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With her innate talent for taming horses, she lands herself a job working at the local stables where she meets Boyle McGrath. She quickly finds herself attracted to the brusque man and seems content with her new life.

The Witch’s Kiss Trilogy by Katharine Corr | Epic Reads

Unfortunately for her, an ancient evil awakens and it is up to her to fulfill her destiny and defeat this evil before it is too late. This is a riveting and romantic story injects magic and suspense with passion to create a concoction so powerful that romance novel enthusiasts will surely love.

To read new reviews and free audiobooks. All I can say is that after listening to only 3 chapters I was hooked.

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I have never written a review before but felt the need to write one now. The books release timing is perfect with Halloween only a few days away. So take a chance and get this book.

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts Audiobook

I will write more after I finish it. Witches Edit Witches vary in their magical abilities and strengths, including timewalking, precognition, flight, transmogrification, telekinesis, witchwind, witchfire, witchwater, and manipulation of the elements.

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Stephen Proctor : Diana Bishop 's father, Stephen, was a powerful weaver. His familiar is in the shape of a bird named Bennu.

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He often timewalked. Diana Bishop : A powerful weaver, she was unaware of her abilities until she met Goody Alsop in Her familiar is in the shape of a fire drake named Corra. Sarah Bishop : Diana Bishop 's aunt, her magical abilities were strong in spells and lore. Goody Alsop : A leader of the Garlickhythe gathering and an elder of the Vintry's ward. She became Diana 's teacher in Her familiar is in the form of a fetch, a shadowy replica of herself, and her talents were dominated by witch wind.

A Discovery of Witches (book)

Her abilities were centered in the earth. Marjorie Cooper : Gifted in the magic of earth, she became one of Diana's mentors in She had a special gift in remembering, never having to write anything down. Elizabeth Jackson : A water witch, she was one of Diana's mentors in She was a gifted seer and had the ability to scry.