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The popularity of Kashmiri Song and The Lover in Damascus kept her in the good graces of her publishing house and in the hearts of her audience. Her songs are noted for their sentimentality, their romantic fluidity and how they blend a particularly British, middle-class sensibility with an Asian pastiche.

The year was a bitter-sweet one for Amy: she lost her husband in April and her work was featured in the film Less Than the Dust. Amy moved back to London after she lost her husband, and survived him by only three years, dying on 13 March It is said that she died composing at the piano.

Amy is buried in Hampsthwaite churchyard in North Yorkshire , and her memorial is a recumbent figure in white marble. Here are six head-to-head box office showdowns to look out for this fall. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga facing off against a superhero entry is going to be an interesting battle -- while the former is an indie with A-list stars atop the bill, the latter is a highly-anticipated comic book character debut from a major studio.

The film hit some road bumps when Sacha Baron Cohen, originally cast as Mercury, exited the project. Director Joss Whedon also departed the rocker biopic. Claire Foy is taking over seven years later. There were a couple of people, aimlessly making their way in and out of the supermarket. There was a man, leaning down to chain his dog, giving it a soothing pat, a there-there. There was a shhh and whirr of wheels in the rain.

The rain and the cloudiness and the smell of rain in the air. Distant honks. It occurred to me I was going to the grocery store to get some oatmeal.

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Go ahead, quibble with my math. Luckily, happiness is not a sum. I feel incredibly honored to have been asked to write this piece on piano lessons for The New Yorker , and hopefully I used the honor honorably. It caused me some stress. Assembling a narrative out of your past is dangerous, especially when your life is still frantically ongoing. It was complicated to say the least to write about the vulnerability of performing while I was preparing for my Carnegie Hall recital.

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In the essay, many sins of omission. I elide stupidly over the Oberlin years, Joseph Schwartz, and all the other great teachers I had there, in order to make space for the appearance of Sebok. There is no mention of my wonderful Juilliard teacher, either, Herbert Stessin, who was so different from Sebok and wise in a completely different, often more practical, way.

Anyway, I hope all those other teachers and coaches out there forgive me for organizing the piece around this moment when Old Europe landed on top of me, and neglecting all their crucial interventions. I am so delighted that the magazine put together a little web video , which includes a peek inside the piano lesson journal, and some beautiful footage of Sebok. I must admit, my absolute favorite recorded bit of Sebok is his performance of the Mendelssohn Variations Concertantes with Janos Starker. The whole album, of course, is worth many many listens.

I am too afraid to go listen to it. I was just getting myself comfortable on an 8 AM Amtrak.

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You know how it is. Then, you wake up a little bit before your alarm, because your brain is so perversely prepared for unwanted events.

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By no means are you cursing yourself and God for ever agreeing to teach a masterclass in Boston at 1 PM. Hilarity on the subway. I took the sneaky back way into the train past the depressing soup and wrap place and sat down before everyone else. My mood could only be described as AM.

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A woman tried to take my seat while I was putting away my suitcase and I explained to her that that was not going to happen. A cup of decaf and some instant oatmeal later, after some disagreement with the endlessly positive but not really that positive cafe guy, since his positivity is just a mask for deep distrust of the stream of customers and therefore all of humanity, I am opening up my laptop on the train and there it is, a new email:.

The United States Library of Congress has selected your website for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the Performing Arts Web Archive.

We consider your website to be an important part of this collection and the historical record. My seat partner was probably mystified by my bark of laughter. Dear Readers of Think Denk, can you believe this? I could not decide if this turn of events gave me hope, or the darkest despair.