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By Mrs. The Minister's Wife. The Story of Valentine: and his Brother. David Elginbrod. By George Macdonald. Alec Forbes of Howglen. Robert Falconer. A Daughter of Heth. By William Black. A Princess of Thule. General Report by Captain Tyler in regard to the. Share and Loan Capital, the Traffic in Passengers and. Goods, and the Working Expenditure, and Net Profits. Presented to both Houses of Parliament. Du Regime des Travaux Publics en Angleterre. Annuaire Offieiel des Chemins de Fer. Paris: , Hunter, B. History of Merchant Shipping and Ancient Commerce.

Four Volumes. Account Options Connexion. Images de page. Page Aet. A Character and Career of the Revolutionary Epoch. Cor- respondance et Souvenirs de a Re- cueillis par Madame H. London: , 74 IV. By Samuel Rawson Gar- diner. Frederick Villot. Translated from the original German by E. Dresden, [And other Works. Page VI. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 9th July, Presented pur- suant to Act c. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 31st May, Ephemerides Isaaci Casauboni, cum Prasfatione et Notis. Canonico Cantuarensi, Scholse Carthusianas olim Archididascalo. By Richard F.

Burton, with Historical Introduction, Maps, and Illustrations. Unpublished Journals of two Journeys in Iceland in the Summers of and ,. Signed 5th January, Ferdinand de Lesseps a l'Assemblde Generale des Actionnaires. Affaire du Canal de Suez. Livre jaune depose a l'Assemblee Nationale , [And other Works. Page Art. Margaret Maitland of Sunnyside. By the Author of 'Passages in the Life of Mrs.

OLIPHANT, Margaret

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty. Whiteladies Caleb Field: a tale of the Puritans Merkland: a story of Scottish life Memoirs and resolutions of Adam Graeme of Mossgray: including some chronicles of the Borough of Fendie 3 vols, Harry Muir: a story of Scottish life 3 vols, Within the precincts 3 vols, Quiet Heart Magdalen Hepburn: a story of the Scottish Reformation 3 vols, Preached by him at Edenburgh, in Saint Geles church, the text.

From an original manuscript in the Library of David Laing, esq. Johnston Limited View book Rusky and Lennox Tracts, legal and historical With other antiquarian matter chiefly relative to Scotland. By John Riddell. Clark, Contents: 1. Reply to Mr. Tytler's Historical remarks on the death of Richard II -- 2. Observations upon the representation of the Rusky and Lennox families, and other points in Mr. Napier's Memoirs of Merchiston -- 3. Remarks upon the law of legitimation per subsequens matrimonium, the nature of our ancient canons, and question of the legitimacy of the Stewarts.

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Riddell, John, View book Rutherfurd Rutherfurds of that Ilk, and their cadets Compiled from the public records and other authentic sources [by Thomas H. With plates and illustrations. Printed by Mr. Hood and not included in the volume issued by him. Taylor, Reprinted from the Transactions of the Society of Antiquaries, and ; v.

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Observations on the trial and death of William, Earl of Gowrie, A. Critically revised and edited by Samuel Cowan. With an appendix of papers relating to Sir John Urry. Edited from the original MSS. Stevenson, J. Sandeman, John Glas, View book Scott Letters, hitherto unpublished, written by members of Sir Walter Scott's family to their old governess Edited, with an introduction and notes, by the Warden of Wadham College, Oxford [i.

Richards, E.

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Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, T. Constable Printers to Her Majesty, Edinburgh : [Publisher not identified], By Captain Walter Scot. Hawick: Printed by George Caw, Part 2 has separate title page Satchels's post'ral, humbly presented to his noble and worthy friends of the names of Scot and Elliot, and others and pagination. Compiled by William Scott, M. Scott, William, ? London : Engineering, Partly reprinted from "Engineering".

With plates, including portraits, and illustrations. Partly reprinted from "Engineering'. Reprinted from Banffshire journals of October 10 and 17, By Sir Bruce Gordon Seton. Edinburgh : Lindsay and Macleod, Reproduced from typewriting. With an appendix containing a list of the various Presidents of the Court and genealogical tables of the legal families of Erskine, Hope, Dalrymple, and Dundas. By George Seton.

With plates, including portraits, illustrations, facsimiles, a bibliography and genealogical tables. Seton, George, T. New York : Brentano's [Printed by J. Edinburgh: [W. Aitken, printer], George Shand. London : Privately printed by W. Mackintosh, A. Alexander Mackintosh , W. Forfar : W. Shepherd, Shaw, William George Shepherd, W. Pieremont, Including the chartulary of Rosslyn.

Edinburgh: T. Compiled from the Harleian MSS. Sydney Grazebrook. By James, eleventh Lord Somerville. Edited by Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh : A. Edinburgh : Printed by William Adams, Hay, Richard, or 6 Stewart, Ruthven, and Co. To which are added critical remarks upon Mr. Innes's prefaces to his recently edited chartularies, etc. With a supplementary chapter inserted. With an appendix containing title-deeds and various documents of interest in the history of the family Edited by Charles Poyntz Stewart, M. Printed for the Stewart Society.

Edinburgh: G. Stewart, James King, G. Edinburgh: Privately prnted [by W. Lizars], Fraser, William, Sir, W. Macaulay, Joseph Babington, ? Axworthy Firm View book Stirling Comments in refutation of pretensions advanced for the first time, and statements in a recent work "The Stirlings of Keir and their family papers" With an exposition of the right of the Stirlings of Drumpellier to the representation of the ancient Stirlings of Cadder; by John Riddell. Edinburgh : Printed for private circulation by W. By Sir Harris Nicolas. London: William Pickering, Andrew Ross].

Ross, Andrew, T. London : Dickinsons, Foster, J. By Marcus B. London : Bedford Press, London : Bell and Daldy, The latter drawn from papers in Her Majesty's possession at Windsor Castle. Thornton, Percy Melville, View book Stuart Stuart dynasty Short studies of its rise, course, and early exile. By Percy M. London: William Ridgeway, By William Townend.

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By Robert Vaughan. London : Holdsworth and Ball, Constable View book Sutherland Dates and documents relating to the family and property of Sutherland Extracted chiefly from the originals in the charter room at Dunrobin. By James Loch. Not published, London : R. Burt, Contains also the Anderson, Stevenson, Boyd and Cumming families. Thurburn, F. Felix Augustus Victor R.

By Thomas W. Traill, Thomas W. Thomas William , View book Turing Lay of the Turings A sketch of the family history, feebly conceived and imperfectly executed [in verse] by H. M'K [i. At head of title: A. Notes to the lay by R. Robert Fraser Turing]. Tweedie, Michael Forbes, W. In two parts, 2nd part has caption title: An historical and genealogical account of the family of Balbirnie, chiefly of the descendants of the Balbirnies of Inveryghty, in Forfarshire, 14 p.

Balbirnie, William J. In the County of Wigton, Scotland. By George Williamson. Greenock : Printed for the author by W. Johnston, With facsimiles. Letters concerning the ancestry of James Watt, the engineer. Edited by James Williamson. With plates, including portraits, and facsimiles. Edinburgh : J. Lindsay, printer, Paterson, James, Lindsay, John Printer of Edinburgh View book Wedderburn Wedderburn book A history of the Wedderburns in the counties of Berwick and Forfar, designed of Wedderburn, Kingennie, Easter Powrie, Blackness, Balindean and Gosford and their younger branches; together with some account of other families of the name, By Alexander Wedderburn.

The history. The evidence. Wedderburn, Alexander D. With a prefatory notice of the author and addenda by John Shedden-Dobie. Edinburgh: Privately printed for the Editor [by David Douglas], Illustrations "in platinotype and autotype, by Messrs T. Wilson's parentage and birth -- Mr. Wilson's residence in Maryland, and his return to England -- Mr.

Wilson's settlement in Canada, the failure of his prospects, and his return to Britain -- Mr. Wilson's going to India, his residence in Calcutta, business, and final return to Britain -- Mr. Simson of Willowyard, and Moore of Bruntwood. Montgomerie of Bogston. Shedden of Marsheland, of Roughwood, and of Morishill. Wilson of Boutrees. London: H. Causton, Banks, T. Thomas Christopher , Causton H. Fifth edition. Parish of Clackmannan. Alloa: [Publisher not identified], [? One of an edition of 25 copies.

Bruce, William, D. Edinburgh : Fraser and Crawford, With genealogical table. Perth : [Printed by] S. Campbell, Duncan, S. Cowan and Co. Edinburgh : St. Giles' Printing Co, James Brown , St. London : W. Drummond, P. Peter Robert , W. Gordon Duff. Duff, E. Dun, Station Master, Port of Monteith. Hedderwick, Dun, P. By James Ferguson. Aberdeen,: D. Ferguson, James, D. Robert Chambers. Boston: Privately printed [by T. Weld Aaron Davis Weld , T. Marvin and Son View book Sutherland and the Reay country History, antiquities, folklore, topography, regiments, ecclesiastical records, poetry and music, etc.

Edited by Rev. Adam Gunn, M. By James Inglis. Inglis, James, View book Book of Dumbartonshire A history of the county, burghs, parishes, and lands, memoirs of families, and notices of industries carried on in the Lennox district. By Joseph Irving. Portraits and mansions. Irving, Joseph, W.

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Dingwall: Advertiser Office, Berwick :Printed for private circulation, Berwick-on-Tweed : J. Bennison Maidment, James, Bennison, J. Printer View book Eminent Arbroathians Being sketches historical, genealogical, and biographical, by J. McBain, J. James M. McConnel, David C. By James Paterson. Stillie, Contents: Fernies of Fernie castle.

Riddell, John, W. Tait View book Ayrshire Its history and historic families. By William Robertson. Two volumes. Glasgow: J. Maclehose and Sons, Chromolithographic plate drawn by H.

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By Henrietta Keddie Sarah Tytler. Waus, Patrick, of Barnbarroch, Sir, d View book Notes on Burghead Ancient and modern, with an appendix, containing notices of families connected with the place at different periods, and other information. Cathleen MacFarlane. I checked and you don't have the Family name MacFarlane. James McGee. Old Scottish link. Grace Darney. Abernethy family. Jill Parker. Kim Dallas. William Kennoch. Gregor Finlayson. Judith Robinson. Find local and family history records here. Earls of Aboyne Down to the present Marquis of Huntly.

Bulloch, John Malcolm Dunbar, Joseph, View book. Agnews of Lochnaw A history of the hereditary sheriffs of Galloway, with contemporary anecdotes, traditions, and genealogical notices of old families of the sheriffdom, to Narrative of the oppressive law proceedings, and other measures, resorted to by the British Government Alexander, Alexander, John Edminston , Passages in the lives of Helen Alexander and James Currie of Pentland, and other papers Printed for family use, from original manuscripts and papers in the possession of Francis Umpherston, Esq.

Currie, Helen Alexander, Memorials of families of the surname of Archer By J. James Henry , House of Argyll and the collateral branches of the Clan Campbell, from the year to the present time With a portrait and a genealogical table. Tweed, John, Comitatus de Atholia The earldom of Atholl : its boundaries stated, also, the extent therein of the possessions of the family of De Atholia, and their descendants, the Robertsons : with proofs and map.

Murray, Grisell Baillie, Lady, Baird, William, or Stevenson, Thomas George. Genealogical collections concerning the sir-name of Baird, and the families of Auchmedden, Newbyth, and Sauchton Hall in particular With copies of old letters and papers worth preserving, and account of several transactions in this country during the last two centuries Reprinted from the original MS. Baird, William, or Hotten, John Camden, Bulloch, John Malcolm Buchan Club. Bairds of Gartsherrie Some notices of their origin and history.

Macgeorge, Andrew, Glasgow University Press. Record of family grace By James Balfour, W. Balfour, James, Edinburgh Press. Barclays of New York Who they are and who they are not, and some other Barclays. Burnham, Genealogical account of the family of Beatson With a facsimile. Beatson family. Select passages from the diary and letters of the late John Blackader, Esq. Life and diary of Lieut. Henry Samuel. Walter Graham , Account of the families of Boase or Bowes Originally residing at Paul and Madron in Cornwall; and of other families connected with them by marriage, etc.

Charles William , Pollard, William, Notice ge? Family records of the Bruces and the Cumyns With an historical introduction and appendix, from authentic public and private documents; by M. Historical and genealogical essay upon the family and surname of Buchanan By William Buchanan of Auchmar. Claim of Dr. Notes on his name and family By James Burnes. Burnes, James, Balfour, Frances, Lady, Hodder and Stoughton. Lady Victoria Campbell A memoir. Balfour, Frances, Lady, Account of the depredations committed on the clan Campbell and their followers, during the years and , by the troops of the Duke of Gordon, Marquis of Athol, Lord Strathnaver, and others When the Earl of Argyle rose in arms to oppose the tyranny of James VII, with an estimate of the losses sustained, and the names of the sufferers, from an original manuscript written at the time, and lately discovered.

Campbell family Stewart, Charles, Eide forlag. Campbell of Kiltearn With sketches of Dr. Statement of the Breadalbane case With reference to the claim of Donald Campbell. Sinclair, Alexander, Memorials of four old families Viz. History of the Carlile family Paisley branch. Warren and Son. Fraser, William, Sir, Constable, Thomas, Carrick, Andrew, Stevenson, Thomas George. Records of the family of Cassels and connexions Dedication signed: Robert Cassels. Cassillis peerage, [Great Britain : Publisher not identified, between ca. Reports of claims preferred to the House of Lords in the cases of the Cassillis, Sutherland, Spynie, and Glencairn peerages With appendixes of illustrative documents.

Maidment, James, Memoir of the Chisholm Late M. History of the Chisholms With genealogies of the principal families of that name. MacKenzie Firm. Genealogical memoirs of the Scottish House of Christie Compiled from family papers and the public records by Charles Rogers. Royal Historical Society Great Britain.

Fraser Mackintosh, Charles, Macbain, Alexander, Family of Coghill, to With some sketches of their maternal ancestors, the Slingsbys of Scriven Hall, to Coghill, James Henry, Chiefs of Colquhoun and their country By William Fraser. Genealogical and heraldic account of the Coultharts of Coulthart and Collyn, etc. Genealogical memoirs of the families of Colt and Coutts By the Rev. Genealogical collections relating to the family of Cravie or Craven in Scotland With notes and documents illustrative of their family connections.

James Brown , Examination of the claim of John Lindsay Crawfurd To the titles and estates of Crawfurd and Lindsay; containing an exposure of the forgeries on which that claim is founded, and a refutation of the statements in the book entitled "The Crawfurd peerage," and in other publications on his case.

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  4. Earls of Cromartie Their kindred, country, and correspondence. Falconer, Thomas, Reynell, Charles Weatherby. Dalyrymples of Langlands By John Shaw. Shaw, John, compiler of The Dalrymples of Langlands. Dennistoun, James, Antiquity of the family of Dick Extracted from Playfair's British antiquity, illustrative of the origin and progress of the rank, honours, and personal merit of the nobility of the United Kingdom. Playfair, William, Memoirs of the Don family in Angus With a general survey of the etymology of the name, and of the Scottish family, also, some archaeological appendices.

    Don, William Gerard. History of the Donaldson family and its connections By Alex. Donaldson, Alexander, Pedigree of Douglas of Tilquhilly or Tilwhilly, co. Douglas family. Lady Jean The romance of the great Douglas cause. Fisher Unwin Firm. Douglas book By William Fraser. Letter to a noble lord: or, a faithful representation of the Douglas cause; AND Second letter to a noble Lord, or, The speeches of the Lord Chancellor, and of Lord Mansfield on the Douglas cause Containing many curious and essential anecdotes: among which, the rise of the family of Douglas; and a true character of the late Duke of that name.

    Heraldry of the Douglases With notes on all the males of the family, descriptions of the arms, plates and pedigrees By G. Johnston Limited. Broken cross, a legend of Douglas With chronicles of the Black Douglases as an appendix. Interesting statement of the claims of Thomas Drummond, of New Penshaw Genealogical memoir of the most noble and ancient house of Drummond By David Malcolm. Historical facts and explanations regarding the succession to the lordships, baronies and free regality of Drummond and Earldom of Perth Paris : E.

    Arniston memoirs Three centuries of a Scottish house [i. George William Thomson , Account of the sirname Edgar And particularly of the family of Wedderlie in Berwickshire. Archer, James Henry Lawrence. Ellis, William Smith, Life of John Erskine, Baron of Dun Containing remarks upon the religious and political affairs of Scotland during the sixteenth century.

    Bowick, James. Erskine of Linlathen Selections and biography. Henderson, Henry F, Henry Fotheringham , Erskines By A. Erskine Halcro genealogy A genealogical study of the ancestors, kindred, and descendants of the Rev. Scott, Ebenezer Erskine, Bell, George, Erskine-Halcro genealogy The ancestors and descendants of Henry Erskine Memorandum regarding the Fairweathers of Menmuir Parish, Forfarshire, and others of the surname Edited, with notes, additions and corrections, by William Gerard Don, M. Fairweather, Alexander, Clan Fergusson Society Douglas, David, Records of the clan and name of Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus.

    Ferguson, James, Genealogical memoranda relating to the families of Fergusson and Colyer-Fergusson [Place of publication not identified] : Privately printed, Biggar and the House of Fleming 'An account of the Biggar district, archaeological, historical, and biographical'. Forbes, William, Sir, Genealogy of the family of Forbes From the account of Mr. Lumsden, Mathew. Historical account of the family of Frisel or Fraser, particularly Fraser of Lovat Embracing various notices, illustrative of national customs and manners, with original correspondence of Simon, Lord Lovat.

    Anderson, John, Annals of such patriots of the distinguished family of Fraser, Frysell, Sim-son, or Fitz-Simon, as have signalised themselves in the public service of Scotland Edinburgh : First printed in ; Reprinted by James Ballantyne, Fraser, Alexander, Chronicles of the Frasers The Wardlaw manuscript entitled 'Polichronicon seu Policratica temporum, or, the true genealogy of the Frasers', By James Fraser ; edited from the original manuscript with notes and introduction, by William Mackay. Fraser, James, Scottish History Society.

    History of the Frasers of Lovat With genealogies of the principal families of that name: to which is added those of Dunballoch and Phopachy. Saltoun, Alexander Fraser, Lord, Notes on the surnames of Francus, Franceis, French, etc.