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I then hours, and countless game years getting every award except the no death one. After following advice from another user on the Two point community FB page, I finally got all awards in one year, Straight away the steam notification popped up saying I'd got the "I'd like to thank my mother award". Sorry to say you wasted your time there Blind-Reaper. It does NOT have to be in the same year. All you need is a hospital which has won every award at least once over the years.

The achievement should pop once you're there, maybe with a short delay. Originally posted by chickentoast :. AFAIK, its all at one time.

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I got this at Flemington. Realty13 View Profile View Posts. Mine came when I got them all at one time at Melt Downs. I did not think to check the awards between ceremonies. I think there's some issue with that. I did everything and it didn't unlock. Ishau View Profile View Posts.

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