee maschine and water boiler.

    When you arrive the beds are fresh covered towels and bedclothes are incl. You need a car, because the town is not easily accessible by puplic transportation. There is a bus station 1 bus a hour in a distance of m. Das im Untergeschoss gelegene Apartment ca. Das Bett kann auch zum Sofa umfunktioniert werden.

    Das Apartment befindet sich in einer Sackgasse, ist also vom Verkehr her und auch von der freundlichen Nachbarschaft sehr ruhig und angenehm. The apartment is located Zeppelinstreet at the mansion district of Gummersbach. Please contact me if your have further questions or need any advice. The furnished apartment has a bright and open eat-in kitchen and a generous balcony terrace with a view to nature and the town center.

    The terrace offers enough space for a bbq, sunbathing or a cold drink together with the sundown. Numerous lakes are reachable within 10min by car. Mountainbiking, hiking trails for beginners or advanced are right in front of the apartment. Thanks to many wooden and light elements the apartment provides a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. The bright kitchen equipped with everything in high quality what you need to prepare nice meals and drinks kitchen equipment not shown at the pictures The new studio couch offers an additional place to sleep 1,80x0,9m.

    The generous bathroom is completly new and has a modern shower. At the bedroom you find a bed with a high quality mattress 1,80x2,00m Hilding Sweden and a wardrobe which offers space for clothes and storage. Wifi and washing service possible on request. The apartment is located at the city centre of Gummersbach safe, calm and maintained neighbourhood.