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Christ Centred: Knowing that we embody the love of Christ, we identify with the needs and challenges youth face and share the hope we have for them.

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Knowing creativity and strategic thinking are required to find success in complex environments, we believe in responsible risk-taking, acting proactively, and being flexible in our approach. Knowing that trust is key in all relationships, we embrace accountability, lead with transparency, and act in a manner that prioritizes safety for all stakeholders.


Sanctuary is made up of caring volunteers, paired with amazing board members. Our board members are talented professionals who have a passion for the youth of Victoria and are committed to helping and bettering Sanctuary Youth Centre to benefit the youth in our city! Physical Address: Humboldt Street at back of community centre. As Skrreeans begin arriving on the station, there is some cultural tension.

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Haneek earlier had mentioned that the Skrreeans are matriarchal, as they find males too emotional and adversarial to make significant decisions. Nog finds this to be true, as he is pursued and eventually assaulted by several young Skrreeans including Tumak over a practical joke. Odo stops the children, and takes Nog to his office to have him talk to his father Rom. Quark arrives instead and makes Nog apologize. When Nog leaves, Quark looks down on the Skrreeans for loitering "without buying anything," and for the skin flakes they leave around his bar.


Later, Nog meets back up with Jake, but runs into the Skrreeans again. Jake has Nog apologise, but the Skrreeans are unimpressed and try to attack Nog, leading all the boys to start brawling in the middle of the Promenade. Quark breaks it up, but makes it clear to the Skrreeans that they have worn out their welcome. Meanwhile, the Skrreean matriarchs meet and agree that Haneek, as the first to find the wormhole, should lead the Skrreeans to Kentanna.

She is nervous, but says she'll do the best she can. Kira encourages her afterward, saying she's not alone. Furthermore, Varani introduces himself, and presents a gift, saying his people know what it's like to be a displaced people. She happily accepts it and returns to her room.

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  4. The gift inspires her to research Bajor, and finds that it fits the relevant description for the new Skrreean homeworld; it is "a planet of sorrow," and just outside the wormhole. Dax and Sisko research possible worlds, they settle on Draylon II , a planet with a temperate climate, good soil, and a long growing season.

    It should be very suitable for them, and they go to meet them with the news. But before they can make the suggestion, Haneek announces they have already found it — Bajor. Haneek insists that the Bajoran Provisional Government be petitioned to let the Skrreeans immigrate there. After a debate to consider the Skrreeans' request, the government in the end denies them, for fear that Bajor's problems will both worsen due to and spread to the Skrreeans. Varani catches up with Kira beforehand, presuming to know the response, and asks Kira to relay his regret at the eventual denial to Haneek.

    In Sisko's office, Rozahn diplomatically explains that, despite Haneek's assurance that they don't need the Bajorans' help, and that their projections on their future growth could be wrong, the government states the risk is too high.

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    Should the Skrreeans need help, the Bajorans cannot deny them, and they simply don't have the resources to do so. Furthermore, the land is not guaranteed to be able to be farmed. Haneek is disheartened, and turns to Kira for support, but Kira states she agrees with the government. Meanwhile, Jake finds Tumak at the Replimat and tries to be friendly, suggesting icoberry torte.

    Tumak insults Nog, but Jake shakes it off. Tumak is curt with him, disappointed in the decision to go to Draylon II and his overall experiences on the station.

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    Haneek considers the situation in her quarters when Kira arrives to talk. Haneek feels betrayed by a supposed friend, but Kira believes it is the right decision. Just then, Sisko calls in to inform Kira that Tumak has taken a Skrreean ship for Bajor, attempting to immigrate by force.

    Kira and Haneek arrive in Ops to get more information and communicate with Tumak.

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