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In the arts and religious knowledge systems, assurance can refer to convincing someone else of a possible understanding of something that may not be essentially true. In other words, people with biases are attempting to persuade others. In the maths and sciences, assurance refers to convincing someone of the facts and evidence that are concrete.


One way : The method, style, or manner of doing something. It is a particular aspect or respect to something.

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In Indigenous Knowledge Systems can often mean the tradition or culture that is followed in a specific time period or event. It refers to a variety of different manners that can be followed. Differing perspectives regarding sciences may provide agreement with the prescribed title and prove that different perspectives can cause the situation to become more accurate.

If one single researcher were to use their perspective, the theorem may not be as logical and efficiently used. Differing perspectives of philosophy or religion cause argument as to what is true. Often, people turn away from the biases that they feel are untrue and stick to what they believe.

Key Differences Between Assure and Ensure

The title is ultimately saying: Discuss the claim that in order to fully understand and maintain credibility in a certain discipline, it is critical to use opposing theorems and arguments. By framing the question and asking if disciplines nurture different perspectives, the prescribed title assumes that contrasting perspectives and different sides of issues on each topic can benefit certain disciplines within each AOK.

After the analysis of the learner attributes, the teacher must state standards and objectives for the learning module. This statement consists of a specification of what the learners will be able to do as a result of the instruction.

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To be more concrete about things, this statement will focus on what the learner will know or be able to do as a result of the instruction. An example of this is with medical students. The learners will be able to name at least two databases and two search techniques that they can use to locate medical evidence for particular cases. The objectives can be used in assessing the success of the students, perhaps for the grading process.

Also, you can use them to let the learners know what they will accomplish through the class. The mark of a good set of learning objectives is conformity to the ABCDs of well-stated learning objectives. They are as follows:. The objectives statement should be formulated with verbs that pinpoint the learning objective. A learner may know some material backwards and forwards but may not be able to perform well on a test. First, you should figure out what which delivery method will be best for your instruction.

For instance, what proportion of your instruction will be instructor-centered and what proportion of will be student-centered? The first of these are strategies such as lecture, demonstration or showing a video.

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The second are strategies such as group discussion or cooperative group work. Common sense weighs in on the side of learner-centered strategies.

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  • Learning becomes more exciting when there is more class participation. However, there will be a certain amount of crucial information and technique that the teacher must give over and demonstrate. Learning is at its best when the teacher merely leads the student into discovering the correct answer to a problem themselves.

    What Does Assure Mean?

    An effective teacher is merely a facilitator to the process of learning. This ranges from simple tools such as chalk and blackboard to more sophisticated ones such as power-point presentations.

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    What must be remembered is that the instructor is the essential ingredient in giving over the material. Fancy tools are useful, but it ultimately boils down to having someone who knows more than what the textbook contains. This step in the ASSURE process concerns making a plan as to how you will utilize the technology, media, and materials that you have selected. As with all of the instructional steps, you must make sure that your plans contribute towards producing the objectives that you have laid down.

    Make sure that the whole lesson will go smoothly and seamlessly. You need to gather together all of the things that you will need to teach your lesson. They must be working properly. There is some minimal preparation required to set up the learning environment. Simple things like making sure that you have enough desks are important. Also, if you have control over the situation, you should make sure that there are no sources of noise that will disturb the students.

    First, you need to clearly inform the learners as to what the learning objectives are. This will help the learners create a mental map of what they need to absorb. You need to tell them what their assignments will be, how they will be graded, if there are tests, etc. Also, you should explain to the students what the benefits of learning the material are.