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Once the students have learned the rhyme place the activity in a center and encourage the children to re-tell the rhyme using the bed and the bears at a center. Attach the teddy bear accents to tongue depressors with glue or tape. Cut one side of a file folder in half see picture at left. Cut a sheet of your preferred scrapbooking paper to fit the front of the file folder and glue it to the front.

Close the sides of the file folder with packing tape. As you sing the rhyme take the bears out of the bed according to the numbers on their stomach.

Once the students have learned the rhyme place the activity in a center and encourage the children the re-tell the rhyme at a center. Write one sight word on each bear cut-out using the Sharpie marker. Laminate the bear cut-outs for durability. Place all the bears in a basket or plastic tub. This game can be played in large or small groups. Have the students sit in a circle and pass the basket of bears around. Each student closes his eyes and removes one bear, then identifies the word written on the bear aloud. If the student can read the word written there he keeps the bear.

If not, then he may ask a friend to help him read the word. Printable Bear Grid Game Help young children build number sense with this fun, printable bear grid game. Bear Counting Grid Setting: Small Group, Math Centers Objective : Number recognition, number sense, one-to-one Materials: counting grid recording sheet available in printables section below , bear stickers or die-cuts Directions: Students glue the appropriate number of bear die-cuts in the boxes next to each number.

Bear Pattern Strips Setting: Small Group, Math Centers Objective : patterning Materials: patterning strips available in printables section below , bear stickers or bear die-cuts Directions: Students make a pattern in the grid using bear stickers or bear die-cuts. Going on a Bear Hunt Board Game Setting: Small Group, Math Centers Objective: correspondence Materials: 2 pieces of cardstock, packing tape, clipart, teddy bear counters, paw-print stickers available in resources section below , laminating film, one foam die.

Directions: Tape two pieces of cardstock together as pictured at left.

Next, glue Microsoft clipart to the playing board that corresponds to the story. Affix paw-print stickers to the playing board to create the path from the house to the cave. When the board is complete laminate it for durability. Use the teddy bear counters as playing pieces.

What a Grizzly Bear’s Hair Reveals about Its Diet

Place the playing pieces on the house to start. Students will take turns rolling the die and moving along the paw-prints towards the cave. Give one page to each child in your small group. Each child takes a turn rolling the die and stamping the corresponding number with a Do-A-Dot marker on their bear sheet. Bear Button Matching Setting: Small Group, Math Centers Objective: visual discrimination, matching Materials: buttons, bear notepad, hot glue gun, laminating film Directions: Laminate the bear notepad pages first. Make sure the buttons on each bear are different.

Place a bowl or container of buttons in the middle of the table. Students will search for the matching buttons and place them on the correct bear mats. Provide each student with a Xerox picture of a bed, students may color the bed with crayons if they choose. Next, give each student 10 Teddy Graham crackers and ask them to put the bears in the bed.

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When everybody is ready we begin singing the song and eating the bears as we go along. This activity is great for one-to-one correspondence. You can also do this activity using small die-cut bears and glue. Next, give each student 10 die-cut bears and ask them to glue the bears in the bed. Favorite Bear Story Graph Materials: large piece of chart paper, crayons, paper, glue stick. Directions: Make a graph on the chart paper.

By Dana Kobilinsky

At the top of the graph place a Xerox picture of the cover of four or five bear stories that were read aloud to the class during your bear unit. You may need to shrink the copies to fit them at the top of the graph. Finally, have each student come up to the graph and glue his or her picture in the appropriate spot.

As a whole class review the graph and determine which story was the class favorite and read that story to the class again. Corduroy Materials: brown construction paper, green construction paper, buttons, liquid glue, scissors, crayons, corrugated cardboard, wiggly eyes. Provide each student a brown sheet of construction with a copied outline of teddy bear.

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