Manual GMAT Interactive Flash Cards - 3000 Key Words. A powerful method to learn the vocabulary you need.

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Whether in the form of GRE vocabulary flashcards, video lessons, practice questions, or support services, the Princeton Review GRE app gives students the ability to take their full complement of resources with them everywhere they go, making it one of the top GRE apps on the market.

And they bring the most content to the table with over 1, GRE flashcards with vocabulary ranked from common, to basic, to advanced and math available. Overall, the Kaplan flashcards provide a little more substance but Magoosh GRE flashcards made a great choice for anyone looking to do some quick studying on the mobile device as a supplement to their other study materials.

The Princeton Review comes in at third place because, unlike Kaplan and Magoosh, there is no dedicated mobile option for accessing flashcards. Much like the Kaplan cards, Princeton Review flashcards offer synonyms, sentence examples, and pronunciation guides.

Nonetheless, the lack of mobile access and truly average amount of cards puts keeps the Princeton Review at number 3. To determine our ratings we consult with successful GRE test takers, teachers, aggregate data from around the web, and compare the specific benefits and features of each course as well as testing them out ourselves when we can. We try to do as thorough of reviews as possible and remain unbaised.

The goal is to lead exam takers to the review courses that best suit their needs. Hi there. Thanks for the article a great read. What have you hear about them are they worth it? Best of luck! Great question. You have to submit a baseline score to Kaplan before using their course materials. You then would submit your test score to them if it did not increase or you were unsatisfied with your results.

Additional details are on their site when you buy. Let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you for this great and well-organized information! I noticed that no mention is made of ETS, the official test maker, and their test preparation material. What are your thoughts about ETS? ETS provides great resources to help you prepare for the GRE and understand what to expect on test day. I think the best approach is to utilize their materials alongside a full GRE prep course like those listed on this page.

Hope this helps. Your email address will not be published. CRUSH was created to help you excel on your graduate admissions exams in the most efficient, and effective way!

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Updated June 2, Choosing the right Graduate Record Examination GRE prep course is a very important decision that will help you score higher on the GRE and get into the graduate school of your dreams. Table of Contents. Intuitive Interface: Magoosh has a very user-friendly online platform. From the dashboard students can view progress charts, recommended lessons based on completed practice questions, and gain quick access to key course features.

The course structure is easy to follow too; you can watch video lessons, take customizable practice quizzes, and review GRE course material all from the well-organized dashboard. Price: The Magoosh GRE program is unmatched when it comes to providing quality study material at a discounted price.

With competitors charging hundreds of dollars more, this course is definitely a bargain! Quality Instruction: Their test prep experts have extensive backgrounds in tutoring and GRE subject matter. Each practice problem is accompanied by both written and video explanations to ensure the concepts are fully and clearly explained. A built-in help tab appears whenever students are logged in, making it easy to submit questions immediately as soon as they come up, rather than having to stop what you are doing and going to a different part of the site to send an email or a message.

Practice Tests: With 8 full-length adaptive practice tests, The Princeton Review provides more simulated practice than any of the other self-paced GRE prep courses. After each test, students receive feedback and a one-on-one review of the test with their instructor to identify those sections on the GRE that could benefit from more focused study.

Repeat the same course or take a refresher course. Not satisfied with your result?

Introduction to the GRE

Negative feedback : Some users have reported crashing, particularly when using the flashcard feature. Two users reported that the tour is not responsive. Negative feedback : Some Android users reported issues of images not loading properly. Platforms : iOS and Android. It uses adaptive learning technology to help you focus on areas where you need to improve.

In addition to practice questions and exams, the app provides personalized instructor feedback on your writing samples to help you prepare for the AWA section.

Understanding The GMAT

A reviewer on Beat the GMAT claims that the app helped her raise her score from to in two months. Negative feedback : One reviewer wished it was possible to flag idioms so he could come back to them later. The drawing tool allows you to use your finger or stylus to write on screen as you might scrawl on a piece of scrap paper during the real test. The makers of the app are responsive to negative feedback posted in the Google Play Store, responding to bad reviews with comments and promises to fix problematic issues.

Positive feedback : Reviewers praise how the app makes it easy to study for the GMAT from any location. Average rating : 4 stars in Google Play ratings and the iOS app store 12 ratings for current version. App content includes over 1, GMAT videos, much of which is available even without a Wi-Fi connection, plus flashcard-based questions and drills. Negative feedback : Some reviewers were not happy about having to write a review in order to gain access to more videos. Platforms : Android , iOS. Average rating : 4 stars 44 reviews in the Google Play Store, 1.

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Week One: Describe this room from the perspective of a bee. Write the final scene of a detective story where this crime is explained. Week Six: What is the most important colour in the world and why? Week Seven: Write the opening of a story that begins with this sentence: Last Friday began like any other day. Week Eight: Write the text for a leaflet persuading people to visit Marwell Zoo to see their new animal. Week Nine: Write a description as suggested by this image.

Write a newspaper article arguing for or against this statement. Week Twelve: Write a letter to a family member advising them on how to use social media effectively. Week Thirteen: Write a description from the perspective of an aquatic creature inside an aquarium. Week Fourteen: Write an essay for the following title: Christmas is the most wasteful time of the year. Week Fifteen: Write a description as suggested by this image.

Week Sixteen: Write a short story in which a magician, a clown and a mime artist are trapped in a lift together. Week Seventeen: Write a speech persuading parents that homework should be scrapped. Week Eighteen: Write a description as suggested by this image. Week Nineteen: Write a leaflet giving advice to teenagers about staying safe on the internet. Week Twenty-One: Write an article arguing for or against this statement. Week Twenty-Two: Write a description as suggested by this image.

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Week Twenty-Five: Write the text for a leaflet persuading others to contribute to a charity of your choice. Week Twenty-Six: Narrate an unusual day starting from the end of the day. Week Twenty-Eight: Write a story about an unusual journey to school. Week Twenty-Nine: Write an article for a newspaper arguing for or against this statement. Week Thirty: Write a description as suggested by this image. Week Thirty-One: Bringing my pet s to school would help me to achieve more.

Week Thirty-Three: You are the manager of a sports team any sport and you are losing at half time. You have to deliver a speech which is good enough to motivate your team to go out and win the match. Week Thirty-Four: Write a description from the perspective of one of these statues.

Week Thirty-Five: A cartoon character has died you pick one. Write a speech for a school assembly commemorating them. Week Thirty-Seven: Write a letter to Wiltshire County Council persuading them to increase funding for activities for young people.