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A common error in using adjectives and adverbs arises from using the wrong form for comparison.

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Correct: She is poor. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger's star has faded, the erstwhile weight lifter-actor-governor hasn't quite left the building. Recently, a phonics teacher e-mailed her exasperation with broadcasters who mispronounce the first syllable in "Schwarzenegger," saying "swartz" instead of "shwartz. Strong writing—writing that moves, directs, and connects people—conveys thoughts and ideas with clarity and efficiency.

Badly placed words create vagueness and confusion; well-placed ones achieve logic and unity. Careful writers join elements that are related in thought and separate those that are not. Consider the following sentence: He noticed a glass on the table that …. We hope you enjoy it. Enable JavaScript Uh oh!

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Hide Notice. Complete predicate 2. Complete predicate 3. Predicate adjective 4. Predicate adjective 5.

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Predicate adjective b. Simple predicate 3. Predicate nominative 4. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. By using this site you agree to these cookies being set. To find out more see our cookies policy. Packed full of challenging but accessible activities, this set of 12 books offers a systematic approach to the teaching of key aspects of the renewed PNS Framework for Literacy.

The materials are also suitable for the practice and reinforcement of key skills with older children with additional and special educational needs. The books cover core grammar and punctuation requirements for children aged and include exercises in each.

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The clear progression of activities allows for differentiation of work. The Stile Tray is the key to the self-checking activities of the Key Stage 2 programme. Pupils answer the questions by simply placing each of the twelve numbered tiles on the appropriate square on the base of the tray. When all the tiles have been placed, they close the tray, turn it over, and reopen it to reveal a geometric pattern. If the answers are all correct, the pattern will match the one printed at the top of the exercise. There are many different accompanying workbooks for use with the Stile Tray, covering Literacy, Maths and Dyslexia.

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14 Punctuation Marks Everyone Needs to Master in English Grammar