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Ultimately, I have to decide if I can kick off my shoes, dig my toes in the sand, and trust in love again. Join my newsletter list and get the story right in your inbox. It may still be winter in your part of the world, but where I live…summer is coming!! The second stand alone novel of the Beach Squad series is here: Beach B! This girl should have a warning label: comes with baggage. But hell, we all have baggage and mine is saying I need to save Brinley. She pushes me away at every opportunity and then drops the most ridiculous jokes that catch me off guard.

I want to show her how a real man treats the woman he loves. I had a nightmare of a childhood surviving the abuse of my father. My life plan was going so well until I met Dean, a gorgeous lifeguard determined to save me from myself. When everything I thought I knew about my past changes, can I find lasting love with Dean while still achieving my pro career? I will release her story, chapter by chapter, for FREE. Make sure you sign up! And it was going so well until I met Dean, a gorgeous lifeguard determined to save me from myself.

When everything I thought I knew about my past changes, can I handle loving Dean while still achieving my pro career? Or will I lose it all when my father reappears in my life? Beach B! Stalk me here.

I'm so excited to share a new sweet romance with you, perfect for getting your summer started! Early feedback has been incredibly positive and I couldn't be more honored. Get ready for guaranteed swooning and for cheering on your new favorite couple. Weeks Paranormal Heroine is an Aspie. Dog Heart by Barbara Samuel— Hero comes back from war wounded with a wounded dog.

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Hero is tortured in the beginning and they have to overcome the racial differences of a match between an orc and a human. So hilariously funny. If you like Big Bang Theory—this is your book. Really interesting. Like many NA reads this has far more sexual situations and profanity than YA, but this might be my favorite NA read yet.

I thought this was an interesting Beauty and the Beast retelling. While this was technically PG or PG, there were a few profanities, one episode of attempted rape, and some vague sexual references—though no actual sex or anything beyond kissing. Of note: With the exception of those marked as PG, you can expect all these romances to have sexual situations, profanity, and violence to varying degrees. Not recommended for under 18—in my opinion, but parent or read at your discretion. So my opinions are my own in that regard.

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This offends some people with their own disabilities of whatever nature. Please comment with suggestions for books I should read or to discuss any of the above. In fact a majority of her books deal with the aftermath of war and many of her characters are scarred, either psychologically or physically by the Napoleonic wars. Did you read Beau Crusoe by her? I keep looking at the reviews and thinking the cannibalism references would bother me too much.

I know this is an older post but I appreciate this list so much! Thank you! I really need to update this list soon actually. I have probably two dozen to transfer from a separate word doc… Hmm. Sounds like a good weekend project. You are a reader after my own heart. Flawed heroes and heroines throughout.

Releasing March 22, 2018

A couple of my favorite flawed fellas here. The guys are very alpha and the books showcase some brutal aspects of life but WOW. Good reading. Have you read any books by Courtney Milan? Oh my goodness, I just saw your comments. They somehow snuck in and hid. I think we need more books with characters with OCD. I thought I had one on this list… Hmm. Author: Aly Martinez Actually, I think I have several that were not on your very complete list if your interested let me know and I will forward more to you.

Thanks for the time you took to compile this list!!! I snagged Fighting Silence—thank you! I actually have read some paranormals recently that I need to add. Thanks very much for this list! He keeps his mistress after their marriage which happens early in the book. I will usually not even pick up a romance that contains unfaithfulness; but this was a plot point, and the hero learns self awareness and to care about other people. Hi, somehow I missed this reply.

Have you ever read Lord St. The heroine has severe arthritis. I have others labeled as FTR—fairy tale retelling. Though Cinderella comes in a […]. I read a lot of books with characters with PTSD. I love characters who have […]. Email address:.

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  • Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Wendy Sparrow - Where all books have a happily ever after Gommero Theme powered by WordPress. Talia says:. April 29, at am. Wendy Sparrow says:. April 30, at am. She takes on a fake romance in return for her own cottage. She wants her independence and if she must pretend to get it, she will.

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    For Real By Alexis Hall. An emotional, erotic tale that crosses age differences and BDSM expectations. I enjoyed the way the sexual play opposed the emotional power of each character. And how they find a way to grow together. Most anthologies have a mix of quality. Not this one. Every story in here is beautifully written. If you like suffragettes, hard working women, interesting characters and real history; you will love this. The Writing Girls series hits all my buttons. Four women who work for an income. Rakes with a sense of honour and humour. I especially like this one, because Julianna is never helpless.

    Plus the boxing scene.

    This romance has the best final line I've read. An intriguing tale of an actress who meets an injured man, with brilliant secondary characters woven in, to create a hot story of bravery. Forbidden By Beverly Jenkins. Set in the Old West of the USA in , this is a delightful tale of defiance and love in a difficult world. If you want something non-Regency that will challenge and delight you, I heartily recommend this. The Hathaway family. How I adore you. This is my favourite in the series, although the last one comes a close second.

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    But please start at the beginning. Read them all. The banter between governess Catherine Marks and Lord Ramsey is brilliant. The final in the Bastion Club series. Most of the heroines in this series are strong and unusual for their time. The last one is my favourite because the hero, who was so mysterious and perfect all the way through, suddenly is not perfect. And the heroine is feisty and holds her own against him. This is the third in the Bride Quartet series. A recommendation list doesn't seem complete without something from 'Queen Nora'; and this series is on my keep shelf.

    It's hard to pick a favourite; however, the heroine in this one really resonated with me personally. I love a pants wearing historical heroine. She makes a stand against society, and hitches a ride with an unlikely bloke. This story highlights the perceived role of women in society, and how gossip and fashion magazines alters appearances.

    Bisexual heroine, game show dramas. One-Night Stand by Rachael Stewart How to mix business with pleasure when both hero and heroine have equal power in business. Smugglers and other fun stuff. The Tycoon's Socialite Bride In Love with a Tycoon series Book 1 by Tracey Livesay If you need a series to binge read, and love marriage of convenience in a contemporary setting, you'll love this book and the next one in the series. The Lawyer's Luck: A Home to Milford College prequel novella by Piper Huguley A lovely novella set in USA that deals with the intricacies of slavery and ownership and loans, while also being uplifting and providing hope.

    Untamed Hotel Temptation by Caitlin Crews A prickly heroine who knows her own strengths and isn't afraid to use her body and brain to get what she wants. Lemeston Book 1 by Rose Lerner A small town regency series with diverse characters which is historically accurate unlike other regency books. Can 36 questions makes you fall in love? Band Sinister by KJ Charles The innocent country gentleman loses his heart and his virginity to the bastard baronet My Beautiful Enemy Heart of Blade Book 2 by Sherry Thomas Heroine with knife skills, angst and drama, and a global setting with richly crafted details.

    Arranged marriage where the hero is keen, and the heroine is not. Rafe is big, tattooed, and kind-hearted. Off Limits Rose and Thorns by Vanessa North Deals with the social class difference between heroine and heroine really well. Chef heroine and solo dad hero. The food made me crave Yum Cha!

    The Highwayman Victorian Rebels by Kerrigan Byrne A dark romance set in early Victorian times, with a long lost childhood friends trope. Delightful, surprising, beautiful. Small town, gentle romance, of learning to love after being hurt. Moonlight Kisses Espresso Empire by Phyllis Bourne Female entrepreneur of a lipstick empire meets a rival business owner. Denis A French winemaking hero meets a recently dumped heroine who decides she deserves some fun.

    What happens 13 years after the HEA? Can distance in a marriage be fixed?