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The staff is all wonderful and helpful. Breakfast was limited but enough for us. The beds are comfortable. Basic toiletries provided. The room itself was clean, but to be honest the bathroom could use a fresh coat of paint. Exceptional value for money. We had a fantastic stay. The hotel is in an ideal location, in a quiet street so that you're not disturbed but only 3 minute walk to the most popular backpacker restaurant and party street.

Breakfast was delicious, including authentic Vietnamese coffee made to order. Room was spacious, clean, and included great aircon and daily supply of water. Staff were a highlight of our stay. Both reception staff were helpful and absolutely fantastic in helping us find the best tours for Saigon and beyond as well as the best places to eat around. Cozy place and room. Very clean. Staff are helpful and friendly.

Would recommend. In a small valley but with a convenience location with bui vien market behind, a wet market in front. The room i stay was four person and it is comfortable and big, washroom can be improve by making it bigger as the size is not flexible for taller person. The room is big and clean. We like it! Overall very nice experience!! The guy here works long hours, knows exactly who you are and how long you stay.

The breakfast is really nice, they can offer tours if you like for a good price with pickup and drop off. Great quiet location, clean rooms with nice beds, good hot showers. Location is really good and around hostel got many yummy food and tourist spots. I think is a good hostel to stay. Price is cheap. The hotel is located in a small alley where there are money other similar hotels and quite close to most attractions. What makes this place stand out is the staff.

They are very helpful with anything you need from ordering a banh mi to going to cu chi tunnels and to booking a transfer to the airport. Breakfast is very delicious with some good hot and cold options. We will definitely be back. Once you are there, look out for Johnny, he will help you with anything you need. Stayed in a private room. Room was spacious and this is a hostel so no luxury, but clean and very nice bed as in Vietnam beds tend to be very hard. Staff was excellent. Location very good in packbackers area but still in guiet alley so no cars and motorbikes driving by.

Conveniently located for traipsing around the city. The staff were friendly, and there was a good breakfast. I rented a private room and it was gorgeous. It was a bit of a splurge, but sometimes you really need it. I thought this was the cleanest and loveliest hostel I've seen in a long time. Staffs are amazing, speaks good english and takes initiative to make things easier for you. Worth booking your itinerary through them. Rooms are very new and clean, with comfortable design and bed. Highly recommended! This hotel indeed a great place to stay for any kind of traveler. Small but cozy.

Very easy to locate the hotel if the cab drop you at the right place. Room is quite spacious as we booked the triple bedroom. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It is very clean although not much facilities but you can always request from the staff if you need anything. Breakfast not too bad but only a few choices to choose from. Overall, it is definitely worth the value. You need to walk through market and other home and guest houses and it is at the end of the lane. The place can reach from another way too.

What's Nice Girl Like You Doing Place Like this

Most of taxi knows the area. The place was comfortable with bf and there is a laundry service per kilo. No lift, you need to carry your bag up or some staff will help. Great room. Great location. Awesome staff. So glad i stayed here. It's a bit tricky to find at first since it's at the end of an alley, but i loved that it's so accessible to pham ngu lao and bui vien. They make you take off your shoes at the lobby, which i think is a good move to keep the upstairs pretty clean. Would definitely stay here again. The location of this hostel is excellent, located right by the bus station so it's easily accessed from the airport, you can get the shuttle bus right there!

It's walkable distance to the major sights in District 1. The breakfast provided was one of the best that I've had in a hostel.

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The beds were comfy, especially the pillows. We arrived around 1am. We were immediately assisted by the girl in the reception upon arrival and waking her up. She told us of the different tours which she can book for us. Got the Mekong tour. Very new and clean had to leave the footwears on the reception. Toiletries were available. Hair dryer too. Room is worthy of the price! They provide one set of ordered meal and a buffet table of fruits and other breakfast items.

We had to walk a block or two from the accomodation with all our bags on us. Thought of being picked up But I was very thankful for the guy from reception because he asked the bus agency for another ticket when I couldnt find ours. Extra mile is literally how far my friend and I walked from the central bus stop. It is 'near' Ben Thanh Market but it requires at least minutes walk, depending on speed. The moment we got to the place, it totally changed our frustrations and tiredness. Johnny welcomed us exceptionally warmly with fruits and water. He assisted in the booking of the Cu Chi tunnels tour and the Halong Bay tour.

He also offered to print our boarding passes after we did web check in and lent us towels so we could shower before we leave. He also arranged for our transportation to the airport. A change in his attitude was seen after we decided not to take the Halong Bay tour. Breakfast was a buffet of fruits, juices plus an ala carte of your choice, I chose noodles. I was disappointed however, because in a place where there is an abundance of noodles, the noodles served was instant!

The rooms, bathrooms and the lodging place itself was clean and spacious.

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I cannot call it a hotel though because it was just a "gasthof". I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights. It was a pleasant stay. Hotel is strategically located in the busy Pham Ngu Lao street, aka backpackers street and is just 20mins walk away from the city. It is new and the room is very clean. It has everything I need for a single stay.

They also have dorm which is even cheaper. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. They tried their best to fulfil every single request. It was my first solo trip to Vietnam and I'm so glad they provided me with enough information about the city. She was the belle of the ball in Korea, but barely escaped a stalker, faced a soldier who broke into her hootch in VietNam, survived routine mortar attacks, chopper flights, and getting kicked out of the 1st Infantry Division. She met generals, political dignitaries, and a future president of the Philippines, but her best memories are of the young, brave, polite, fun-loving, and appreciative soldiers to whom she pays tribute.

For them she would do it all again.

What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This

Johnson knew he could get his ass blown off in Korea, but that was a risk his government was willing to take. It was a truly memorable experience which helped our friendship be long-lasting. I knew nobody and there was few houses avaiable for rent. So, I had to share a place with 3 flatmates, people I had never met before. It was the best time of my life! Although all of us were very different people, of different cities and background, we got on with each other very well.

We shared our food and sometimes clothes, took turns to do the housework and shoping, and we had a great time together. We are friends until now 30 years late , although we all have returned to our homeland, and we also talk about living together again, when we get old.

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When I entered the university I had to move to another city. At first, I lived in a boarding house, sharing a room with some other students. Later I moved in to a shared flat. My flat mates were guys who I have meet in the boarding house. My experience with sharing accommodation had ups and downs. The best: I met a girl who shared another flat in the same building, now she is my wife and mother of my children. When I was a university student I went to a big city to study.

I shared several flats with my housemates in 5 years. Our first flat was the oldest. It was in a bit of state. We were 4 girls and we took turns to tidy up. It was a great experience. After that we moved into another flat. This was newer and bigger. My mates croossed the line and they went a step too far. I had a dilemma but I went out.

It's better to share a flat when you are in the twenties than when you are in the forties. It's true. Before I didn't begin the University, I have never been to out of my city where I live.

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İt was the first time I was going to another city. I was starting university and I didn't know anyone to live together. I looked around for hiring a small house, but their hire was very expensive. At the end, I met a man who was older than me and working at night, at a coach. He offered me to share his flat whose rent price is really high for one person. It was at a good place, close to bus stop, shopping center, etc.

I got on with him easily, But he was sleeping very much. He didn't wash the dishes, never cooks, never help me hoovering house. He ate my own food and meals that I cooked. First, I did not mind. It could be, I said. But later, it started to embarras me. We were arguing very much, nearly every day. I could tolerate only 5 month, at the end of fifth month I move out, and I moved in a new house which was small one and was built for teacher near university. I lived there for three years alone, where I was very happy.

At the very beginning of my marriage, we didn't a choice other than sharing the student studio of my brother in law. When we moved in, we needed to build a wall with some polystyrene blocks, between us and them, for a bit more intimacy. On the wedding night, just after the celebrations, we had the privilege to stick our fingers in the honey on handles, to scratch ourselves with rice in the bed and other little jokes. I remember one evening, when I had eaten my first couscous.

My brother in law didn't have a special device for this, so we have made one with a nail a hammer and an old pan!!!! Do you see what I mean? The dinner was delicious, made by a Moroccan student with some mint-tea. It was a good time, eating and laughing together. It was often a mess, without any order, even sometimes dirty.

My uncle used to smoke in the bathroom and they clean the flat just one per week. We never fight, but I didn't enjoy my four years with them. My only experience of sharing accommodation was when I was twenty. I was forced to move in the Army for twelve months. I shared my accommodation with many people and we didn't always get on with each others but fortunately we didn't go around armed in our accommodation.

Anyway, I remember falling out with very few people at that period. Obviously, to avoid punishment, we had to tidy our accommodation up all the time and took turns to keep the bathroom and the floor clean. Finally, after twelve months, I moved out to go back home. When I was younger, I used to share a beach house with my friends.

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We moved in January and we used to spend all our holidays together. We took turns to clean the house and to make food. We always had a lot of fun. Those were good times. I had to find internships, so I moved to Valencia to have an internship with Chrysler. At the beginning I shared a four bedroom flat with total strangers: one couple and two other guys. I never spoke too much or spent too much time there because it was overcrowded, the kitchen was always dirty, and the washing machine was damaged.

It was a total disaster! But, it was cheap and I had my own bathroom. In the end, I just spent like 2 months there. When I was there in the first flat I spent my free time in some of my college friends' flat. One of the rooms was vacant, but their landlord didn't want to rent it to me because I had to share the bathroom with a girl. At the end the landlord agreed and I stayed there for 6 months. It was great. We partied, we took a lot of trips, and they helped me with the grocery bill because they were working as engineers and I was an intern.

I had air conditioning and it was awesome because that city is very very hot, all of the time. The rent was higher but it was totally worth it. It was one great experience and I really enjoyed that time. I often travel to the business trips with my colleagues.

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In many towns of Ukraine we rent inexpensive accommodation with one-, two- or three- rooms. We move into the rented accommodation where there are Wi-Fi, washing machine, TV and several beds. Living together we have to share our duties. Someone cooks meals, someone tidies up rooms and someone washes plates after breakfast or supper. We need to get on each other and do not fall out because we are team. So now you've had a chance to share your experiences, it's time for News Report.