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Ocean Protocol Foundation Ltd.

Keynotes and panels boast a lineup of expert speakers from leading mobile companies including Slack, Postmates, Bumble, and Zillow. Here is what we have on our agenda:. Grab a drink and get a head-start on networking by mingling with other mobile professionals.

A Path to a Paid Loop: Balancing Growth and Monetization — Wednesday, May 1st, pm Lingvist, a language learning platform, will explore the challenges they faced regarding growth and monetization. They will share the pricing experiments that led to breakthroughs in their growth metrics.

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War Stories and Tactics for Fighting Mobile Ad Fraud — Wednesday, May 1st, pm A panel of UA managers from 3Q Digital, a performance marketing agency, will share their war stories and tactical advice for detecting, preventing, and mitigating mobile ad fraud. Do you just create a product and send it out?

Or, do you take the trouble to analyze who your customers are, what they need, and how to best meet their needs?

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It is not enough just to create and pump out products. You need to know the people you are reaching out to; and, most importantly, you need to know what they want.

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You need to find out what their main problems are, the best solutions for those problems, and the ideal ways to present the solutions to them. There are several means by which you can gather customer information: comments, social media, live sessions, emails, in-product request forms, etc.

‘A Bit Horrifying’

However, one of the most effective and best methods is to use surveys. Surveys are great information-gathering tools, but to get accurate results, you have to ask the right questions in the right way.

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Brevity is important. An incredibly lengthy survey may leave you with not much more than an incredibly high abandonment rate. You want people to excitedly respond to your questions, right? The bottom line here is to remember the KISS principle and apply it.

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Instead of using an intricate questionnaire, go with a plain, easy-to-comprehend template; and, instead of asking complex questions, ask simple questions in a well-defined manner. Asking convoluted questions may confuse or even frustrate respondents. When that happens, two things are bound to follow: they will either not answer the question at all, or, if they do, they will give you unclear, inaccurate answers. Polar questions are questions with only two possible answers: yes confirmatory and no negative. Also, you miss out on the chance to interpret and analyze those answers.

Survey questions that pull respondents toward one answer can disrupt the objective of the survey.

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If you really have to ask questions that the respondents must choose an answer to, ask multi-choice questions. You create the choices, and customers take up the baton from there. However, multi-choice questions do give respondents the chance to choose from a variety of choices, and you may find that their preferred choice is different from what you anticipated. Open-ended questions are questions that require a respondent to write a comment, an essay, or other type of free-reaction text.

When asking an open-ended question, you need to be careful, as some respondents may get carried away and provide you with long compositions.

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To prevent such incidents, provide a text box where they can write their answers, but limit the number of characters the text box can accept. Free Fishing Notices. Fishing Lessons. Daily Fishing Videos. Sign Up. Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 1 Like on Twitter 2 Twitter About that dreadful Consumer Confidence survey yday. Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 9 Like on Twitter 27 Twitter

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