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Harry's bloody demise, soon after he learns of Yvonne's infidelity, ratchets up the suspense. Present-day events seamlessly meld with past encounters as the sordid facts of Katrina's disappearance gradually emerge.


Forsythe writes superb dialogue, as in Chief Inspector Millson's questioning of nonchalant Yvonne about her husband's murder. Suspects and witnesses from young teens to senile elders enliven Millson's adept inquiry. Kovacs, who never actually appears in the story, might have done with this messy situation had he ever made it to England. View Full Version of PW. Buy this book. Apple Books. Zeebra Books. Mr Rahman therefore asserts that, since January , he has been resident and domiciled in Bangladesh. I must therefore proceed on the basis that what Mr Rahman has said about those matters is true.

It follows that Idemia cannot base its claim that the English courts have jurisdiction over Mr Rahman on his domicile or his usual place of residence. Idemia, however, also bases its claim that the English courts have jurisdiction over Mr Rahman on its assertion that he has been validly served within the jurisdiction, either at York Way or at Morris Place [24]. Under Article 6 1 of the Judgments Regulation recast : If the defendant is not domiciled in a Member State, the jurisdiction of the courts of each Member State shall, subject to Article 18 1 , Article 21 2 and Articles 24 and 25, be determined by the law of that Member State.

At common law, jurisdiction can be founded by serving a defendant within the jurisdiction.

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It is for Idemia to establish that Mr Rahman has been properly served within the jurisdiction. CPR 6. Nature of defendant to be served Place of service 1. Individual Usual or last known residence. Paragraphs 3 to 6 of CPR 6. As we have said, there is an important distinction between belief and knowledge.

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It is a distinction particularly well understood in the criminal law, but elsewhere too. I infer that a person at that address would not have signed a letter for Mr Rahman if Mr Rahman did not reside there.. It was also sent by email to all 3 Defendants. In the circumstances, it is not possible to be confident that it was the particular copy of the pre-action letter delivered at York Way that actually came to the notice of Mr Rahman, and which produced a response on his behalf. On behalf of Mr Rahman, Mr Clarke submits that Idemia already had reason to believe that Mr Rahman no longer resided at York Way by the time that it purported to serve him there.

In my judgment, that was not a course which was open to Idemia. It seems to me that, by the time that the service on which Idemia now relies was effected, Idemia had sufficient reason to believe that Mr Rahman no longer lived at York Way. It had been told by the concierge at York Way that Mr Rahman was not on the list of people who lived there and had been told by Sadkowski that Mr Rahman was now living in Bangladesh.

In those circumstances, Idemia was no longer entitled to effect service there, but was required by CPR 6. The intention behind these substituted provisions of the CPR is plain.

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It is to provide a simple, clear and straightforward code relating to service, balancing the interests of claimants against the:. It relies upon the Companies Act s It is not restricted to service for purposes arising out of or in connection with the appointment or position mentioned in subsection 2 or in connection with the company concerned. Master Marsh held that the effect of s is that, when a company director gives an address for service in England and Wales, he can validly be served at that address, even if he is domiciled and resident overseas.

Service under s 1 at a registered address within the jurisdiction will therefore only be valid if the person to be served is within the jurisdiction of the time of service. It is a parallel code. It seems to me it is inherently unlikely that in passing s of the Act, Parliament can have intended what was clearly designed to be a new manner in which company directors could be served should be subject to a common-law principle which is directly contrary to the clear terms of the section.

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Nothing in s suggests that its provisions are limited such as to prevent service upon a director who is not resident within the jurisdiction. A new regime for service of documents on directors was introduced and was intended to have a wide effect. It is not prima facie unfair that a director of an English company who resides abroad, but who gives an address for service in England, should be vulnerable to being served at that address as a choice, or a deemed choice, has been made.

And the solution is simple because the director can opt to provide an address abroad in appropriate circumstances.

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Actual physical presence at the moment of service is not necessary. It is also why the resident of North Cumbria whose trip across the border to Scotland for lunch has so engaged the attention of judges can also be served by first class post, notwithstanding that he is temporarily out of the jurisdiction.. Teare J was there speaking of persons who are subject to the jurisdiction of the court because they are resident within the jurisdiction, even though temporarily absent.

However, there are many other ways in which persons can make themselves subject to the jurisdiction of the court, though not physically present here. Subsection 8 is designed to make clear that by providing a foreign address, a director is not agreeing that the English court will have jurisdiction to deal with any dispute concerning him.

As the subsection makes clear, the general rule relating to permission for service outside the jurisdiction will still apply.

Section was a new provision in company legislation, and was brought fully into force on 1 October Master Marsh also quoted the commentary on clause of the Bill which eventually became s of the Act as it was going through Parliament: This clause is a new provision. It ensures that the address on the public record for any director or secretary is effective for the service of documents on that person. Master Marsh might also have referred to the following further provisions of the Companies Act These materials, and the ordinary and natural meaning of the words used in s itself, all show that the statutory intention was to have a definitive public record of the address at which the persons within this section could validly and effectively be served.

That purpose would entirely be defeated if the validity of the address on the register depended upon the accident of whether the person concerned was physically present within the jurisdiction at the moment of service. A c ompany director or secretary resident abroad is under no obligation to register an address for service that is within the jurisdiction.