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Jeanie Johnson 4. Vive La Revolution! Spring Ache Jeanie Johnson 4. Quit Happens Jeanie Johnson 4. Split Happens Jeanie Johnson 4. Adventures are Hush: What Happens in Vegas Jayha Leigh 4. Mother Lovers Kassanna 3. Viva la Revolution! They reflect the influence on art of exegesis, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, humanism and moral philosophy, misogyny and the battle of the sexes, the emergence of syphilis, and the Renaissance ideal of the artist.

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Editors: Karl A. This book explores the spatial, material, and affective dimensions of solitude in the late medieval and early modern periods, a hitherto largely neglected topic. Individual chapters investigate the imageries and imaginaries of outdoor and indoor spaces and places associated with solitude and its practices and examine the ways in which the space of solitude was conceived of, imagined, and represented in the arts and in literature, from about to about Delarue, Karl A. Hessler, Walter S. Witte, and Steffen Zierholz. Author: Andrea Pearson. In Gardens of Love and the Limits of Morality in Early Netherlandish Art , Andrea Pearson charts the moralization of human bodies in late medieval and early modern visual culture, through paintings by Jan van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch, devotional prints and illustrated books, and the celebrated enclosed gardens of Mechelen among other works.

Drawing on new archival evidence and innovative visual analysis to reframe familiar religious discourses, she demonstrates that depicted topographies advanced and sometimes resisted bodily critiques expressed in scripture, conduct literature, and even legislation. Governing many of these redemptive greenscapes were the figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary, archetypes of purity whose spiritual authority was impossible to ignore, yet whose mysteries posed innumerable moral challenges.

Teste Meipso Comiti Leicester, Comiti Glouc. Comiti Norff. And being Jealous of the Affections, Power, and Strength of John Balioll, and Peter de Brus, with certain other Lords of Scotland, Robert de Nevil, and some of the Northern English Barons, a Writ in the King's Name was also the 24 th day of that December, sent unto them to come to London, but without any certain Day, or mention that they were there to Treat cum Praelatis, Comitibus, or cum coeteris Magnatibus de arduis negotiis Regni, and not mixt with other Affairs, as the former or after Form of Summons to Parliament, or those great Councils, were accustomed to be with a more than ordinary safe Conduct for their Persons, and Security in the interim for their Lands and Estates in the form following, viz.

Teste Rege apud Wodest' vicesimo quarto die Decembris. And the 26 th day z of that December, Symon Montfort and his Confederates, wanting the Council and Assistance of the Bishop of Norwich; and not knowing what to do either with the Old Lyon or the Young, directed a Writ unto him in the King's name in these words, viz. Similiter mandatum est singulis Portubus; being within the very Octavies of St. Teste Rege apud Westm' primo die Febr'. Rex Vicecomiti e Eborum salutem.

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Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium decimo sexto die Februarii. The 25 th. Die Mercurii. Teste Rege apud Westm' The 3 d of March next following Roger de Mortuomari for a small time pretending to submit ad pacem Domini Regis, as they that had disturbed it would have it to be believed, had Writs to the Subjects of Herefordshire and Shropshire not to molest him, or his Tenants, viz. Rex Vicecom' Heref.

Teste Rege apud Westm' tertio die Martii.

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Eodem modo mandatum est Vicecomiti Salop. Rex Nicho. Teste Rege apud Westm' 3. The 5 th. Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium quinto die Martii. Per Consilium. Teste Rege apud Westmon' Rex Regero de Mortuomari Salutem. Teste R. Primogenito Duci Britan' salutem. Idem J. Rex Henrico de Boreham Salutem. London Episc. Teste Rege apud Westm' 60 die Aprilis, per Com. Rex Henrico de Borham salutem.

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Teste Rege apud Gloucester primo die Maii. The 5 th day of that May a Memorandum was entred upon the close Rolls of the Chancery in these words, viz. Die Jovis prox. Le Despencer Justic. Quod idem Rad' sigill. Rex Thesau. Teste Rege apud Herefordiam tricesimo die Maii. Rex Vicecom' Hereford salutem. Eodem modo mandatum est Vic. And directed another Writ for the seizing of the Town and Castle of Stamford which was the Princess's as followeth, viz. Teste, ut supra. Et eodem modo commanded all that held of him in Capite, as well Earls, Barons, Knights, as Bishops, Abbots, and Priors, those only excepted which were of the Earl of Gloucester's Party, in manner following, viz.

Rex Johanni de Eynill salutem. Teste Rege apud Hereford tricesimo die Maii. Teste Rege apud Heref. Rex Episcopo London salutem. John de Warren Earl of Surrey and William de Valentia were sent to the Earl of Gloucester who had leavied an Army upon the Borders of Wales to come in a fair manner to that Parliament, which he refused to do, but gave it under his hand, that he would never bear Arms against the King, or his Son Edward, but to defend himself and pursue Roger Mortimer and other his Enemies, for which he pretended to have taken Armes.

They answer, It was neither Reason nor Justice that they should intermeddle in collecting the 10 th , which they would never consent unto, but would have the Antient Taxation to stand. They answered, That they were impoverished in attending the King in his Expeditions, and their Lands lay untilled by reason of the Wars. It was moved, That in liev of a 10 th they should give among them Marks to discharge the King's Debts, contracted concerning the Kingdom of Sicily:.

They answered, They would give nothing, in regard that all those Taxations and Extortions formerly made by the King, were never converted to his own Use, or the Benefit of the Kingdom. They answer, They were not to sight with the Material Sword, but the Spiritual, and that their Baronies were given of mere Almes.

They answered, That they never consented to pay such Loan, and therefore were not bound to discharge it. That they had formerly taken their Oaths, to defend the Kingdom and Holy Church all the Prelates thundring the Sentence of Excommunication against such as withstood the same and according to that Oath they were prepared to spend their Lives; and seeing they Warred for the benefit of the Kingdom and Holy Church, they were to sustain their Lives by the Goods of those that detained their Lands, which the Legat ought to cause to be restored to them.

But this Stubbornness so exasperated the King, as the next year following, with a mighty Army he did so beset the Isle, as he shut them up, and Prince Edward with Bridges made on boats entred the same in diverse places, and constrained them to yeild. And in the 52d. Which being effected, the King went with an Army into Wales against Lewellin their r Prince, for ayding Simon Montfort and the Earl of Gloucester against him; but his Wrath being for l.

Sterling appeased, a Peace was concluded betwixt them, and four Cantreds which had been taken from him by right of Warr restored. And Trivet the Judg punishing the Offenders, he fined the City in Marks of Silver, towards the repairing of that Church, and a Cup of Gold of the value of one hundred pounds. Pulton 's Translation of our Statutes into English edita sunt statuta. And tired with the many Troubles, with which the Rebellious and unquiet Spirits of too many of his Subjects had from his Infancy never ceased to torment him, exchanged his earthly Habitation for a better before his Son could hear of his Death, or return to take possession of his Kingdom and Inheritance.

That those new contrived Writs of Summons, made by undue Means upon such a disturbed Occasion, could neither obtain a proper or quiet Sitting in Parliament, or the pretended Ends and Purposes of the Framers thereof, and that such an hasty and indigested Constitution could never be intended to erect a third Estate in the Kingdom, equal in power with the KING and his great Councel the House of Peers, or consistent with the pretended Conservatorships, or to be co-ordinate with the KING and his great Councel of Peers, or to be a curb to any of them, or themselves, or upon any other design, then to procure some Money to wade through that their dangerous Success.

But if there had been any Proceedings upon those Writs, for the Election of Members to constitute an House of Commons, for that or any long time expended in the duration thereof, few of whom either came, or were willing or dared to be present at that new-fancied Parliament, which could not be believed to have had any Duration or long Continuance, if it had at all gained a lawful beginning, or could have overcome those many Obstructions, which lay before them, those two Knights of the Shire sent out of Yorkshire, who had obtained a Writ for their Wages or Charges in coming, tarrying, or returning, and were possibly gone homeward, or shortly going, would not have made such hast to be gone.

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And was an Import beyond the understanding and reach of the Capacity of the Vulgar, and if it could have been thought to have been fitting or necessary for that instant Emergency, could not with any Reason or true Judgment be supposed, to have been proper Advisers for any afterward Matters of State, weighty or grave Deliberations, upon which the Safety and Welfare of the whole Nation was to have any dependance; as if that Prince Edward or any other Prince, our Kings Eldest Son, had for all Ages to come been supposed to be Prisoners, or Hostages for their Father.

And there could not be any or much good Event expected to happen to the Councels of Princes, or the Weal publick, either as to the Secrecy the life of Councels Consultive or Active part of them. Or to those rebellious Lords themselves, who as the Case then stood with them, were concerned to order the business as much as they could for their own Preservation and Advantage, and to take care that there should be some Bridle or Method to restrain them. George on Horse-back unmercifully killing the Dragon, and the Inhabitants, Men of no more Language, Wit, or Learning, than was scarcely sufficient to manage their vulgar mechanick Employments might have been more useful in the Parliament of the Twenty-Seventh Year of the Raign of King Edward the Third, when the Statutes of the Staple, and the Staple Cities, and Towns so greatly concerning the after happening Golden-Fleece-flourishing-wollen-Trade, and Manufacture in England, and the enriching those Cities and Towns, were made and enacted.

Henry the Third Sheriff of Buckingham and Bedfordshire, and continued until the 18th, in the 10th. Whose Ancestor had in the 2d. John, who in the 49th. Year of Henry the third, took part with the rebellious Barons.

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D'Eynill f was in The Lord Lovetot, h one of the rebellious Barons, was in the last half Year of 39th. Henry Hastings, sideing i with the Barons, was in the Henry the third, Earl Thomas gave a Fine of a hundred and eighty Marks to the King over and above his Scutage, that he might be discharged from his Attendance upon him in his Expedition into Gascoigne, and that he might levy the like upon his Tenants gave One Hundred Twenty Pounds more.

And of no less Power and Authority with and over the Common People were the rest of our English Nobility, which took up Armes with the King, or stood s Neutrals, or at a Gaze, until they saw what would become of him; witness that of the Earl of Chester, who executed the Office of Sheriff by his Deputies, for the Counties of Salop and Stafford, in the 2d. Odo, Bishop of u Baieux, William the Conquerors half Brother, had one hundred eighty-four Mannors given him in Kent, thirty-nine in Essex, thirty-two in Oxfordshire, w in Hartfordshire thirty-three, in Buckingham thirty, in Worcestershire two, in Bedfordshire eight, Northamptonshire twelve, in Nottinghamshire five, in Norfolk twenty-two, in Warwickshire six, in Lincolnshire seventy-six, amounting in the whole to Five Hundred Forty-Nine, whereof two hundred eighty he gave, saith Mr.

Selden, to his Nephew de Molbraio. In Anno Richard Earl of Cornewall had in the 11th. Henry the Second, so also in Gloucestershire, from the 3d. Inclusive for Herefordshire, from the 8th. Henry the Second, certified his Knights Fees de veteri feoffamento to be four and a half, and three and two Thirds de novo, and left Issue by Margaret his Wife, one of the Sisters and Coheirs of Richard de Montfichet, a great Baron of Essex, Hugh de Bolebeck, who in 4. For although Mr.

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  • Year of his Raign. And there is no Certainty or pregnant Evidence, saith Mr. And was as novel and new, as it was unexpected, no such Writ having ever before been framed or made use of, to such or any the like purpose. And Mr. The whole Number of the Temporal Lords therein named, not amounting unto more than Twenty-Three, with a Blank left for the Names of other Earls and Barons, which have not been yet inserted or filled up. And all the other, which were in that constrained Writ of Summons particularly and expresly named, were no other than H.

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    • Year of his Raign, did cause the Writ of Summons for the Parliament, wherein he obtained the Crown to bear Date the 19th. FOr the Barons of England, viz. Spiritual and Temporal, with some other wise and selected Men, which our Kings did anciently, and upon Occasions call into that Assembly, were the Great Council of the Kingdom, and before and from the Conquest, until a great part of the Raign of King Henry the Third in whose dayes, saith Mr.

      Roger de Britolio Farl of Heresord, being in Armes and open Rebellion against King William the Conqueror taken Prisoner, and Condemned to perpetual Imprisonment, wherein though he frequently used many scornsul, and contumelious words towards the King, yet he was pleased at the Celebration of Faster in a solemn manner as then was usual to send to the said Earl Roger then in Prison his Royal Robes, who so disdained the Favour, that he forth with caused a great Fire to be made, and the Mantle, the inner Surcoate of Silk, and the upper Garment lined n with precious Furs to be Burnt, which being made known to the King he became displeased, and said, Certainly he is a very proud Man, who hath thus abused me, but by the Brightness of God he shall never come out of Prison, as long as I live; which was fulfilled.

      Elsing, All Judgments are given by the Lords as aforesaid, and not by the Commons. Years of his Raign, in a Chair of State set upon his Left hand. Johannes Calvin I. Xenophon Cyropaid' l. Caesar intelligitur apud Germanos in hoc feudo semper Exceptus 2. Feudum novum absque domini Concensu alienatum revocari potest a Domino, Decis.