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Todos al mismo tiempo: se pusieron a llamarle a una voz. A gritos, en tono demasiado alto no me llames a voces por la calle. Gritando todo lo que se puede cantaban a voz en cuello por la calle. De forma oral son historias relatadas de viva voz. De palabra, verbalmente. Informarse acerca de una cosa. Only entries are available online at the moment. They contain a large amount of grammatical information syntactic patterns, prepositional regime, mood selection, etc.

Some overviews of the perspectives and possibilities on Spanish lexicography in the coming years, as well as the necessary challenges it must face, include Alvar Ezquerra , Santana et al.

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  • Hispania. Volume 73, Number 1, March 1990.
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We would like to point out three features or modern online dictionaries which —slowly, but progressively— begin to be incorporated into new, ongoing projects in Spanish lexicography. We will call them lexical connectivity, personalization and integration. By lexical connectivity we mean access to specific non-traditional lexical information, such as argument structure or valency for predicates, or lexical relations synonymy, antonymy, meronymy, collocations, etc.

Facilities to access words included in definitions of other items are not standard yet. Current efforts in the interface between linguistics and knowledge engineering, especially in the context of the Semantic Web and the Linked Data paradigm, are already framing connectivity between lexical units as a central part in their approaches. The goal is not only to represent and link content but to do so in machine-readable way able to allow for intelligent agents to exploit such content. The second feature is personalization.

The user of an online dictionary may or may not want to have more specific information on particular domains, including etymology, verbal conjugations, corpus data, geographical or historical information, pronunciation, phonetic transcription or linguistic context. A modern online dictionary should allow the user to customize his or her preferences on these and other similar features.

Finally, by integration we mean hypertextual access to other platforms, including online encyclopaedias, pictures, videos and other graphic information from atlases of banks of images, monographs and handbooks on specialized topics, actualized bibliography and scientific information on present-day research. We hope that new coming tools and mechanisms from approaches to the Web of Data will help us navigate in such a stormy ocean without sinking, drifting or losing direction.

Conclusion In the preceding pages we have summarized the main achievements of the Spanish lexicographic tradition according to classic dictionary typologies. We have also schematically described recent and ongoing projects which attempt to develop some of these results in more modern formats, as well as other enterprises aimed at providing lexical resources which fall beyond the possibilities of printed lexicons. Finally, we have defended that e-lexicography must focus on pursuing three main objectives: lexical connectivity, personalization and integration.

Related topics Dictionaries for text production, dictionaries for reception, dictionaries for translation, dictionaries to assist teaching and learning, the accounting dictionaries, the Alicante dictionaries. Further reading Anglada Boix, E.

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Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona. A good textbook for students. It contains many dictionary fragments useful for the classroom. Los diccionarios. A short overview of present-day and classical Spanish lexicography. A good introduction for undergraduate students. Medina Guerra, A. A very complete book of readings on Spanish lexicography.

It contains 14 chapters written by experienced specialists. Needless to say, all possible shortcomings are our own. For a more general list of Spanish dictionaries, see the web pages mentioned in Section In any case, Haensch a still stands as the most complete list of Spanish dictionaries until that date. Maldonado dirs. Madrid: SM. Universidad de Vigo. Available online. Universitat de Barcelona. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

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